Ash Brazill Partner Brooke Grieves: Relationship Timeline

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The love story of Ash Brazill and her partner Brooke Grieves is a shining example of hope and inspiration in a world where love has no boundaries.

Their journey together is not just a fairy tale but a testament to the power of support, compassion, and shared dreams.

From their early encounters to their current status as partners, their timeline is a heartwarming tale worth recounting.

Ash Brazill Retired From Netball Post The 2023 Netball World Cup Victory
Ash Brazill Retired From Netball Post The 2023 Netball World Cup Victory (Source: Instagram)

Ashleigh Brazill, popular as Ash Brazill, is an Australian former netball and AFL Women’s player.

She was born on 29 December 1989 in Campbelltown, New South Wales. She is famous for her dedication and hard work throughout her illustrious career spanning 13 years.

Ash played for the New South Wales Swifts, West Coast Fever, and Collingwood Magpies in the ANZ Championship.

The cross-code athlete excelled in both AFL and netball as a vital member of the  Collingwood Football Club and the Australia Diamonds. 

However, the Australian star retired from netball after winning the 2023 Netball World Cup gold medal.

Even though the gold medalist had announced her retirement early in 2023, her career had a fairytale ending as a world champion.

Ash Brazill Partner: Brooke Grieves

The former Australian netball star is happily married to her long-term partner Brooke Grieves. Ash and Brooke were among the handful of openly gay couples.

Her wife, Brooke, is a Curtin University graduate, currently working as an Associate Director at CBRE Asia Pacific.

Interestingly, she has d

The Government of Western Australia.
Ash Brazill And Her Partner Brooke Grieves Celebrated Their 7th Anniversary This Past January
Ash Brazill And Her Partner Brooke Grieves Celebrated Their 7th Anniversary This Past January (Source: Instagram)
In 2008, Grieves served as the
Later, she went on to work for Pilbara Ports Authority and MMA Offshore Limited in multiple positions for five years each.

A Timeline Of Their Beautiful Relationship

Ash and Brooke knew each other for a long time before they become a couple. However, many don’t know that Brooke was the only woman Ash had ever been with.

As their careers continued to flourish, Ash and Brooke found themselves spending more time together.

Their deep friendship laid the foundation for the love that began to bloom between them. Eventually, they started dating in late 2013. 

After 15 months into their relationship, Ash proposed to the love of her life on a NSW beach in December 2014.

Though they had discussed marriage previously, Brooke was surprised by her partner’s proposal.

Despite the tough challenges along the way, their family and friends supported the relationship from the very beginning.

The Brazill Family
The Brazill Family (Source: Instagram)

When they made their relationship public, they received overwhelming support and positivity.

The couple got married on 30 January 2016 in the scenic Margaret River region of Western Australia.

Post their wedding, Brooke legally changed her last name from Grieves to Brazill.

Their wedding made news headlines because same-sex marriage was not legal in Australia at the time.

At the same time, there was no law that could have stopped the lovers from being together.

Nonetheless, we can say that her story inspired and gave people the courage to talk about their sexuality with more confidence.

Meet Ash Brazill Kids

Ash and Brooke have started their own family. In January 2020, they became parents to their first child, Louis, four years after their marriage.

Due to the circumstances of the time, their son experienced a pandemic even before even reaching six-month-old.

The couple again welcomed their second baby, a daughter named Frankie Rose Brazill on the 29th of November, 2021.

Both parents were over the moon as she was born after Brooke’s 42 weeks of pregnancy.

Through their story, they have not only enriched each other’s lives but also ignited a spark of hope in the hearts of many.

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