Who Is Anastasia Tszyu? Tim Tszyu Sister- Brother Nikita Tszyu

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The Australian boxer Tim Tszyu sister Anastasia Tszyu resides in Australia. He also has a younger brother, Nikita Tszyu. 

The two sons of Kostya Tszyu haven’t let their father’s boxing legacy be tarnished. They both remain undefeated in their boxing career, with the older son, Tim staring at a record of 22-0. 

Despite being the son of the legendary boxer Kostya Tszyu, Tim idolized Floyd Mayweather and Roy Jones Jr when he was younger. He has met Mayweather previously and had sparred with his rival, Manny Pacquiao.

Tim Tszyu Pictured With His Siblings, Sister Anastasia, Brother Nikita(Right) And His Mother Natalia Tszyu
Tim Tszyu Pictured With His Siblings, Sister Anastasia, Brother Nikita(Right), And His Mother Natalia Tszyu (Source: Facebook)

Nikita, the younger brother of Tim Tszyu, made his professional debut in 2022 and has a record of 5-0. Both the brothers are soon heading back to the boxing ring, with Nikita’s fight against Benjamin Bomber coming first. 

The WBO interim light-middleweight champion, Tszyu, will fight against Carlos Ocampo in June. The brothers will look to continue their undefeated run and one day maybe tip their father’s record. 

Meet Tim Tszyu Sister: Anastasia Tszyu 

Tim Tszyu’s sister, Anastasia Tszyu, wasn’t influenced by her brother or father to take up boxing. She has preferred to stay away from the limelight. 

Born in 2002, Anastasia Tszyu is eight years younger than her famous brother. For a long time, Kostya didn’t reveal he had a daughter. It was only later he mentioned having a daughter. 

Anastasia currently resides in Sydney, Australia, and completed her high school at Santa Sabina College. She completed her graduation from Australian Catholic University and had previously shown interest in gymnastics. 

Anastasia Tszyu Pictured With Her Brothers And Her Mom At Nikita's Fights In March 2022
Anastasia Tszyu Pictured With Her Brothers And Her Mom At Nikita’s Fight In March 2022 (Source: Facebook)

On Facebook, Anastasia has shared several posts with her family, mostly with her mother, Natalia Tszyu. A supportive sister, Anastasia, can be seen sharing her brother’s boxing videos on her social media page. 

In February, she shared an interview clip of her brother before his fight with the American boxer Tony Harrison. Though it isn’t definite if Anastasia attended the fight, the little sister of Tim Tszyu is proud of her brother’s achievements. 

The boxer also has a half-sister in Victoria Tszyu, daughter of Kostya from his second wife, Tatyana Averina. 

Tim Tszyu Brother: Nikita Tszyu 

Tim Tszyu’s brother, Nikita Tszyu, debuted in the boxing scene in 2022. Nikita has already set the boxing world alight with his skills, and his brother believes he can achieve even greater heights. 

Tim also has one half-brother in Alexander and a step-brother in Nikita Averin. Nikita is the son of Tatyana from her first marriage and was adopted by Kostya.

Tim Tszyu (Right) Pictured With His Brother Nikita In The Boxing Ring In 2022
Tim Tszyu (Right) Pictured With His Brother Nikita In The Boxing Ring In 2022 (Source: Facebook)

There was a point when Nikita had already taken a detour from boxing. He had given up on his amateur boxing career to pursue an architecture degree.

He completed high school at Newington College Stanmore NSW and pursued higher studies at the University of Technology Sydney.

If his brother was sweating it hard in the boxing ring, then with the same zeal, Nikita would be maintaining his grade in university. 

Nikita Tszyu Boxing Career 

Nikita Tszyu’s boxing training began at age 11 with his dad and brother. He would wake up at 5:30 am to train with the elders of his family. 

Nikita received his first boxing glove when he was 12. Tim bought him the glove, and to date, the brothers share a strong bond. 

In 2021, Nikita quit his job at the firm Woods Bagot and decided to return to boxing. A year later, Nikita made his professional debut against Aaron Stahl.

Nikita Pictured Celebrating After Winning His Fifth Match In His Boxing Career Earlier This Year In March
Nikita, Pictured Celebrating After Winning His Fifth Match In His Boxing Career Earlier This Year In March (Source: Instagram)

It only took Nikita two rounds to defeat Stahl and create a buzz. One thumping right-hand strike from Nikita made Stahl fall to the ground.

Since then, Nikita has fought four more times, winning all four, with his latest victory coming against Bo Belbin in March. The younger brother of Tim Tszyu will be fighting against Benjamin Bomber in May. 

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