Ben Askren Brother Max Askren Runs Wrestling Academy

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Ben Askren and his brother Max Askren, both accomplished wrestlers, have established the renowned Askren Wrestling Academy (AWA) with a shared mission of nurturing and inspiring the younger generation of wrestlers.

Both siblings have established careers in coaching and wrestling, but Ben, the older sibling, has achieved greater success than his brother.

Ben, also known as Ben “Funky” Askren, is an American wrestler and former professional mixed martial artist.

The 39 year old, who shares his brother’s passion for the sport, became one of Mizzou’s all-time most dominant athletes in a single sport. 

Ben Askren With His Student
Ben Askren With His Student (Source: Instagram)

He developed a love for wrestling when he was only six years old, and with time, his passion has only intensified. 

He reportedly became passionate about wrestling after joining a youth wrestling organization in sixth grade. 

His father, Chuck Askren, also helped him and his brother Max and even constructed a gym inside their basement. 

Ben Askren Brother

Ben and Max Askren were born to Chuck and Michele Askren in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The 39 Ben is the older brother of Max 37. 

Max started fighting at age five after developing a love for the sport early on. 

He was a member of the USA squad in 2013 when they won the World Cup, and his maneuvers and skills always seem to have an impression. 

When he took home the trophy in 2010, he became just the fifth Tiger wrestler to have won the individual NCAA championship. 

Max Askren Celebrating His Win For Missouri
Max Askren Celebrating His Win For Missouri (Source: BJJ Fanatics)

Moreover, he was only a senior in college when he won the 184-pound division championship. 

He was just as good in academics as in wrestling; Max is a 4-year Academic All-American as an Interdisciplinary Studies major.

His proficiency in various languages aids the AWA in expanding outside of their country.

In addition to English, Askren is fluent in Japanese, French, Russian, and Spanish. 

Running The Askren Wrestling Academy

Ben and Max, who both have backgrounds in professional wrestling, could be the finest candidates to head the current generation. 

The Askren Wrestling Academy, or AWA, was established in 2011. Since then, it has significantly impacted many people’s lives. 

Both brothers began their careers as wrestlers, so it was about time they contributed back to the community, which is why they founded the AWA in the first place.

The Askren brothers are only the tenth set of brothers to win the Division I NCAA titles. 

Max and Ben continue to instruct and train young wrestlers to assist them in realizing their dreams.

Max Askren Wrestling
Max Askren Wrestling (Source: Mizzou Athletics)

Even ten years later, the AWA is still upholding the standards. 

Players like Keegan O’Toole, Parker Keckeisen, Peyton Mocco, Jared Kreider, and others have transitioned from the AWA to become NCAA threats. 

But the business is more than just a place to practice wrestling; it’s also a place where people develop their character and sense of discipline.

Askren Wrestling Academy has three locations: Lake Country, North Shore, and Green Bay.

It provides both private sessions and lessons in small groups. The younger Askren brother was also the one to introduce the tactic of “total wrestling.”

After joining the Funky Scrambling camp and traveling with his brother, the total wrestling tactics were introduced to everyday wrestling.

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