Andrew Tate Still Not Free- Prosecutor Sends Tate Brothers To Trial

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The investigation conducted by the DIICOT prosecutors into the case involving the Tate brothers has concluded, resulting in their referral to court.

The gravity of the charges escalated as the investigation progressed, and they now face a potential prison sentence of up to 13 years.

Tate Brother
Tate Brother (Source: MARCA)

In addition, the prosecutors have officially requested the seizure of the brothers’ assets. It includes 15 plots of land, luxurious houses and apartments, 15 high-end cars valued at several million euros, and 14 luxury watches.

The DIICOT prosecutors have filed a lawsuit against Andrew and Tristan Tate, along with two Romanian citizens who are also implicated in the case.

Tate Brothers Charged With Rape, Human Trafficking and Organized Crime

The charges brought against the Tate brothers include forming an organized criminal group, human trafficking, rape, illegal access to computer systems, tampering with computer data integrity, incitement to violence, and physical assault.

According to the DIICOT indictment, the investigation revealed that at the beginning of 2021, the four defendants established a criminal organization with the purpose of engaging in human trafficking.

They ran their operations in Romania and other countries, such as the United States and Great Britain.

The victims were lured into deceptive relationships, using methods commonly known as the “loverboy method,” where they were misled into believing in genuine feelings of love or the prospect of establishing a marriage or cohabitation.

Subsequently, the victims were transported and confined in buildings located in Ilfov County, where they were subjected to physical violence, mental coercion, constant surveillance, control, and the manipulation of alleged debts.

The defendants exploited them sexually, coercing them into engaging in pornographic acts that were filmed and disseminated through various social media platforms.

Out of the seven identified victims who were sexually exploited, three have become civil parties in the criminal proceedings.

In relation to the charge of rape, the indictment states that in March 2022, one of the defendants forced an individual through physical violence and psychological pressure to engage in repeated sexual acts on two occasions.

Regarding the crimes of illegal access to computer systems and tampering with computer data integrity, it was discovered that in October 2021, one of the defendants unlawfully accessed the computer system of one of the victims and posted compromising materials on her social media, which were obtained through this unauthorized access.

Regarding the charges of incitement to violence and physical assault, it was revealed that in October 2021, one of the defendants instigated another defendant to physically assault a victim who refused to continue participating in the production of pornographic materials and requested permission to leave the premises in Ilfov County.

Andrew Tate Still Not Free | Assets Confiscated

The indictment also includes a request for the seizure of various assets, both movable and immovable.

It includes 15 properties located in Ilfov, Prahova, and Bra┼čov counties, 15 luxury vehicles, 14 high-end watches, 2 gold ingots, a medal, shares in four commercial companies, amounts of cash in different currencies, and a significant amount of cryptocurrency held in wallets.

The total value of the confiscated assets is substantial, reflecting the scale and profitability of the criminal activities involved.

What Color Is Your Bugatti
What Color Is Your Bugatti? (Source: The Supercar Blog)

Furthermore, the defendants are expected to cover legal expenses amounting to 300,000 lei.

The prosecutors have proposed that the four defendants remain under the preventive measure of house arrest, which was previously imposed.

The case has now been transferred to the judges of the Bucharest Court for further proceedings.

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