Who Is Zingha Hester? Devin Hester Wife: Married Life & Kids

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Devin Hester has been married to wife Zingha Hester since 2010. The couple together has three kids- Devin Hester Jr, Dray Hester, and Denali Hester.

Devin has been together with Zingha since 2005. They were college sweethearts who turned their college romance into a blissful marriage with children.

The couple seems very happy to be together, as seen in their social media posts. He often posts pictures appreciating Zingha for being an incredible wife and mother. 

Devin Chester, American Former Football Player
Devin Hester, American Former Football Player (Source: Instagram)

Hester is an American wide receiver and return specialist who played in the National Football League (NFL).

Born on 4 November 1982 to a religious Christian family, Devin is the youngest child of Lenorris Hester Sr. and Juanita Brown.

He grew up with an elder brother named Lenorris Hester Jr. in Florida. After high school, he committed to playing football at the University of Miami.

Playing for the Miami Hurricanes, he became the first to play in all three aspects of American football—offensive, defensive, and special teams.

He began his NFL career as the second-round pick of the 2006 NFL draft by the Chicago Bears.

Moreover, the four-time Pro Bowler officially announced his retirement from the NFL in December 2017.

Devin Hester’s Wife, Zingha Hester

Zingha Hester was born on October 8, 1983. She is a native of Florida. Moreover, she is a homemaker by choice at present. 

 A former teacher by profession, she has chosen to keep her life away from the limelight. 

Zingha Hester, Wife of Devin Hester
Zingha Hester, Wife of Devin Hester (Source: Instagram)

The couple met at the University of Miami and soon fell in love, which blossomed into a marriage. Devin often pens sweet and romantic messages dedicating his wife on his Instagram handle.

Zingha has been consistently supportive in all of her tasks, from supporting her spouse in his endeavors to their kids’ school functions.

Devin And Zingha Hester’s Children

The Hester couple are proud parents to their three children. Devin Hester Jr is the eldest kid, born on November 9, 2009.

Previously, in an interview, Hester Jr opened up that he was not interested in football. However, around July 2023, he expressed a newfound intention to give the sport a try.

The middle child, Dray Hester (b. August 2012), appears to have a knack for football and seems poised to follow in his father’s footsteps. In addition, he memorizes his father’s moves and idolizes his headbands and wristbands.

Dray is already gaining popularity due to viral videos showcasing his football skills. As a result, fans are eagerly anticipating his potential future in the NFL.

Devin Hester With Wife Zingha And Their 3 Kids
Devin Hester With Wife Zingha And Their 3 Kids (Source: Instagram)

Denali Hester (b. March 10, 2018) is the youngest of them all. He is often seen accompanying his father in the stadium and events.

The couple recently celebrated their youngest son learning to ride a bike for the first time.

Although it might not seem like much, the couple thinks seeing his parents support him together will be a lifetime memory for young Denali.

Moreover, the athlete often opens up about his attachment to the kids and that he likes spending time with them.

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