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American football quarterback Benjamin Anthony DiNucci grew up with his brother Jack DiNucci and sister Gabby DiNucci. Ben DiNucci brother Jack has thrived away from the limelight and is pursuing his career in Engineering following his mother Heidi’s footsteps. 

DiNucci raised his fame after being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League in the seventh round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

DiNucci, aged 27, spent time with the Dallas Cowboys from 2020-2021 before starring in the XFL. 

Ben DiNucci Playing Football In Seattle, Washington
Ben DiNucci Playing Football In Seattle, Washington ( Source: Instagram)

As per the latest tweet from his agent, Joe Linta, Denver Broncos have agreed to the terms of the contract with the quarterback and are in the process of signing him. 

Moreover, the quarterback has utilized his fame to create his own clothing brand, “True Brvnd,” along with his friends. They have trademarked the upside-down name of “Dallas,” implying the year 2020. 

The Lesser Known Brother- Jack DiNucci 

Jack DiNucci, unlike his brother, keeps his life private. Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jack completed his schooling at Pine Richland Middle School in 2016.

Having worked at various organizations as an intern and owning a landscaping company known as DiNucci Brother’s Landscaping, Jack is now a Senior at Penn State University and is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering.

Ben DiNucci's Brother Jack DiNucci
Ben DiNucci’s Brother Jack DiNucci (Source: LinkedIn)

Parallely, the lesser-known brother is actively involved as the Executive Vice President of Programming for Sigma Phi Epsilon. At present, he is working as a Technical Sales Engineer at Tozour Trane.

Analogous to his brother Ben DiNucci, Jack has a successful career but in a different profession. 


Ben, the professional NFL player, and his siblings, Jack DiNucci and Gabby DiNucci, were raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by their parents, Heidi and Jay DiNucci.

Jay served in the CompuServe company and at Red Oak Advertising as part of his professional career, whereas Heidi selected Engineering as her line of life.

Ben walked away from his parent’s service-oriented jobs and pursued football as his vocation. In contrast, his brother Jack DiNucci followed his mother’s path and enrolled at the Pensalyvynia State University to study Industrial Engineering.

Ben DiNucci Celebrating Christmas With His family
Ben DiNucci Celebrating Christmas With His Family (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, his sister Gabby enrolled in Duquesne University and is an active member of Alpha Phi Sorority. She also has her clothing venture called Duq Hoodies, as a side hustle. 

The family keeps their life private and seldom publicizes their relationship. However, when he can, the quarterback posts about his family on Instagram. 

On Christmas 2021, Ben posted a picture of him celebrating Christmas with his family in Dallas with the caption “Xmas in Texas” on his Instagram. 

Ben DiNucci Girlfriend, Bryn Recker

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Ben DiNucci has been together with his girlfriend Bryn Recker for a while now.

DiNucci’s biggest supporter, Bryn, frequently posts pictures of the two of them on social media.

Like Ben, Bryn is also an athlete. She plays volleyball for James Madison University.

Bryn is also an aspiring entrepreneur who has her own swimwear venture named Hanx Swim. 

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