Arseni Perez Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is The Commentator For ATP Cup?

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Arseni Perez is a Spanish tennis commentator with years of experience in the field of journalism. He is believed to be in his 50s. 

The famous tennis analyst has a niche following on social media and has previously given interviews giving an in-depth talk about tennis. 

Arseni Perez Pictured In 2010 During One Of Tennis Shows
Arseni Perez Pictured In 2010 During One Of Tennis Shows (Source: Facebook)

The commentator has worked for the Spanish media channel RTVE for several years.

Some even have called him “The Voice of Tennis In Spain,” a title rightly besotted of his thrilling analytical view towards the game.

Recently, Arseni covered the Barcelona Open Finals, the match between Carlos Alcaraz and Stefanos Tsitsipas, with the former emerging victorious.  

Arseni Perez Wikipedia And Age 

Arseni Perez’s Wikipedia page is bound to consist of lists of several games he has covered. 

For years many fans of the Spanish commentator have wondered about his age. Arseni Perez’s age remains a mystery to many of them.

The tennis analyst hasn’t confirmed the fact in public, but judging by appearance, the Spanish commentator might be in his mid to late 50s.

The commentator has chosen not to dye his hair and is seen rocking his natural colors. 

Arseni Perez(left) With His Fellow Commentator Friends During Barcelona Open
Arseni Perez(left) With His Fellow Commentator Friends During Barcelona Open (Source: Twitter)

It’s on Twitter that Arseni has gained quite a sizeable following. He is available on the social media handle with the username @arsenismash and has a following of 13.5k. 

On his Twitter handle, Arseni constantly updates his fans on various tennis games and news.

With Barcelona Open drawing curtains, the commentator has already moved on to talk about Madrid Open which begins on April 28.

Recently, the spokesperson came out supporting the rising tennis star Carlos Alvarez. In a clip that showed Alvarez being hounded by tennis fans, Arseni quoted the video writing, ” Can we let him breathe?” in Spanish. 

Despite being a famous name among tennis fans, seemingly few stories are available about the commentator’s personal life. Arseni has tried to keep his private life far away as possible from his social media. 

He Is Critical When It Comes To Tennis

If there is one thing many tennis fans love about Arseniz Perez, then it is his straightforward attitude to approach his subject. 

The commentator and his thoughts are as practical as it gets.

In an interview with Punto de Break in 2016, Perez discussed whether Spain would be on top of the sport in the coming years. He also talked about his friendship with other commentators. 

Arseni Perez (right) Pictured Talking To Public During A tTennis Game
Arseni Perez (right) Pictured Talking To the Public During A Tennis Game (Source: Facebook)

The commentator could’ve been easily biased when talking about his country, saying Spain would continue to reign. But he gave Andy Murray as an example.

He stated how a Scotsman broke the drought for British tennis and that nothing is certain. 

In 2020, the commentator was also vocal in support of the ATP Cup Format that would help the sport to retain viewers. Despite much hype, the tournament got shut down and was replaced by mixed-gender United Cup beginning in 2023. 

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