Benjamin Henrichs Parents: Mother Phyllis Henrichs & Father

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Given Benjamin Henrichs parents diverse national backgrounds, he faced a challenging decision when choosing between Ghana and Germany’s international teams.

His mother is of Ghanaian descent, and his father is German, and with the information we have, it’s obvious that he is closer to his mother. 

Still, both of Benjamin Henrichs parents equally love him.

Benjamin Henrichs Parents: Mother Phyllis Henrichs & Father
Benjamin Henrichs Warming Up Before His Training Session (Source: Instagram)

Benjamin Paa Kwesi Henrichs was born on 23 February 1997 in Bocholt, Germany.

He is a professional soccer player who plays full-back or midfielder for the Bundesliga club RB Leipzig and the German national team.

Henrichs was raised in Cologne and attended the neighboring Leverkusen youth program at seven.

He quickly advanced through the age groups before earning his first professional contract with the Werkself in 2015. At age 18, Henrich made his first team debut in October of that same year.

His swift climb caught the attention of Germany’s head coach, Joachim Löw, who gave him his first cap for Die Mannschaft on 11 November 2016.

It was a friendly match against San Marin where Pope Francis was at the audience in the Vatican City.

In August 2016, Henrichs received the U19 gold Fritz Walter Medal, Germany’s highest honor for a young player.

Benjamin Henrichs Parents Mother Phyllis Henrichs And Father

Benjamin Henrichs was born into the loving household of his mother, Phyllis Henrichs, while his father’s identity remains undisclosed.

His heritage is a beautiful blend, with his mother of Ghanaian descent and his father hailing from Germany.

The strong bond between Benjamin and his mother is evident in their shared vacations and memorable moments.

A heartwarming video posted on Benjamin’s Instagram captures a playful beach race between mother and son, complete with a lighthearted caption teasing, “who won?” and “who cheated?

Benjamin Henrichs Parents: Mother Phyllis Henrichs & Father
Benjamin Henrichs Having Lunch With His Mother Dr. Phyllis (Source: Instagram)

Phyllis, a dedicated paramedic, specializes in the field of herbal medicines, drawing from her African roots.

Originally from Lagos, Ghana, she later moved to Germany. She proudly claims the title of the number one traditional African medicine enthusiast.

In addition to her medical expertise, Phyllis is also a thriving entrepreneur.

She has established her own company, Sankofa, specializing in herbs and roots, further showcasing her commitment to holistic well-being and traditional healing practices.

His Mother Is A Staunch Advocate of Traditional Medicines In Ghana

Henrichs is a passionate advocate for traditional medicines, consistently encouraging conventional medicine practitioners to enhance the quality of their products.

She firmly believes this improvement can be achieved by deliberately focusing on sound agricultural practices while cultivating medicinal plants.

Moreover, she emphasizes the importance of adhering to excellent manufacturing methods, encompassing every aspect, from packaging to post-marketing monitoring.

In her view, while some pharmaceutical products meet the stringent quality, effectiveness, and safety standards set by the Food and Drugs Authority, there has been ongoing public concern regarding the quality of many others.

Henrichs underscores that traditional medicinal products constitute a vital source of healthcare for a significant portion of the Ghanaian population.

She further emphasizes the necessity for coordinated efforts among stakeholders in the nation’s drive to enhance traditional medicine.

Henrichs commends the government for its significant strides in improving traditional medicine in Ghana, notably through the implementation of legislative guidelines to regulate and promote safe practices within the field.

Henrichs Chose To Play For Germany Over Ghana 

The dual nationality of Henrich had made it difficult for him to choose between Ghana and Germany. 

He had already made his debut for the German international soccer team in 2016, but it was only in 2017 that he officially declared to commit to them.

This decision had mixed reactions from his fans because some wanted him to embrace his African heritage and represent Ghana. 

Benjamin Henrichs Parents: Mother Phyllis Henrichs & Father
Benjamin Henrichs Showing Off His Skills Wearing The German Jersey (Source: Instagram)

Henrichs embarked on his soccer journey at the tender age of 11 or 12, driven purely by a passion for the sport without contemplating the prospect of representing Germany or Ghana.

However, at 14, Germany extended a compelling opportunity to him, and he made a resolute commitment to remain with the German team.

Despite this, his deep affection for Ghana remains unwavering, and he holds great admiration for Ghanaian players, with Michael Essien being among his role models.

While Henrichs’ mother harbored hopes of him playing for Ghana, he understood that the ultimate decision rested with him.

Nonetheless, he believes that his choice has brought contentment to his mother, as their bond remains unshaken.

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