Audric Estime Parents: Mother Bertha Noisette And Father

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Audric Estime’s soccer journey is closely intertwined with the lasting impact of his parents and guardians, making it a fascinating and essential part of his story.

The Notre Dame soccer sensation from Nyack, New York, not only shines on the field but is also profoundly influenced by remarkable individuals who have been crucial in his life.

Let’s delve deeper into Audric Estime’s story, unearthing not only his soccer journey but also the profound influence of his parents and their guidance.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish Running Back Audric Estime
The Notre Dame Fighting Irish Running Back Audric Estime (Source: Instagram)

Audric Estime is an American professional soccer player who plays for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as a running back

He began his journey playing as a standout at Saint Joseph Regional High School. In his senior year, he excelled with 1,857 rushing yards and 22 touchdowns, earning him Football Player of the Year.

His decision to play college football for the University of Notre Dame marked a crucial step in his football journey.

Demonstrating his potential and dedication to the sport, Estimé excelled in college football and became the starting running back, showcasing his skills in 2022.

During his 2022 season, he gained 825 yards on 142 carries, averaging 5.9 yards per carry, and scored 11 rushing touchdowns.

Moreover, Audric Estimé delivered a notable performance in the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl, rushing for 95 yards on 14 carries in Notre Dame’s victory over South Carolina.

Therefore, Estimé consistently improved in college, excelling in rushing and touchdowns. His dual-threat ability made him a valuable asset to his team.

Audric Estime Parents: Mother Bertha Noisette And Father

Audric Estime, born on September 6, 2003, in Nyack, New York, had a childhood deeply influenced by the presence of his mother, Bertha Noisette.

Growing up in his hometown alongside his brother Khadar Estime, Audric’s father remained a mysterious figure, shrouded in obscurity.

Audric Estimé’s lifelong passion for soccer was sparked by his mother, Bertha. She introduced him to the beautiful game when he was just 4 years old.

Unfortunately, Noisette died when the player was just 10 years old due to sickle cell disease.

Despite her untimely departure, Audric carries her memory with him as a constant source of inspiration.

Audric Estime Is The Son Of Bertha Noisette
Audric Estime Is The Son Of Bertha Noisette (Source: Instagram)

In Audric’s journey to success, his mother’s steadfast belief in him plays an important role. Her absence fuels his determination to exceed limits and achieve greatness.

During moments of self-doubt, he draws strength from the unerasable mark his mother left on his heart.

Audric Estimé strives to honour his mother’s memory on a public platform, not content with personal success alone.

He proudly credits his success to her unwavering belief, preserving Bertha Noisette’s legacy through his remarkable achievements.

His Inspirational Family

After Audric Estimé’s mother, Bertha Noisette, passed away, his life turned unexpectedly.

Amid adversity, Bertha’s siblings, Garick Noisette and Marise Fede, became strong pillars of support as legal parents for Estime and Khadar.

Within this close-knit family, another source of inspiration and guidance arose: Terrence Fede, a former NFL lineman and Estime’s godfather.

Terrence’s impact on Audric’s life is immeasurable. He embraced Audric with unwavering love and dedication, treating him like his own.

The former NFL lineman went the extra mile, driving Audric to practices and ensuring he reached his destinations, supporting his development.

Most importantly, Terrence plays a vital role in guiding Audric toward making wise decisions.

In a world full of distractions and temptations, Garick, Marise, and Terrence guided Audric toward success.

Hence, his journey to Notre Dame exemplifies the transformative power of their constant support.

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