Barry Sanders Girlfriend: Is He Dating Anyone After Divorce?

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Barry Sanders Girlfriend: As the retired football running back is living his post-career life, people wonder if he is currently dating anyone after his divorce several years ago.

Eleven years ago, the American football player Barry Sanders and his wife had ended up on terrible terms.

Sanders had two relationships during his entire life and fathered four children through those relationships.

Barry Sanders For Unveiling His Statue
Barry Sanders For Unveiling His Statue (Source: Instagram)

Barry David Sanders was born on July 16, 1968, to William Sanders and Shirley Sanders in Wichita, Kansas.

Before he played football at Wichita North High School, Barry enjoyed participating in youth football and basketball.

Moreover, Sanders didn’t take the role of running back until the fourth game of his senior year following the suspension of the original player for disciplinary reasons.

Likewise, Sanders enrolled at Oklahoma State University and played for the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Barry played for the Detroit Lions for a decade during his professional career, from 1989 to 1998.

On July 27, 1999, Sanders announced his retirement from professional football the day before the Lions’ training camp started.

Barry Sanders Girlfriend: Before And After Divorce

In the year 2000, Barry Sanders married his girlfriend, Lauren Campbell Sanders, in the presence of only 50 people.

Lauren Campbell was a TV news anchor for WDIV Television in Detroit.

Moreover, the couple had three children: Nigel Sanders, Nicholas Sanders, and Noah Sanders.

However, the former Detroit Lions player filed for divorce. He said there was a breakdown in the marital relationship and expressed that there was no way for the couple to remain together.

The couple also took the assistance of a mediator to resolve their issues. However, the attempt ended in failure, leading to an official separation in 2012.

Although the couple decided to part ways, Sanders intended to pay child support and take care of his children.

Barry Sanders Children
Barry Sanders Children (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, before entering a relationship with Lauren, Barry was involved in a relationship with Aletha House.

Although not married, Aletha and Barry have a son named Barry J. Sanders.

From 2012 to 2015, their son, Barry J. Sanders, played running back for Stanford University.

After his divorce from Lauren, Barry has not been romantically linked with anybody. So fans assume he is possibly single and living a retired life.

Sanders Family Tree

Barry is the seventh child out of eleven in the Sanders family. He has eight sisters and two brothers.

Barry’s siblings include Boyd Sanders, Lynn Sanders, Byron Sanders, and Nancy Sanders, while others remain unknown.

His father worked as a roofer and carpenter, while his mother served as a homemaker for the Sanders family.

Moreover, Sanders and two of his brothers worked as assistants to their father.

The Sanders family would labor all day with hammers with tar, sweating in the hot summer sun.

Barry Sanders With Father William
Barry Sanders With Father William (Source:

Before Barry, his brother Byron started playing football after receiving a football scholarship from Northwestern University.

Byron was expected to start at tailback in his senior year but was instead started at wingback.

However, at the time, his head coach believed that his small stature would pose a liability, and he perceived a lack of contact courage.

Therefore, Byron couldn’t continue for too long, and Barry was the only member who became the most successful player in the Sanders family.

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