Who Is Alexandra Constantine? Tim Tszyu Wife Or Girlfriend

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Tim Tszyu, a professional boxer from Australia, is currently unmarried. However, he is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, Alexandra Constantin.

The couple first met at a boxing class in Rockdale back in 2016. According to Tszyu, it was love at first sight when he saw Alexandra. After the class, they started talking and have been together ever since.

Tim Tszyu During His Practice
Tim Tszyu During His Practice (Source: Instagram)

Tim Tszyu is an immensely talented Australian boxer who recently clinched the prestigious World Boxing Organization (WBO) light-middleweight championship in September 2023. His sporting journey began at the young age of six.

Tim attended two well-known schools, St. George Christian School and Newington College, before embarking on a business degree at the respected University of Technology Sydney upon completing high school.

Despite his initial interest in football, Tim redirected his focus to boxing at fifteen, revealing remarkable skill and dedication.

His exceptional amateur record of 33 wins with only one loss paved the way for his professional debut in December 2016 at the Sydney Cricket Ground, where he defeated Zorran Cassidy.

Who Is Alexandra Constantine? Tim Tszyu Wife Or Girlfriend

Alexandra Constantine is the girlfriend of boxing champion Tim Tszyu. She was born and raised in Sydney and is proficient in three languages: English, French, and Macedonian.

Constantine completed her schooling at SCEGGS Darlinghurst in Sydney before pursuing finance at the University of Technology Sydney.

She initially pursued a career in property law and is working as an analyst at Dexus.

Previously, she served as an assistant property asset manager with NSW Transport.

Tim Tszyu Wife-To-Be Alexandra With Her Dog
Tim Tszyu Wife-To-Be Alexandra With Her Dog (Source: News.Com)

Constantine is Tim’s greatest supporter, and she has never missed any of his professional fights.

She is not only his greatest supporter but also an instrumental person in guiding Tszyu in his personal and professional life.

In a recent interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Tszyu said, “She lives this as well. She is young; she could be going out to bars, hanging out with her friends. Instead, she’s stuck in a sauna with me on Saturday nights, and then we have an early night.”.

Alexandra And Tim Has Been Together Since 2016

Tim and Alexandra were first introduced to each other at a boxing class in Rockdale back in 2016. Tszyu was a trainer at the same gym when they first crossed paths.

Even though Tszyu usually didn’t hold pads for others, he became drawn to Constantine’s smile and ended up holding pads for Alexandra.

Tim And Alexandra With Their Pet Dog
Tim And Alexandra With Their Pet Dog (Source: Daily Telegraph)

They eventually got to talking, and before they knew it, they fell in love.

Now, they are a couple that can’t be separated. Tim often refers to his girlfriend as his secret weapon and credits much of his success to her.

Alexandra helps him during training, ensuring he stays focused and sticks to his diet. She rarely misses any of his matches and supports him wholeheartedly.

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