10 Tallest NFL Quarterback In History

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Who is the tallest quarterback in NFL history? Do you also wonder why height is such a big deal in american football? The average height required for a quarterback is 6 ft 3 inches (1.92m), and that is exceptionally tall.  

Without a doubt, height is considered a significant physical feature teams look for. Moreover, for a quarterback, height is a crucial factor.

Tallest NFL Quarterback
Tallest NFL Quarterback (Source: Sportscasting)

Quarterbacks are mostly tall because of their position to be able to see over the team members. Therefore, it is necessary to look over the ground and pass the ball when required.

Another advantage of having a tall figure is the physical benefits it brings. A tall person naturally has long and big hands and arms.

Thus, vast and long hands and arms equal better control of the ball. It also makes it easier to throw the ball higher and further.

Additionally, the NFL teams also measure the player’s hands and arms before selection. Therefore, height plays an essential role in your professional football career. 

10 Tallest NFL Quarterbacks In History 

Let’s look at the list of the tallest NFL quarterbacks in history and their official heights. 

Name Height (in meters as well as feet and inches)
1. Dan McGwire 2.03m (6 ft 8 inch)
2. Frank Patrick 2.01m (6 ft 7 inch)
3. Brock Osweiler 2.01m (6 ft 7 inch)
4. Paxton Lynch 2.01m (6 ft 7 inch)
5. Mike Glennon 2.01m (6 ft 7 inch)
6. Sonny Gibbs 2.01m (6 ft 7 inch)
7. Scott Mitchell 1.99m (6 ft 6.5 inch)
8. Marc Wilson 1.98m (6 ft 6 inch)
9. Logan Thomas 1.98m (6 ft 6 inch)
10. Nud Sudfeld 1.98m (6 ft 6 inch)

1. Dan McGwire

  • Full name: Daniel Scott McGwire 
  • Date of birth: December 18, 1967
  • Team: Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins

Standing at 6 ft and 8 inches (2.03m) tall, Dan is the tallest NFL quarterback in history. McGwire started his football career by playing college football at the University of Iowa.

His professional career began in 1994. The Seahawks selected McGwire to play in the NFL for five seasons.

However, he had a brief NFL career. From 1991 to 1994, McGwire played with the Seahawks, and then in 1995, he played for the Dolphins.

Tallest NFL Quarterback Dan McGwire.
Tallest NFL Quarterback Dan McGwire. (Source: Pinterest)

McGwire became a first-spherical draft select of the Seattle Seahawks in 1991 and went directly to play for five NFL seasons. He performed four seasons for the Seahawks and only one for the Miami Dolphins.

Dan is typically considered a “first-spherical bust,” given the reality that he became the primary quarterback taken within the 1991 draft that noticed Brett Favre pass within the 2d spherical.

In addition, at 6’8″ (2.03m), McGwire is the tallest NFL quarterback ever to play inside the NFL.

Therefore, he has accomplished 745 yards in his professional career and has a 53% passer rating.

After retiring from football, he moved to Nevada and settled with his family. You can find his merch on Amazon (Football Card)

2. Frank Patrick

  • Full Name: Francis Andrew Patrick 
  • Date of Birth: March 11, 1947 
  • Teams: Green Bay Packers

Patrick is a former Green Bay Packer’s quarterback. He performed three seasons with them from the year 1970 to 1972. He was a Derry Area High School student and attended the University of Nebraska for a college degree.

Standing at 6 ft and 7 inches (2.01m) tall, he is known as one of the tallest NFL quarterbacks in history. As of now, Patrick has retired from his short career with the Bay Packers.

Frank Patrick
Frank Patrick (Source: Wikipedia)

Moreover, he became more prominent than the maximum quarterbacks of his day. He is also a linebacker who is famous for throwing many passes.

In his brief NFL career, he accomplished 197 yards and has a QB rating of 14.2%. However,

after retiring from his football career, he established a life insurance Company in Nebraska. 

3. Brock Osweiler

  • Full Name: Brock Alan Osweiler
  • Date of birth: November 22, 1990 
  • Teams: Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, and Miami Dolphins

Standing at 6 ft and 7 inches (2.01m) tall, Brock was born in Idaho and attended Flathead High School. In his school days, Osweiler played both football and basketball. 

Osweiler started his football journey as he played college football for Arizona State University.

The Denver Broncos selected him to represent them in the 2012 National Football League draft. 

Brock Osweiler
Brock Osweiler (Source: Online Athens)

Moreover, during his fourth year with the Broncos, he became a group member that gained Super Bowl 50 over the Carolina Panthers.

He went directly to play for the Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, and Miami Dolphins earlier than retiring in 2019.

In his career of 7 years, Brock completed 687 passes and 7418 passing yards.

4. Paxton Lynch

  • Full Name: Paxton James Lynch
  • Date of Birth: February 12, 1994 
  • Teams: Denver Bronco, Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL) 

The next athlete on our list of the tallest NFL quarterbacks is Paxton James Lynch, who stands at 6 ft and 7 inches (2.01m)

Lynch started playing college football at Memphis and was drafted in the first spherical of the 2016 NFL draft via the Denver Broncos.

Paxton Lynch Is In the Field.
Paxton Lynch Is In the Field. (Source: 3DownNation)

Paxton Lynch played with Denver for a year and made 4 starts. After that, he was released in the 2018 season.

In January 2019, Lynch signed with the Seattle Seahawks after lacking the 2018 season. However, he became waived in the very last roster cuts.

Shortly after that, he joined the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Currently, he is playing for Saskatchewan Roughriders.

5. Mike Glennon 

  • Full Name: Michael Joseph Glennon
  • Date of Birth: December 12, 1989
  • Teams: New York Giants

Mike Glennon is a 6 ft and 7 inches (2.01m) tall quarterback who plays for the New York Giants.

During his college days, Glennon played for the NC State Wolfpack (2008-2012). 

Then, in 2013 he was selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2013 NFL Draft as their 73rd pick. Glennon played for the Buccaneers from 2013 to 2016.

Mike Glennon 
Mike Glennon In The Field, the Tallest NFL Quarterback. (Source: Pro Football Rumors)

From 2017 to 2020, he changed teams from Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

In 2021, he signed a one-year contract with the New York Giants worth $1.37 million approximately.  

In terms of his career stats, he has completed 599 passes, 6235 passing yards, and 980 passing attempts. 

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6. Sonny Gibbs

  • Full name: Guy Gilbert Gibbs
  • Date of Birth: October 25, 1939 
  • Teams: Dallas Cowboys, Toledo Tornadoes, Detriot Lions, Philadelphia Bulldogs, Charleston Rockets

Guy Gilbert Gibbs is also known as Sonny Gibbs. He stands at 6 ft and 7 inches (2.01m) tall, making him one of the tallest NFL quarterbacks in history. 

Gibbs started his NFL career with Dallas Cowboys in the 1962 NFL draft. He was chosen overall in the 18th position in the 2nd round. In 1963, he held the record for the tallest NFL quarterback.

Sonny Gibbs
Sonny Gibbs, Tallest NFL Quarterback (Source: eBay)

However, from 1964 to 1967, Sonny went through several contract changes. The last NFL team he joined was the Detroit Lions in 1964.

Then in 1967, he signed a contract with the Charleston Rockets for the Continental League

In 1967, he announced his retirement from the industry. He managed to play only 2 games in the NFL. 

7. Scott Mitchell

  • Full name: Willaim Scott Mitchell 
  • Date of birth: January 2, 1968 
  • Teams: Miami Dolphins, Detriot Lions, Cincinnati Bengals 

Standing at 6 ft and 6.5 inches (1.99m), Mitchell is the 7th tallest NFL quarterback. Scott Mitchell started his career in football by playing college football for Utah Utes from 1987 to 1989.

During 3 years, he secured 669 passing completions, 8981 passing yards, and 1165 attempts. 

The Detroit Lions signed a contract with Mitchell in 1994. He played for the Miami Dolphins from 1990 to 1993, Orlando Thunders in 1992, Baltimore Ravens in 1999, and Cincinnati Bengals until 2001. 

Willaim Scott Mitchell 
Willaim Scott Mitchell Is The Tallest NFL Quarterback. (Source: Detroit Free Press)

Furthermore, he has completed 1301 passes, 15,692 passing yards, and 2,346 passing attempts throughout his NFL career. 

In 2001 he unofficially retired from NFL and started to work as a football coach in a high school in Utah.

Whereas the last time he made a public appearance was through ” The Biggest Loser.” 

8. Marc Wilson

  • Full name: Marc Douglas Wilson 
  • Date of Birth: February 15, 1957 
  • Teams: Oakland, Los Angeles Raiders, Green Bay Packers, and New England Patriots

Wilson, the former NFL quarterback, stands tall at 6 ft and 6 inches (1.98m). Firstly, he played for the Oakland and Los Angeles Raiders from 1980 to 1987.

Marc Douglas Wilson 
Marc Douglas Wilson, Tallest NFL Quarterback (Source: Pinterest)

Then, Wilson signed with the Green Bay Packers for a year in 1988. Lastly, he played for New England Patriots from 1989 to 1990.

During his professional career, he has completed 14,391 yards with a 68 passing rate. 

In terms of his accomplishments, Wilson is also a 2 times Super Bowl Champion, received WAC Offensive Player of the Year (1979), and Sammy Baugh in 1979.

9. Logan Thomas

  • Full name: Logan Lamont Thomas 
  • Date of Birth: July 1, 1991
  • Team: Washington Football Team 

Standing at 6 ft and 6 inches (1.98m), Logan is one of the tallest NFL quarterbacks who plays for the Washington Football Team.

Initially, he started his career in NFL with Arizona Cardinals in the 2014 NFL draft. Thomas was the 120th pick in the fourth round.

Thomas has had several team changes from Miami Dolphins in 2015, New York Giants in 2016, and Detriot Lions to Buffalo Bill in 2016. He signed with Washington in 2020.

Logan Thomas
Logan Thomas, Tallest NFL Quarterback (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Whereas in 2021, he signed a contract extension with Washington for three years worth $24 million.

In terms of his career highlight, in 2011, he received Second Team All ACC. 

He has accomplished 10 TDS, 1,104 receiving yards, and 119 receptions in his NFL career. In regard to his personal life, Thomas is happily married and has five sons. 

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10. Nate Sudfeld

  • Full name: Nathan Michael Sudfeld 
  • Date of Birth: October 7, 1993 
  • Teams: San Francisco 49ers

Last but not least, we have Nate Sudfeld of the 49ers, who stands tall at 6 ft and 6 inches (1.98m). He started his NFL career playing for Washington Redskins in the 2016 NFL draft.

Before his NFL career, he played college football in Illinois.

In his college career, he accomplished 7,879 yards, 61 touchdowns, and 593 passing completions.

NFL Quarterback Ned Sudfeld
NFL Quarterback Ned Sudfeld (Source: Pinterest)

He signed a 4-year contract but was initially waived because of his inactive rookie year. So, he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017 and played for them until 2020. Currently, he is marked with the San Fransisco 49ers in the Practice Squad.

He has accomplished 25 passes, 37 attempts, and 188 passing yards with 67 passing percentages. At the age of 27, Sudfeld is already a Super Bowl Champion. 


The active quarterbacks in the current scene are 6 ft 2 inches (1.88m) to 6 ft 6 inches (2.01m) tall. It’s rare for a player to be above 6 ft and 6 inches tall (2.01m). 

Height is undoubtedly the crucial factor to consider in an NFL quarterback.

The players mentioned above hold the record for the ten tallest NFL quarterbacks in American Football history.

However, some players are below the 6 ft mark proving that height doesn’t matter. They are Jack Shapiro at 5 ft 1 inch (1.55m) and Trindon Holliday at 5 ft 5 inches (1.67m). So, do you think size matters in the long run?

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