Is Alex Van Pelt Related To Scott Van Pelt? Are They Brothers?

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An American football coach, Alex Van Pelt has been a part of the football world for a long time. He shares the same surname with an American sportscaster, Scott Van Pelt, which fuels their possible relationship.

Both football personalities are famous for their respective work; however, they have no relationship. Only the shared passion for sports binds them in a relationship.

Till now, no data has been found that suggests their blood relationship, nor is there any familial connection between them.

American Football Coach Alex Van Pelt
American Football Coach Alex Van Pelt (Source: Instagram)

Alex Van Pelt (born: May 1, 1970) is a former football player-turned-coach and recently worked as an offensive coordinator & quarterbacks coach for the Cleveland Browns.

He started his career as a football player at Pittsburgh College and retired in 2004.

Previously, Van Pelt was an assistant coach for the Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Buffalo Bills.

In addition to his career as a football player and coach, the 6 feet 1 inch tall sportsman remained John Murphy’s partner on Bills Radio Network broadcasts. As a commentator, he did color commentary on the radio broadcast of all Bills games until the 2005 season. 

Is Alex Van Pelt Related To Scott Van Pelt?

No, Alex Van Pelt is not related to Scott Van Pelt. Their same surname has fueled this rumor; however, there is no blood relationship between them. Also, they don’t have a shared familial connection.

The only relation that connects them is their shared passion for sports; other than this, there is no speculation to believe in their closeness.

Scott Van Pelt Is A Sports Commentator
Scott Van Pelt Is A Sports Commentator (Source: Twitter)

Also, the football personalities don’t share a friendship, as they hardly appear together in football tournaments, events, or functions.

So, the rumor about their possible blood relationship is baseless as no evidence supports it. Till now, no data, evidence, or interviews have revealed anything about their relationship or familial bond. 

Are Alex Van Pelt And Scott Van Pelt Brothers?

Alex Van Pelt and Scott Van Pelt are not brothers. The American football coach, Alex, has maintained a low-key profile on his matters, revealing no data on his siblings.

Regarding the sports commentator, Scott Van (born July 9, 1966) has three brothers: Mark, Matt, and Mike. He is close to his brothers, who are successful persons in their respective fields.

Sports Talk Show Host, Scott Van Pelt
Sports Talk Show Host, Scott Van Pelt (Source: Instagram)

As per the reports, Scott’s brother, Mark Van Pelt, is an established lawyer doing well in his field. Similarly, another brother, Matt Van Pelt, works as a teacher.

On the other hand, Mike Van Pelt has ventured into the business world, making a prosperous career.

The American talk show host, Scott, is reportedly a family man. He shares a close bond with his brothers, who have a supportive family atmosphere.

In addition, the sports commentator, Pelt’s grandfather, Lorenzo, was an immigrant to the U.S. who lived in Brooklyn. Their origin is traced back to Italy.



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