Alicia Molik Husband: Is She Still Married To Tim Sullivan?

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Alicia Molik and Tim Sullivan have joyfully shared 12 wonderful years of marriage, standing by each other’s side since the beginning.

In addition to their blissful journey as a couple, they happily navigate the joys of parenthood together.

Today, let’s take a peek into their life and find out how they’re surviving this journey together.

Former Professional Tennis Player Alicia Molik
Former Professional Tennis Player Alicia Molik (Source: Instagram)

Alicia Molik is a former professional tennis player from Australia who turned professional in 1996 and had a successful career on the WTA Tour. She was born on January 27, 1981, in Adelaide, South Australia.

Alicia Molik achieved notable accomplishments throughout her career, including reaching a career-high singles ranking of No. 8 in the world in February 2005.

She also succeeded in doubles, reaching a career-high ranking of No. 6 worldwide in August 2007.

Molik’s career highlights include winning the bronze medal in women’s singles at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

She also succeeded in Grand Slam tournaments, reaching the quarterfinals of the Australian Open and the French Open in singles.

Alicia Molik retired from professional tennis in 2008 but later returned to the sport as a coach.

She has coached and mentored young players, contributing to developing tennis talent in Australia.

Alicia Molik Husband: Is She Still Married To Tim Sullivan?

As said earlier, there is a rising curiosity about Alicia Molik still being married to Tim Sullivan. 

However, our latest research has not traced any hint of them getting split or divorced. So, this proves that it is nothing but a baseless rumor. 

Who Is Tim Sullivan? How Long Have They Been Married?

Alicia Molik and her husband, Tim Sullivan, have shared a close bond since they married in 2011.

Over the years, their connection has only grown stronger, creating a resilient relationship. Tim Sullivan isn’t just Alicia’s life partner; he’s also a successful entrepreneur in finance.

As a certified financial planner focusing on banking and financial matters, Tim founded and advised at Wealth Advantage, making a name for himself in the business world.

His expertise and strategic insights have made a lasting impact.

Despite Tim’s professional success, he deliberately keeps a low profile on social media, staying off the grid.

Alicia Molik And Her Husband Tim Sullivan
Alicia Molik And Her Husband Tim Sullivan (Source: 9Honey – Nine)

This choice makes it challenging for the public to track his daily activities. Tim’s commitment to privacy aligns with his dedication to work and personal life, giving the couple a shield of privacy as they navigate life.

The enduring strength of Alicia and Tim’s relationship, spanning a decade, speaks to their unwavering commitment.

While Alicia Molik continues to excel in tennis, Tim Sullivan is a reliable support in her personal life and through his successful ventures in finance.

Together, they make a dynamic duo, facing life’s challenges with resilience and unwavering mutual support.

Parents Of Two Kids

Alicia Molik and Tim Sullivan are a happily married couple and proud parents of two kids – a boy and a girl.

They married in 2011 and 2012 and became parents for the first time, welcoming their son. Their second child arrived in 2015.

Alicia Molik With Her Kids
Alicia Molik With Her Kids (Source: 9Honey – Nine)

Although the news outlets don’t mention their children’s names, the couple cherishes their family life.

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