Andrew Ogletree Parents: Father Andre Ogletree & Mother Angie Hartman

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Andrew Ogletree parents, Andre and Angie, raised their two sons in Dayton, Ohio. The couple stuck together seven years after Andrew’s birth before going their separate ways.

The Colts tight-end Andrew Ogletree missed his father’s presence for the larger part of his life. He and his brother, Aaron, were mostly raised by their mother, Angie Hartman. 

Andrew Ogletree With His Younger Brother Aaron Ogletree In A Pic Shared By Their Mother, Angie
Andrew Ogletree With His Younger Brother Aaron Ogletree, In A Pic Shared By Their Mother, Angie (Source: Facebook)

The 25-year-old is a father to a child whom he had with his former high school girlfriend. They aren’t together anymore, and the footballer previously said he has tried his best to be a present father in his son, Andrew Jr’s life. 

Recently, the tight end has been arrested and booked for domestic battery. On December 26, the police arrived at Ogletree’s home after they were informed that the footballer had physically abused his girlfriend. 

The woman was found crying on the ground and said to the authority she could not move. Ogletree was on his phone with his mother when the authorities arrived at his house. 

Andrew Ogletree Parents: Dad Andre And Mom Angie 

Andrew Ogletree parents, Andre and Angie, never had the best relationship. The two had gone their separate ways when Andrew was only seven. 

Andre Ogletree died in 2020 after a battle with COVID-19. He was only 49. One of the most heartbreaking things about Andre’s demise was that it had only been two years since he became close to his son.

The father-son duo of Andre and Andrew had reconnected on Thanksgiving of 2018. He had apologized to his footballer son for not being present and missing out on various critical stages of his life. 

On The Left: Andre Ogletree And On The Right: Andrew With His Mother, Angie Hartman
On The Left: Andre Ogletree And On The Right: Andrew With His Mother, Angie Hartman (Source: Facebook)

The two started meeting for dinners, and Andre wanted to play an active role in his grandson, Andrew Jr’s life, whose birth he had missed. Andrew says he couldn’t spend much time with his father but is grateful for the time spent with him.

Andrew’s mother, Angie Hartman, tried her best to keep Andre in the lives of their two sons. But at one point, Andrew told Angie to stop fighting, and it was okay for her to let it go.

After the divorce, Andre moved across the town, and even though at first he would visit often, the frequency of those visits started slowing down. 

A graduate of Urbana University with a business management degree, Angie ran the home with her work at GE Capital/Synchrony Financial. She operated as their human resource manager. 

Currently, Angie works as the supply chain human resource manager at GE Aviation. She began working at GE in 2015 as an engineering employee for HR Manager and slowly climbed the ranks. 

After divorcing Andre, Angie began a new life. On her Facebook handle, Angie has shared several family snaps. 

Andrew Ogletree Wife: Is He Married?

The Indianapolis Colts’ tight end, Andrew Ogletree, isn’t married and has no wife. But he has a son from a previous relationship he had during high school.

Ogletree became a father while he was a junior at Northridge High School. On October 24, 2014, Andrew’s then-girlfriend gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Andrew Ogletree Jr. 

His son was born two months premature, and after holding his son for only a couple of minutes, Andrew saw him getting rushed to ICU. Andrew had left the football field and came running to see his newborn.

Andrew Ogletree Pictured With His Son, Andrew Ogletree Jr, At The Lucas Oil Stadium
Andrew Ogletree Pictured With His Son, Andrew Ogletree Jr, At The Lucas Oil Stadium (Source: Facebook)

Ogletree’s girlfriend told him to return to the field, and though his team lost, Andrew couldn’t have cared less. Andrew started performing better because he had to provide for his child.

And though he kept performing better on the field, Andrew’s personal life became a complete mess. He separated from his girlfriend eight months after their son was born. 

The two agreed on the child’s joint custody and that Andrew could have his son on weekends and would be allowed to attend his football and basketball games. 

On his Instagram, Andrew hasn’t shared many pictures with his son. But his mother, Angie, has shared several photos of her grandson. 

It is believed that Andrew’s son was present when the authorities arrived at his house after they were informed about the domestic abuse. When the police entered Ogletree’s house, Andrew Jr told the officers his father and a woman were upstairs. 

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