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Football has its fair share of good and bad managers. But, the federal coach of Germany, Joachim Low, comes under one of the highly-respected and capable managers with occasional criticism.

Despite his mild career as a player, Low is a great coach for Germany, having shaped a prosperous era of footballing in Germany.

Joachim Low
                                      Joachim Low

The former player turned manager led Germany to their 4th World Cup victory in 2014, which saw one of the best performances from Germany in present times.

Let’s learn in brief Low’s career as a player, how he came to helm the position of coach, and career highs and lows!

Quick Facts

Full Name Joachim Löw
Date of Birth 3 February 1960
Birth Place Schönau im Schwarzwald, West Germany
Nick Name None
Religion Roman Catholic
Nationality German
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign  Aquarius
Age 64 Years Old
Height 1.82 meters (6 feet)
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Athletic
Father’s Name Name Unknown 
Mother’s Name Hildegard Löw
Siblings Brother, Markus Löw
Education Schonau School
Marital Status Married
Wife  Daniela Löw
Kids None
Profession Former football player
Current coach
Position Attacking midfielder as a player
Affiliations Currently coaching for Germany’s National Team
Active Years Playing career (1978-1995)
Coaching career (1994-present)
Net Worth $22 million ($5 million salaries)
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update May, 2024


Joachim Low | Early Career & Life

Joachim Low, a native of Schonau, West Germany, was born on February 3, 1960. Ever since childhood, Low was a Roman Catholic and even was an altar boy at one point in his life.

Often dubbed as “Jogi,” the German grew up with three brothers: Christopher Low, Markus Low, and Peter Low. Low garnered interest in football from an early age.

Joachim Low, early life
                              Joachim Low, in his early years

However, his family situation was troublesome, having lost his father when still a teenager. As a result, young Joachim had to enroll in a school, Schonau School, and upon graduating, devoted most of his time to football.

At 18 years, then Second Bundesliga club SC Freiburg signed him, for which he remains top-goalscorer to date.

Joachim Low Age, Height, & Body Statistics

At present, the German federal coach is 64 years old. Throughout his playing career and managerial career, Joachim Low maintains a slender frame.
Despite the aging, the German is still the same as in his youth. Similarly, he stands at the height of 6’0″ (1.84 m), typical for a sportsman.
Unfortunately, there is no information on the type of exercise routines and dietary regimes that the former player followed. We can, however, assume similar plans, as we see in the present-day players.
Further, Low doesn’t stop engaging in physical activities even after retirement as a player and occasionally participates with the players in a quick-warm-up.
A midfielder in his youth, assumably, the former Freiburg man must have had considerable stamina to help his work rates.

Joachim Low Career | Player & Managerial

Career | Player

Starting with SC Freiburg in the second division, young Low intended to mark himself as a pro player and wanted to contribute equally for his country.

I cannot say that Joachim’s career as a player was as successful as he is a manager.

But, the Freiburg man moved to VfB Stuttgart the same year, where he couldn’t live up to the expectations and had trouble breaking into the first team.

Throughout his career, Joachim Low moved through various clubs within Germany, including Eintracht Frankfurt, Karlsruher SC, eventually returning to Freiburg twice.
Seemingly, it might be the only club the player-turned-manager was successful, as he is the club’s top goalscorer to date.
Likewise, after a brief stint at Freiburg, the German would make a move to Swiss clubs FC Schaffhausen and FC Winterthur.
Added to these, he appeared for the German U-21 side a total of four times. Granted that Low had a questionable playing career, he undoubtedly received success as a manager.
There’s a famous saying: “Good players make bad managers, bad players make good managers.”

Career | Manager (Clubs & Country)

Likely so, as a manager, the German coach ameliorated everything that went wrong with his career. He isn’t famous as a player, but Joachim Low’s name is amongst the best as a coach.

Nonetheless, even in his coaching career, many controversies did manage to wound him.

Starting as a player-coach for the Switzerland-based club FC Frauenfeld during 1995-1996, Low received an offer to be part of VfB Stuttgart as an assistant coach.

When Stuttgart’s head coach Rolf Fringer accepted to be Switzerland’s head coach, Joachim became a caretaker manager and, after several games, got appointed as the head coach.

Although he had a somewhat successful spell at Stuttgart, with a 46 win, 20 draws, and 23 losses, the coach decided to move to Turkey, where he undertook the role of manager for Fenerbahce.

Joachim Low, career
                     Joachim Low won the World Cup in 2014

As a club manager, Joachim Low managed FC Frauenfeld, VfB Stuttgart, Fenerbahce, Karlsruher SC, Adanaspor, Tirol Innsbruck, and Austria Wien.

After a disappointing spell during one of the European competitions, Rudi Voller resigned, and former German legend Jurgen Klinsmann helmed the role of Germany’s manager with Joachim Low by his side as an assistant.

Under the combined partnership of both, Germany managed to be successful in various competitions, although a win was still at bay.

During their time, Germany saw the emergence of many legends like Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger.

In 2006, Low succeeded Klinsmann as the head coach and was prominent to this date.

Career Achievements

As a German manager, Low is the most successful in Germany. Here is the list of his achievements:

With Clubs,

At VfB Stuttgart, UEFA Cup Winner’s Runner Up (1997/98)

Winner: German Cup (1996/97)

German Cup runner-up(1997)

Winner: Austrian Football Bundesliga (2001/02)

Winner: Austrian Super Cup (2003)

With Country,

Runner Up: UEFA European Championship (2008)

Third Place: 2010 World Cup

World Cup Winner: 2014 (Brazil)

Fifa Confederation Cup (2017)

In like manner, the following shows the list of individual achievements:

Sport Bild German Sports Manager of the Year, L’Équipe Sports Manager of the Year, Silbernes Lorbeerblatt, Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande: 2010

German Football Man of the Year: 2011

German Football Man of the Year, German Football Manager of the Year, World Soccer Awards Manager of the Year, Silbernes Lorbeerblatt, IFFHS World’s Best National Coach, FIFA World Coach of the Year, European Coach of the Year—Alf Ramsey Award: 2014

IFFHS World’s Best National Coach: 2017

Career Controversy

Despite a fruitful career as a manager, Joachim Low was a subject of severe criticism.

Especially during the World Cup 2018, Germany made a quick and horrific exit from the group stage after a better-to-forget defeat at the hands of Mexico and South Korea.

Moreover, in 2019, Low’s surprising exclusion of World Cup Winners and veterans Thomas Muller, Mats Hummels, and Jerome Boateng from the Euro 2020 roster notably didn’t help his case.

Euro 2016

As you become a star, not everything is starry and shiny. Apparently, everyone’s eyes are stuck on you and your actions.

Thus, in a similar case with Low, he has been caught in various disgusting acts in public. 

Some of which include picking off bogies and smelling body parts. In Euro 2016, Low was seen putting his hands on trousers and then sniffing them with such acts caught on camera.

After such a show, he then went to touch midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger to congratulate him on the win. 

All in all, as it was an embarrassing moment for Low, he was criticized and commented on a lot. However, Low made a public apology for doing such in public stating, it was a subconscious act. 

Joachim Low | Net Worth & Salary

After achieving several career milestones, it comes as no surprise that Joachim Low has an impressive net worth of $22 million, with an average annual salary of $5 million.

In the same way, the German coach reportedly earned a whopping 3.2 million Pounds after World Cup 2018.

Joachim Low, net worth
        Joachim Low occasionally dresses in all-black get up.

Besides, the former player has an impeccable dressing code, often dressed up in Hugo Boss with a neck-high sweater and a suit-pant combination that reflects utmost professionalism.

Apart from this, the German coach also owns a lavish home in his home country Germany and drives a fabulous Mercedes car.

Driving Issues 

Talking about driving, Joachim Low has a big issue with it. Apparently, he has often been caught driving too fast, and to one extent, he has been banned from driving for six long months. 

However, the driving issues don’t only concern his own land as he has been caught speeding and using his phone at the wheel in Brazil.

During the 2014 World Cup, he had been in the headline for the news in Brazil. 

Additionally, his manager and friend, Oliver Bierhoff, also joked about requesting Mercedes-Benz to provide a car with the speeding limit for Low. 

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Joachim Low’s Hair

Moreover, Low’s hair has also been on the news for a long time. Most of the people stated and commented that the luscious hair of Joachim Low’s isn’t his natural hair and is a wig. 

Therewith, to prove them all wrong, Joachim Low had asked a reporter in an interview to pull off his hair.

Following it, Low’s fans had also dedicated a Facebook page, “How awesome is Joachim Low’s hair?” for the perfect strand of Low’s. 

Joachim Low Relationship | Wife & Kids

A married man, Low tied the knot to his longtime girlfriend, Daniela, in 1986. The most surprising thing is that after such a long and happy life, the couple doesn’t share a child.

                        Joachim Low and his wife, Daniela

Moreover, the duo shares a cute love story that is like a dreamy fairy tale. Apparently, they met when Low was 17, and she was 15.

Infact, Low was just a German soccer player back then, and Daniela gave all his support to him.

Furthermore, they dated for eight years and before, finally, deciding to take a step beyond their relationship.

Being subject to several rumors concerning a strained relationship, his sexuality, and even embroiled in speculations of extramarital affairs, the two remain vital to this date.

Social Media Presence

Sorry to inform you, but Joachim Low isn’t active on any social media platforms. This section will get updated as soon as we uncover any related pieces of information.

However, if you wish to get connected with the athlete’s pictures and fan’s love, you can check the hashtag pages below. 

Instagram hashtag (@jogiloew_fans)
Twitter hashtag (@Jogigom23)

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