Is Alex Grinch Fired? Slim Chance Of His Return In 2024

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Alex Grinch is still holding onto his job and has not been fired yet. However, there is a high chance his contract will go under termination in the next 48 hours.

As we write this, Alex Grinch is still the defensive coordinator of the University of Southern California football team.

But, his job is under scrutiny as fans call for Grinch’s removal from the post.

Furthermore, many have said Alex lacks the competency to hold onto his role. We might see a change in USC’s coaching roster soon.

USC Trojans Defensive Coordinator Alex Grinch
USC Trojans Defensive Coordinator Alex Grinch (Source: The Oklahoman)

Alexander Gregory Grinch is a 44-year-old football coach who specializes in defensive coaching. Grinch comes from Grove City, Ohio, and had a brief playing career as well.

As a player, Alex was a defensive back at Mount Union College and won three NCAA Division III Championships. In addition, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sport management.

Eventually, Grinch moved into coaching, starting at the University of Missouri. Simultaneously, he attained his master’s degree in educational leadership and policy analysis there.

Over his long career, the coach has served as an assistant in several roles. His resume is vast, as he has been a cornerback coach, recruiting coordinator, defensive coordinator, and secondary coach.

Is Alex Grinch Fired? Everything Wrong With The USC Trojans Defense

As an answer to this question, Alex Grinch is on the brink of getting the sack. Nonetheless, he is still on hold at his current job as a defensive coordinator at USC.

However, by tomorrow or the day after, his contract might not be valid.

Grinch And The Trojans

Grinch started his tenure at USC back in 2022, and we must say, things have gone differently than planned.

As things stand, the Trojans are not in contention to play the Pac-12 Championship Game.

Grinch On The Verge Of Getting Fired
Grinch On The Verge Of Getting Fired (Source: LA Times)

Moreover, he came on with many promises and a vow to take the Trojans back to the top. Unfortunately, the script is getting tougher week in and week out.

Most fans are already fed up with Grinch and his defensive tactics and call for his firing. In addition, they took it to another level by getting #FireGrinch trending on social media.

Overall Reaction To The Defensive Coordinator’s Tenure

Alex Grinch will most probably get the termination soon. We cannot precisely predict when, but as per some sources, it will be within November.

Furthermore, not only just fans, as fans can sometimes be reactionary, but even journalists and analysts are calling for Alex’s firing.

Alex Grinch In Action
Alex Grinch In Action (Source: MF Sports)

In the most recent game, the Trojans lost after conceding 52 points at home.

Moreover, they have given up over 40 points in the last five games. The supporters believe it is time to move on from the Grinch era now.

On the other hand, head coach Lincoln Riley has always supported and defended his defensive coordinator. But even he can’t save Grinch from the looming firing.

Will Alex Grinch Return In 2024?

If he does get fired, then no, there is nearly no chance of a return for Alex Grinch.

But a man of repertoire will surely not be out of business for a long time.


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