Is Anthony Richardson Christian? Religion & Ethnicity? Where Is He From?

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Talking about the religion of Anthony Richardson, he is a god-loving Christian and openly shows his devotion. Read till the end to find out.

He can be seen talking about the blessing the lord has showered him with through his social media posts. 

Anthony Richardson Heading To Training In His Practice Gear
Anthony Richardson Heading To Training In His Practice Gear (Source: Instagram)

Anthony Dashawn Richardson was born on May 22, 2002. He is an American football quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL.

He attended Eastside High School, where he played quarterback for the football team.

The Florida-born later signed with the University of Florida to play collegiate football. Richardson appeared in just four games during his first year at Florida in 2020.

Following the conclusion of the 2022 season, Richardson revealed his intention to join the 2023 NFL Draft.

The Colts selected him as the overall fourth pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. 

On August 15, 2023, Richardson was selected as the Colts’ starting quarterback over Gardner Minshew and Sam Ehlinger.

He then made his NFL debut in Week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars on September 10, 2023.

Anthony Richardson Religion: Is He Christian?

As stated earlier, Anthony is a god-loving Christian who openly expresses his beliefs. He wears a lot of necklaces to show his affiliation to different things.

Similarly, he can often be seen wearing a cross necklace, a testament to his lord and savior, Jesus Christ. 

Moreover, he can be frequently seen with the number “15” necklace around his necklace. This denotes his jersey number.

Anthony Richardson Wearing His Cross To Show Faith Towards His Religion
Anthony Richardson Wearing His Cross To Show Faith Towards His Religion (Source: Instagram)

It does not end there; the signs start becoming more evident on his Instagram bio.

Anthony has put a “†” icon right after his name, which reads “Anthony Richardson †.”

Furthermore, he regards his life and every aspect of it as a blessing from the lord and does not hesitate to express gratitude.

The Christian player often coveys it through the captions of his posts on social media.

His Ethnicity And Where He Comes From 

Both of Anthony’s parents are African-American, so he draws a lineage from African descent. However, sources have even cited that he is partially white.

Talking about where he comes from, he has dedicated his entire life to Florida. Firstly, he was born in Miami, Florida.

Then, he played football and completed high school in Gainesville, Florida. And to add to it all, he even selected his college, the University of Florida.

Will Anthony’s Injury Make Him Drop The Season?

Anthony Richardson will likely miss the remainder of the regular season due to an AC joint sprain in his right shoulder sustained in Week 5.

The Colt’s team owner, Jim Irsay, revealed that surgery is the probable course of action, though the final decision. The decision, however, will be made in consultation with Richardson and his advisors.

The Colts have sought multiple medical opinions and are leaning towards a cautious approach, prioritizing Richardson’s long-term health.

Anthony Richardson Celebrating After Scoring
Anthony Richardson Celebrating After Scoring (Source: Instagram)

The team, now 3-3, suffered their first loss since Richardson’s placement on injured reserve, falling 37-20 to the Jacksonville Jaguars with backup Gardner Minshew.

Final decisions regarding Richardson’s treatment are pending, with input from top specialists.

Despite the setback, Irsay remains optimistic about the team’s future potential. They face the Cleveland Browns in Week 7.

Whatever the course of action, Anthony remains a formidable force in the Colt’s Arsenal. He will recover sooner or later and get back to business as usual.

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