Andy Bean Net Worth: How Rich Was The PGA Golfer?

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Late professional golfer Andy Bean was one of the most successful players of his time. With several championships and tour wins, Bean amassed much wealth, increasing his net worth to millions.

He actively participated in professional golf tournaments for over three decades and earned over $10 million.

This article is an attempt to cover everything about Andy’s net worth, career earnings, and stuff relevant to the topic. Read this article further to know more!

Late American Professional Golfer Andy Bean
Late American Professional Golfer Andy Bean (Source: University of St. Andrews)

Thomas Andrew Bean, better known as Andy Bean, was a renowned American golfer who played professional golf tournaments since 1975.

Even though he was born in a different state, he moved to Florida with his family and attended the University of Florida in Gainesville after high school. While there, he played collegiate golf for Buster Bishop’s Florida Gators.

Bean graduated with a degree in Marketing in 1975 but chose to pursue a professional golf career that same year.

Bean registered 18 tour wins throughout his career, including 11 PGA tours. He was inducted into the Florida Sports Hall of Fame for contributing to the sport in 2000.

Andy Bean Net Worth: How Rich Was The PGA Golfer?

According to various sources, the recently deceased American professional golfer Andy Bean had an estimated net worth of around $5 million.

His primary source of earnings was participating in golf competitions.

Speaking of his achievements, he was an 11-time PGA tour champion, one-time Japanese Golf Tour winner, and three-time PGA Tour Champions winner.

Andy Bean
Andy Bean (Source: Sportsnet)

Moreover, he was among the top 10 over 100 times in all competitions. He finished the runner-up 15 times as a regular circuit winner, which allowed him to earn around $10 million in career earnings.

His earnings in the early years of his career were great, but over time, because of his degrading health, he began participating in fewer competitions, consequently affecting his income.

As per Sportrac, he earned around $660k in 1986, his highest earning in a year.

Moreover, Andy was born to an affluent family who owned a golf course, which shows he was pretty rich.

More On Andy Bean’s Early Life And Parents

Andy Bean was born to his parents, Tommy and Marjorie Bean, on March 13, 1953, in LaFayette, Georgia. Besides him, his parents had three daughters.

Born to parents associated with golf courses, Andy began playing golf at the young age of three, and his father played an influential role in helping him excel in the game.

His dad, Tommy, was a golfer and enjoyed practicing golf with his kids. He was an exceptional golfer since high school and is credited for introducing advanced golf operations in Jekyll Island.

Similarly, his mother, Marjorie, also worked at the Jekyll Island Golf Course. Andy spent the early years of his life in Georgia but moved with his family to Lakeland, Florida, when he was fifteen.

Although he began his high school career at Glynn Academy, he later played golf for Lakeland High School. After graduating, he enrolled in the University of Florida, where he played golf from 1972 to 1975.

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