Alex Collins Mother Andrea And Brother Johnny Remember His Legacy

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Alex Collins’ mother last made headlines in 2013 when she didn’t let her son sign the letter of intent. Her reasoning was simple: she didn’t want her son far away from home, and neither did his brother Johnny.

Today, the football realm is in shock. On August 13, NFL player Alex Collins passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Moreover, Alex was a committed figure, loved by everyone that knew him personally, and an all-time fan favorite.

Late Footballer Alex Collins
Late Footballer Alex Collins (Source: Instagram)

Alex Collins was a 29-year-old professional football player from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He played for top teams like Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks.

The running back started playing football in his high school at South Plantation High School. He won Broward County Athlete of the Year, showing his talents in an early phase.

Furthermore, the prodigy signed for the University of Arkansas in 2013. He led the team to important victories in the Texas Bowl and Liberty Bowl.

Collins forgo his senior year and declared for the 2016 NFL Draft. The Seahawks drafted in the fifth round as pick no.171. He played there for a year before signing with the Baltimore Ravens.

Moreover,  after serving a suspension on charges of possession of marijuana and a handgun, he was waived by the Ravens. He later played a second stint for the Seahawks for 3 years.

Lastly, Collins was playing in the USFL for the Memphis Showboats.

Alex Collins’ Mother and Brother Always Wanted Him Close to Their Home

Alex was a person loved by all and especially his mother, Andrea McDonald. She shaped him from a young age to excel in his football journey. 

Furthermore, his father, Johnny Collins Jr., also played a major role his nurturing his athletic talents. He died on February 10, 2023.

Talking about his mother, she was extremely close with Alex. When he was on course to sign his letter of intent for college, she hid and ran away with it, creating an absolute ruckus.

Alex Collins With Mother Andrea McDonald
Alex Collins With Mother Andrea McDonald (Source: Instagram)

Nonetheless, she did all that just so her son could attend the University of Miami, which is close to home, and she could watch over him as always.

Alex poured gratitude towards his mother on Instagram, saying he would be lost in this world without her.

Furthermore, Alex’s older brother Johnny “Jay Jay,” also had the same feeling as his mother.

He said, “I would prefer him to go to Miami, too, because it would be a better program for him, a better environment.”

Johnny further added, “He could get home faster, and it’s more convenient if Mom wants to go to a game instead of having to fly to Arkansas,” showing how much his presence means to Andrea.

Unfortunately, Alex has departed from this world, leaving behind his beloved mother, brother, and his other siblings, Brittany, William II, Nicole, and Chris.

Furthermore, it’s sad to see the void he will leave in the lives of his dear nieces and nephews, Zuri, Jah’Kyra, Jah’Niya, Jaylah, and William III.

Collins Leaves Behind A Wonderful Legacy

The man with a contagious smile always followed the “Kill Adversity” and actively promoted the branding #adversitykillers on his Instagram.

Not only his family but the whole of the football world is currently mourning the death of Alex Collins. 

Moreover, the league will certainly miss The Irish Dancer and the presence he emitted. 

Teams are providing their mournful statements on social media and pouring heartfelt wishes of condolences toward the Collins family.


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