Andre the Giant Daughter: Who is she?

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Andre the Giant’s daughter, Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, is the sole heir of his legacy, a wrestler and actress. Her father, Andre, the Giant, is one of the famous wrestlers of the 1970s. He is a wrestler and “The Eighth Wonder of the World.”

As the daughter of famous wrestler Andre the Giant, Robin is responsible for continuing her father’s legacy and gaining the same love and respect as her father.

As of 2022, she has accumulated a massive net worth of around $10 million.

However, despite being Andre’s only daughter, she didn’t share a good relationship with her father.

Robin Christensen, Daughter of Andre the Giant
Robin Christensen, Daughter of Andre The Giant (Source:

Today, Robin travels to different countries to attend Comic Cons, where she represents her father, Andre the Giant. 

We already know so much about Andre the Giant, but still, there is much more to know about his daughter Robin Christensen-Roussimoff. 

So, without delay, let’s learn more about Andre, the Giant’s daughter. First of all, let’s look at some of the quick facts about the Giant’s Daughter.

Andre The Giant’s Daughter | Quick Facts 

Full Name Robin Christensen-Roussimoff
Nick Name Andre, the Giant’s Daughter
Age 45  years old
Height 1.82m / 182 cm / 6 feet 
Weight 211 lb / 96 kg
Horoscope Pisces
Date Of Birth March 16, 1979
Birth Place Paris, France
Sexual Orientation Straight
Gender Female 
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Polish and Bulgarian descent
Hair Colour Blonde (Dyed)
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Skin Colour Fair
Siblings None
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Not Available
Body Measurement 46-36-44 inches
Father’s Name André René Roussimoff 
Mother’s Name Jean Christensen
Favorite Actor Johnny Depp
Favorite Food Chinese
Favorite Media Person Todrick Hall
Profession Actress and Wrestler
Net Worth $10 Million
Social Media Instagram
Last Update July, 2024

Andre The Giant’s Daughter | Early Life and Family

Andre, the Giant Daughter, was born in Paris, France, on March 16, 1979. Her real name is Robin Christensen-Roussimoff. Rene’s exact date of birth and place is still unknown. 

Similarly, the Giant Daughter Robin was raised in northern California, USA.

Her father is a famous wrestler of the 1970s, André René Roussimoff, also known as Andre the Giant. But she is currently living in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Andre the Giant Daughter
Andre The Giant’s Daughter (Source: Shutterstock)

And her mother is Jean Christensen. But unfortunately, not much was available there about her as she was not as famous as André René Roussimoff.

Other than her parents, she also has an uncle, and his name is Jacques Roussimoff.

Robin was born with a hormonal disorder called “acromegaly.” So her father didn’t accept her as a daughter initially. 

Her extensive body size was also due to her Acromegaly hormonal disorder state.

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Andre The Giant’s Daughter | Education

According to some resources, Rene has graduated from high school and university levels.

However, the name of her high school and the university she graduated from are still unknown.

Considering her educational background and qualifications, she must have attended high school in North Carolina.

How tall Is Andre The Giant’s Daughter?

As already mentioned, Rene’s body size became huge due to an acromegaly hormonal disorder.

Young Andre The Giant (Source: Vintage Everyday)

Because of that, her body weighs 211 lb and measures 46-36-44 inches. As for her height, she is 1.82 m tall.

Who Is Andre The Giant?

André René Roussimoff, also known as Andre the Giant, was a French professional wrestler and actor. Unfortunately, due to hormonal disorder acromegaly, his body size was huge.

Because of his huge body size, he was also called “The Eighth Wonder of The World.”

Despite being a legendary fighter, he didn’t fully live up to his role as a father. Yes, Andre didn’t have an excellent relationship with his wife and daughter.

However, he was loved and respected by many people in the world. Therefore, “The Eighth Wonder of the World” named book is also published, representing his whole life in words. 

Andre, The Giant (Source: Reddit)

Unfortunately, Andre, the Giant, is no more in this world. On January 23, 1993, he left this world due to congestive heart failure. 

But we will never forget his memories. People still love and respect Andre the Giant as much as they did before. 

Andre The Giant’s Daughter | Relationship With Father

We already knew that Rene was a child with an acromegaly hormonal disorder when she grew up. Because of that, Andre the Giant didn’t accept her as his child.

So, it creates a sense of distance from the very beginning. So Andre and Robin never had a very close relationship as father and daughter.

Andre has spent his entire life on the road for his wrestling gigs. That’s why Jean and Robin always complained about Andre’s rude behavior towards them.

Andre the Giant Daughter
Andre The Giant’s Daughter (Source: Fan Buzz)

Robin had met her father barely five times in their lifetime, the first being when she was an infant. They met each other when Rene was 18 months old and when she was four years old.

Then they last met in November 1991 for only five minutes. After that, they talked once on the phone on Christmas, and thenceforth they have neither spoken to nor met.

Robin and her mother only knew about Andre’s demise a month later. However, their communication gap indicates how much they were apart.

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Andre The Giant’s Daughter | Professional Career 

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, known as Andre the Giant’s daughter professionally, is an actress and a wrestler. She is also seen attending several events in WWE.

She travels to different countries for Cosmic Cons representing her father, Andre, the Giant.

Unfortunately, exact information about what she is doing nowadays is not available.

Andre The Giant Daughter | Relationship Status

Maybe Andre is single currently, as no such information about her relationship status has come into the limelight.

But, on the other hand, she has probably kept it private from the public. Even nothing about her past relationships has been revealed to the public.

So we can assume that she has never been in a relationship or has kept it a secret.

Some Favorite Things 

  • Actor: Johnny Deep
  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Media person: Todrick Hall
  • Hobbies: Eating 
  • Destination: New Zealand
  • Color: Red

Social Media and Net Worth

Andre is not active on social media. Maybe, she is not fond of posting about her personal or professional life on social media.

However, we discovered that her Instagram handle is private, and you can follow her.

Instagram: Robin Christensen (1.8K Followers)

Likewise, Andre the Giant’s daughter, Robin, has a net worth of about $10 million.

Andre’s Daughter Robin | Popularity

To our surprise, Andre the Giant’s daughter is a searched-after name worldwide.

Robin-Christensen-Roussimoff Populairity
Robin Christensen-Roussimoff Popularity Graph (Source: Instagram)

The graph above illustrates the popularity of Robin Christensen-Roussimoff since last year across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Robin the daughter of Andre the Giant?

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff is the one and only daughter of Andre the Giant and Jean Christensen. So, Robin doesn’t have any other siblings.

How much was the net worth of Andre the Giant when he died?

Andre the Giant was one of the highest-paid wrestlers. So he had a net worth of $5 million when he passed away. But more than that, he was highly loved and respected around the globe. 

Why was Andre the Giant cremated?

As per Andre’s wishes, he was cremated. The problem was that he died in Paris, and no crematorium nearby could perform the cremation on a large body. Thus, Andre’s body was flown back to the U.S. for cremation.

How heavy were Andre the Giant’s ashes?

André continued to tour the world until his early death at age 46 in 1993. Afterward, friends and fellow wrestlers came to his ranch to scatter his ashes (which weighed 17 pounds, three times the weight of an average man’s).

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