12 Most Handsome Volleyball Players in the World

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Volleyball has been famous among people for a particular reason. Yes, although it is a sport needing a lot of muscles and techniques, there is another particular reason why peoples flock to the sport. One of the biggest reasons is the best-looking volleyball players the sport offers. 

It’s not only fun to watch the player’s perfect hit but, it is also a treat for the eyes of viewers to observe muscular bodies while soaking the sun.

Best looking volleyball players.
Best looking volleyball players. (Source: Wikipedia)

Similarly, compared to other popular sports like soccer and basketball, volleyball might not be as popular, but it does quite an excellent job in terms of views and audiences. 

Likewise, on today’s listing, we have come up with some of the male best-looking volleyball players in the world. So buckle up to find out who grabs the number one spot on today’s listing. 

12 Most Handsome Volleyball Players in the World

In today’s listing, we have listed the players based on their looks and physical features.

S.N Players Country Age
1 Matt Anderson USA 36
2 Aaron Joseph Russell USA 30
3 Facundo Conte Argentina 34
4 Mitchell Stahl USA 29
5 Yūki Ishikawa Japan 28
6 Bruno Rezende Brazil 37
7 Ivan Zaytsev Italy 35
8 Jenia Grebennikov France 33
9 Brenden Lee Sander USA 28
10 Torey DeFalco USA 26
11 Aleksandar Atanasijevic Serbia 32
12 Evan Patak USA 42

(Reminder: The number of followers mentioned on players Instagram account are as of Oct 2021).

12. Evan Patak

  • Weight: 113 kg (249 lb)
  • Height: 6 ft 8 inches (2.03 meters)

Evan Hoburg Patak is a professional American volleyball player who ranks 12th on the best-looking volleyball players list. 

Patak has been a member of the United States men’s national volleyball team since 2008 and was also named to the 2013 FIVB Volleyball World League preliminary roster.

As for his physical appearance, Patak towers at the height of 6 ft 8 inches (2.03 meters) and flaunts his muscular physique. Patak has a fan following of 3.7k on Instagram.

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11. Aleksandar Atanasijevic

  • Weight: 99 kg (218 lb)
  • Height: 6 ft 8 inches (2.02 meters)

The two-time European Champion Aleksandar Atanasijevic is a one-of-a-kind professional Serbian volleyball player. Standing high at 6 feet 8 inches (2.02 meters) tall, Atanasijevic is a handsome giant.

Aleksandar Atanasijevic (Source: Instagram)
Aleksandar Atanasijevic (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Atanasijevic’s facial features shine brighter when his wavy brown hair has a decent length. 

Similarly, Atanasijevic is a gold medalist of the European Championship 2011 and a bronze medalist of the European Championship 2013. In addition, Atanasijevic was also a member of the national team during the London Olympic Games 2012. 

During the 2015 World League final, Atanasijevic received an award for the Best Opposite Spiker of the tournament. 

With that said, Atanasijevic has 77.3k followers on Instagram.

10. Torey DeFalco

  • Weight: 95 kg (209 lb)
  • Height: 6 ft and 6 inches (1.98 meters)

Torey DeFalco is a 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) tall American volleyball player who ranks ten on the best-looking volleyball players list. 

DeFalco belongs to the the Polish club Indykpol AZS Olsztyn. Moreover, he made the NCAA Final Four each year at LBSU (2016–2019). Most importantly, during that time, he won the NCAA Championship twice (2018, 2019).

Besides his talent for the sport, what appeals the most is his innocent looks. It is the most beautiful part of him, which gave him a fan following of 58.8k on Instagram.

9. Brenden Lee Sander

  • Height: 6 ft and 5 inches (1.95 meters)

Brenden Lee Sander is an American professional volleyball player. Similarly, he is also a U.S. national volleyball team member and the Polish club Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom.

That is to say, Sander has an older brother who happens to be a volleyball player and on the same national team that Brenden is on. 

Most importantly, Brenden is ranked 9th on the best-looking volleyball players list due to his personality and excellent physique. Moreover, talking about his physique, he stands tall at the height of 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in).

Similarly, Sander has gained 9.9k followers on Instagram.

8. Jenia Grebennikov

  • Weight: 85 kg (187 lb)
  • Height: 6 ft and 2 inches (1.88 meters)

The Russian descendant French professional volleyball player Jenia Grebennikov is among the best-looking volleyball players out today. Moreover, he ranks 8th on today’s list.

Grebennikov is a member of the French national volleyball team and Zenit Saint Petersburg (Russian club). Similarly, he is also the 2015 European Champion and gold medallist of the World League (2015, 2017).

Jenia Grebennikov (Source: Instagram)
Jenia Grebennikov (Source: Instagram)

Indeed, he might be famous for his medals, but more importantly, he is famous for his 1.88 m (6 ft and 2 in) tall, muscular figure and his bright, charming face.

Moreover, Grebennikov has 188k followers on Instagram.

7. Ivan Zaytsev

  • Weight: 85 kg (187 lb)
  • Height: 6 ft 8 inches (2.04 meters)

Ranked seventh on the best-looking volleyball players list is Ivan Vyacheslavovich Zaytsev. Ivan is another volleyball player of Russian origin on our list. However, Ivan is an Italian national. 

Likewise, Zaytsev plays for the Italian national volleyball team as a captain. Also known as “the Tsar,” he participates in multiple international games and also in the Olympics.

He is a two-time bronze medalist of the World League, two-time silver medalist of the European Championship, Italian Champion 2014, and a silver medalist of the Rio Olympic Games.

Moreover, talking about his physical structure, he is a 2.04 m (6 ft 8 in) muscular, attractive man with a stern face that adds up to his hotness. Also, having 822k followers on Instagram

6. Bruno Rezende

  • Weight: 76 kg (168 lb)
  • Height: 6 ft 3 inches (1.90 meters)

Judging by both looks and achievements, the player best suited to be on today’s listing is Bruno Mossa de Rezende. The Brazilian volleyball player is a talent that equally matches with looks. Hence, ranking number six in the best-looking volleyball players list.

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Rezende is a member of the Brazilian national volleyball team and also a member of the Italian club Funvic.

Moreover, he is the 2016 Olympic Champion, two-time silver medalist of the Beijing, London Olympic Games, 2010 World Champion, two-time gold medalist of the World Grand Champions Cup, seven-time South American Champion, and many more. 

The 1.90 m (6 ft 3 inches) tall athlete has a fan following of 1.6 million on Instagram.

5. Yūki Ishikawa

  • Weight: 84 kg (185 lb)
  • Height: 6 ft 4 inches (1.92 meters)

In today’s best-looking volleyball players list, Yūki Ishikawa ranks number 5th. To clarify, he is a Japanese professional volleyball player.

Yuki Ishikawa.
Yuki Ishikawa. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, he is the captain of the Japanese national volleyball team. He also plays in the Italian Volleyball League for the Power Volley Milano. 

Ishikawa is the first volleyball player whose wax figure is displayed in Japan. Currently, the wax figure is placed at Madame Tussauds Tokyo.

Moreover, he is known for his sweet appearance rather than his athletic attributes. He has 656k followers on Instagram

4.  Mitchell Stahl

  • Weight: 100 kg (220 lb)
  • Height: 6 ft 8 inches (2.03 meters)

Ranking fourth on our best-looking volleyball players list is the 29 year old Mitchell Stahl

Stahl is a professional American volleyball player who also happens to be a member of the U.S. national volleyball team and plays for the Stal Nysa (Polish team).  Stahl also took part in the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. 

He is one attractive lad you wouldn’t want to miss. Standing tall at the height of 2.03 m (6 ft 8 in), he is one person you wouldn’t miss in the crowd. Moreover, his thick beard adds the cherry on the cake effect, making him look even hotter than he already is.

Without a doubt, he is amongst the best-looking volleyball players out there, having 8.5k followers on Instagram.

3. Facundo Conte

  • Weight: 98 kg (216 lb)
  • Height: 6 ft 6 inches (1.97 meters)

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The second South American to make it on to the list, Facundo Conte is an Argentine professional volleyball player and also a member of the Argentina national volleyball team.

He is the bronze medallist of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Similarly, he is also a gold medallist of the 2015 Pan American Games and a silver medallist of the 2011 South American Championship.

He plays for Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie (Polish Club). In addition, Conte is the 2014 Polish Champion, a two–time Chinese Champion, and a one-time Brazilian Champion.

Above all, he is an extremely attractive 1.97 m (6 ft 6 in) tall athlete with a dazzling personality. Hence, making on to number three spot in the best-looking volleyball players list. Also, he has 301k followers on Instagram.

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2. Aaron Joseph Russell

  • Weight: 98 kg (216 lb)
  • Height: 6 ft 9 inches (2.05 meters)

Ranking as one of the best-looking volleyball players, Aaron Joseph Russell is one person who would make your head turn. Moreover, the American volleyball player is ranked number two in today’s listing.

Russell is a member of the U.S. national volleyball team and Gas Sales Piacenza (Italian club). Aaron was part of the USA team at the 2016 Olympic Games that won the bronze medal. Russell was also named one of the Best Outside Spiker of the Olympic tournament.

Most importantly, he was named the Most Valuable Player in the FIVB Club World Championship 2018. The athlete also contributed to Diatec Trentino’s 5th gold medal, the most attained by any club in the tournament’s history.

Similarly, on July 30, 2017, Russell married a former Penn State women’s volleyball player Kendall Pierce. She also happens to be his college sweetheart.

Moreover, Russell has 74.5k followers on Instagram.

1. Matt Anderson

  • Weight: 96.16 kg (212 lb)
  • Height: 6 ft 10 inches (2.08 meters)

For this one, there is no doubt that Matthew John Anderson deserves the number one spot on the best-looking volleyball player list.

Matt Anderson.
Matt Anderson. (Source: Instagram)

The Superman lookalike Anderson is a one-man you would be left staring at. Likewise, he is the tallest player on the list, towering at the height of 2.08 m (6 ft 10 in).

Moreover, the American volleyball player is a member of the U.S. national volleyball team. Being part of the team, he participated in the London, Rio, Tokyo Olympic Games. He also participated in the 2015 World Cup and the 2014 World League.

In 2013, Anderson won the NORCECA Championship. Likewise, he was part of the team to win the 2014 World League gold medal. 

Undoubtedly, Anderson is one of the greatest and the best-looking volleyball athletes to ever walk on the stage. He is that one guy who grabs everyone’s attention when he walks into the room. Similarly, he has 314k followers on Instagram.

On August 30, 2020, Anderson married Jackie Gillum. He is now the father of a son named Jamie, who happens to be just as cute as him.


Just like most of us, hope the players mentioned above melted your heart too. Even though they are famous among the ladies, they are equally famous among men too. We can’t blame them for turning out to be such sweethearts. 

So, was it their looks or their talents that caught your attention? Do let us know.

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