Bert Jones Wife: Is The Former QB Married To Danielle Jones?

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The former professional quarterback Bert Jones and his wife, Danielle, have four children.

One of the most accomplished and legendary NFL quarterbacks, Bert Jones’ wife and married life are top of the internet trends.

NFL fans worldwide admire and respect his place in the game, with his achievements also recognized in the College Football Hall Of Fame.

Former Baltimore Colts QB Bert Jones
Former Baltimore Colts QB Bert Jones (Source: Yahoo Sports)

Bert Jones was born on September 7, 1951, in Louisiana, United States. He attended Ruston High School, where he started to make his name in football, nicknamed “The Ruston Rifle.”

Football was a part of Bert from a young age as his father Dub was a record-setting receiver for the Cleveland Browns between 1948 and 1955.

Jones played for the LSU Tigers in collegiate football, posting impressive statistics and winning Player Of The Year awards. Academically, he graduated from LSU with a degree in business administration.

His fruitful college career led to an NFL contract when he was drafted 2nd overall in 1973 by the Baltimore Colts.

At Baltimore, he earned legendary status, winning MVP of the 1976 season. Later, he also appeared for the Los Angeles Rams for a year.

Bert Jones’ Wife: Is He Married to Danielle Jones?

The iconic quarterback lives a happily married life with his wife, Danielle Jones, in Ruston, Louisiana. The couple has raised four children together.

Their four children have all been successful in their fields: physician, environmental lawyer, nutritionist, and businessman. 

The couple have celebrated more than 4 decades of marital life. Being in their old age, the pair are not active on social media or similar platforms and live a private life at their countryside home.

They currently serve as co-owner and operator of Mid-States Wood Preservers, Inc. in Louisiana. The two seem very passionate about wildlife conservation and promotion.

It is a testament to Bert and Danielle’s trust, bond, and love that they have spent more than four decades together, steering clear of controversy and public scrutiny.

What Is Bert Jones Doing Now?

After retiring from football, Bert has not come into the public limelight much. He did not follow the regular route for a retired football player and get into coaching. Although initially, Jones was an outdoors show host on ESPN for 10 years.

In 1989, Jones was posted to Louisiana’s Wildlife and Fisheries Commission. Jones is a passionate environmentalist who actively manages and conserves timber and wildlife.

He is also the host of the Bert Jones Golf Classic, an annual event to raise money for charity. The former MVP is also in the LSU Hall Of Fame and the LSU Alumni Association Hall of Distinction.

Bert Jones And Joe Burrow
Bert Jones And Joe Burrow (Source: X)

In addition to forest conservation, he is also focused on environmental cleanliness. He co-founded Louisiana Clean Team, a program to address trash and litter problems.

Jones took part in the inaugural NFL Quarterback Challenge of 1990, securing the top spot in the retiree division and landing third place in the general competition.

After his strong showing in the competition, fans pressured Jones to return from retirement, but Jones decided against it. The College Football Hall Of Fame inducted him on their list in 2016. 

It is clear to see past and present NFL coaches, and players admire the accolades of Bert Jones. The 6-time Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Belichick labeled him the “best pure passer I ever saw.”

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