Alex Pietrangelo Kids: Triplets Evelyn, Oliver, Theodore & Julia Grace

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Renowned defenseman Alex Pietrangelo is a devoted husband to his wife Jayne and a loving father to their four kids.

Despite parenting hurdles, he treasures family time, whether watching movies, playing outside or rounding up toddlers on the golf course.

Renowned defenseman, Alex Pietrangelo
Renowned Defenseman Alex Pietrangelo (Source: NHL)

Alexander Pietrangelo, hailing from Canada, is the defenseman and alternate captain for the Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL.

Earlier, he spent 12 seasons with the St. Louis Blues, where he served as captain for his final four seasons.

Pietrangelo, aka “Petro,” has secured the Stanley Cup twice, with the St. Louis Blues in 2019 and the Vegas Golden Knights in 2023.

Furthermore, the ice hockey player represented Team Canada in junior and senior competitions, winning gold at the 2009 World Junior Championships.

Pietrangelo earned Best Defenceman awards at the 2010 World Junior Championship and 2011 Men’s World Championship and also won Olympic gold in 2014.

How Many Kids Does Alex Pietrangelo Have? Who Are They?

Pietrangelo tied the knot with Jayne, who is from St. Louis, in July 2016.

Two years later, in July 2018, they celebrated the arrival of triplets Evelyn, Oliver, and Theodore.

This was followed by the birth of their fourth child, Julia Grace, in September 2020.

While Alex acknowledges the demands of caring for triplets as new parents, the couple couldn’t be more delighted.

Alex Pietrangelo With His Wife And Kids
Alex Pietrangelo With His Wife And Kids (Source: NHL)

In an interview after the birth of his children, he stated.

“Becoming a husband and a father has changed my outlook on what I do. I think as a younger player it was always work, and take the job home. Now I don’t have a choice but to leave work at work and not bring it home. I’m too busy, and it’s kind of been a blessing.”

Pietrangelo recounted the challenge of transitioning to parenthood, especially after unexpectedly welcoming triplets.

He and Jayne had to overcome several hurdles, enduring two miscarriages before welcoming their triplets.

Over time, Pietrangelo found parenting more joyful and easy as his children grew and could enjoy activities like golfing and fishing together. 

Balancing playtime with learning, he strives to maximize their educational opportunities.

However, amidst the joys of parenting, he admitted to the frequent cleaning with the ongoing potty training.

As handful as kids can be, Alex says he loves spending time at home with his wife and family.

Alex Pietrangelo Daughter, Evelyn, Illness:

Former St. Louis Blues captain Alex Pietrangelo disclosed that his absence from the 2022 games was due to his daughter, Evelyn.

He said that she had fallen seriously ill, experiencing a flu that progressed into encephalitis.

This illness caused swelling and a lesion on her brain, resulting in the loss of all motor skills, including eating, walking, and talking.

Alex Pietrangelo With Daughter Evelyn
Alex Pietrangelo With His Daughter Evelyn (Source: NHL)

The unfortunate situation left Pietrangelo and his wife facing uncertainty and fear as they navigated their daughter’s health crisis.

However, Evelyn began to show signs of improvement after being discharged from the hospital.

Pietrangelo expressed gratitude seeing her unexpected ability to walk again just days after returning home.

Despite his commitment to hockey, Pietrangelo made it clear that being by Evelyn’s side during her recovery was his top priority.

As Evelyn continues to heal and reclaim her normal activities, Pietrangelo returns to his hockey career with renewed determination.

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