Kriti Adhikari

Kriti Adhikari

Kriti Adhikari is a dynamic writer with a passion for uncovering the human stories behind the world of sports. Her articles offer readers a refreshing perspective on athletes and sporting events, blending insightful analysis with engaging storytelling.


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  • Kriti highlights the drama, excitement, and memorable moments that define each tournament.
  • She specializes in crafting detailed profiles of athletes.


Kriti's passion for sports journalism is rooted in a love of competition and a fascination with the human stories behind athletic achievement. With a background in writing and a keen eye for detail, she brings a unique perspective to her articles, capturing the excitement and emotion of sports with depth and insight.

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Who Is Zingha Hester? Devin Hester Wife: Married Life & Kids

Devin Hester has been married to wife Zingha Hester since 2010. The couple together has three kids- Devin Hester Jr, Dray Hester, and Denali Hester. Devin...

Who Was Bonnie Laettner, Christian Laettner Mom? Neck Brace & Death

Bonita Turkowski Laettner is Christian Laettner’s mom. She passed away in 2017 at the age of 74. The death of Bonnie Laettner saddened a lot of...

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