Ashlea Albertson Death Linked To Road Rage: Obituary

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Racer Ashlea Albertson death has been linked to road rage. The talented racer hailing from Indianapolis, who was a member of Tony Stewart Racing, tragically passed away as a result of injuries sustained in a crash on Interstate 65 early Friday morning.

Both Tony Stewart and her grieving family confirmed the devastating news. She was just 24 years old.

Todd Albertson, the late Ashley’s father, shared the news of her passing to the racing community.

He expressed that racing was Ashlea’s true passion, driven by her desire to captivate and entertain.

Ashlea Albertson Death Linked To Road Rage: Obituary
Late Ashley Albertson (Source: USAToday)

“She was a good kid, a better person, and she just loved racing,” Albertson fondly recalled.

“She loved the community, and you all have done so much for her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Ashlea Albertson’s racing endeavors primarily centered around TQ Midget cars. Her final race was on August 11, as per her racing statistics.

Her legacy as both a talented competitor and a cherished member of the racing family will undoubtedly endure.

Ashlea Albertson Death Linked To Road Rage: Obituary

The Hall of Famer Tony Stewart, who was also a teammate to Albertson, honored the “great race car driver” on his social media.

In memory of Albertson, Stewart, reflecting on his own experiences, offered a poignant perspective on the importance of reevaluating actions driven by road rage.

Stewart expressed his hope that Ashlea’s legacy could inspire a more considerate approach among drivers.

Having personally grappled with road rage in the past, Stewart conveyed, “In the past, I’ve also gotten caught up in road rage.”

His words underlined the significance of cherishing every moment and fostering a safer, more empathetic driving environment.

Cause of Death & Police Report

Ashlea Albertson death has been linked to road rage.

In the initial findings by the Indiana State Police, a tragic collision on northbound I-65 near the 48-mile marker just south of Seymour stemmed from a distressing situation where two drivers engaged in rapid acceleration and an unfortunate refusal to yield, resulting in the devastating crash.

Albertson, a passenger in one of the involved cars, was traveling with Jacob Kelly, 31, of Indianapolis, who was driving in the left lane.

The other vehicle, operated by Austin Cooper, 22, of Austin, Indiana, occupied the right lane.

According to the State Police report, the sequence of events unfolded as Cooper attempted to change lanes into the path of Kelly’s vehicle.

As a consequence, Kelly lost control of the car, sending it into a spin that culminated in a collision between the two vehicles at the center of the northbound lanes.

The impact led to Kelly’s car rolling, tragically causing Albertson to be ejected from the vehicle.

Ashlea Albertson Death Linked To Road Rage: Obituary
Rest In Heaven, Ashley (Source: Twitter)

Both Kelly and Albertson were swiftly transported to the University of Louisville Hospital for medical attention.

Regrettably, Albertson’s injuries proved fatal upon her arrival, while Kelly received treatment for injuries classified as non-life-threatening.

After the incident, authorities took Cooper and a juvenile passenger to Schneck Medical Center in Seymour, where medical professionals treated injuries that were fortunately non-life-threatening.

The Indiana State Police disclosed that both drivers involved in the incident consented to blood tests, and the results of toxicology screenings are currently pending.

As the investigation unfolds, its completion will entail the presentation of the case to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office for potential charges, signaling the commitment to seeking justice in the wake of this tragic occurrence.

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