Andre Agassi Enjoying Retirement With Wife Steffi Graf

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Andre Agassi and wife, Steffi Graf, will celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary in October. The two legends of tennis first connected in 1992. 

If Andre was considered the “bad boy” of tennis, then Steffi was known as more of a shy and reserved person. From the first time he saw her, Andre had developed a huge crush on the legendary tennis player. 

Andre Agassi And Wife Steffi Garf Holidaying In Their Private Yacht In 2018
Andre Agassi And Wife Steffi Garf Holidaying In Their Private Yacht In 2018 (Source: Instagram)

After the 1991 French Open, Andre even sent her a message, but Steffi never replied. At one point, the eight-time Grand Slam winner thought he and Steffi weren’t meant to be.

But fate had different plans for them. The two reconnected in 1999, and two years later, they tied the knot in a private ceremony. On Instagram, Andre can be seen sharing pictures with his better half.

Sometimes Agassi shares an individual picture of Graf for everyone to appreciate his beau. Recently, the couple also announced they will participate in the second edition of the Pickleball Slam. 

Andre Agassi And Wife Steffi Graf’s Relationship 

Andre Agassi tied the knot with fellow tennis player Steffi Graf in 2001. We don’t think there is much introduction needed for the two legends of the game.

Steffi Graf holds the record for the third most grand slam titles with 22, only outdone by Serena Williams and Margaret Court. She is also the only tennis player to have won each major tournament at least four times. 

The two first met after their respective victories in Wimbledon in 1992. It was Agassi’s second Grand Slam, having won French Open only a few months earlier. But for Steffi, it was her 11th title. 

Andre Agassi And Wife Steffi Graf Pictured At T-Mobile Arena In 2018
Andre Agassi And Wife Steffi Graf Pictured At T-Mobile Arena In 2018 (Source: Instagram)

In his autobiography, Open, Andre Agassi talked about how hard he worked to get close to Steffi. At the time, it was tradition for the winners to have a dance, and Aggasi was excited to share the stage with Graf. 

But after arriving at the ball, Andre was informed the dance ceremony was canceled for the first time. If Andre was disappointed, Steffi was joyous, said by her in an interview with BBC. 

It wasn’t years later the couple reconnected during the French Open and Wimbledon tournaments in 1999. The two had separated from their respective partners. Agassi was married to actress Brooke Shields, and Steffi was dating racing driver Michael Bartels.

The couple held their wedding ceremony in their property’s courtyard, with their mothers as their only witnesses. 

Andre Agassi And Wife Steffi Graf Share Two Kids 

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf share two kids-Jaden Agassi and Jaz Agassi. When the two tennis players exchanged their vows, Steffi was pregnant with Jaden and gave birth four days later. 

Unlike their parents, Jaden and Jaz have chosen lives away from the tennis courts. But their son, Jaden, is looking forward to becoming a professional athlete. 

Jaden Agassi, born on October 26, 2001, is currently a junior at the University of Southern California. 

He previously played high school ball at Palo Verde and was a top-ranked third baseman in Nevada. Standing at 6ft 3, Jaden is a pitcher for the Trojans and recorded an ERA of 4.34 last season. 

Andre Agassi Kids, Jaz And Jaden Agassi Are All Grown Up And Have Pivoted Away From Tennis
Andre Agassi’s Kids, Jaz, And Jaden Agassi Are All Grown Up And Have Pivoted Away From Tennis (Source: Instagram)

The couple’s youngest child, Jaz Agassi, was born in 2003, and though she might not be actively pursuing becoming a tennis player, she is a big fan of the sport.

Recently, she shared an Instagram story congratulating Carlos Alcaraz for his victory against Novak Djokovic. 

Jaz has been previously seen playing golf and used to take horseback riding lessons. She is also a trained dancer and has participated in hip-hop dancing competitions. She is available on Instagram with the username @jazagassi but mostly shares Instagram stories instead of posting. 

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