Top 12 Best Attendance in MLB Games

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We all know how famous MLB is in the North American continent, but do you know what the best attendance in MLB looks like? 

Yes, in today’s article, we will be talking about some of the best attendance ever recorded in the MLB. Some of the attendance at these stadiums are, in fact, so huge that it will make one wonder how the stadium stayed intact.

2009 MLB All-Star Players.
2009 MLB All-Star Players. (Source: Wikimedia) 

It is an interesting topic, so make sure to read it through. 

Top 12 Best Attendance in MLB Games 2024

Here’s a quick look at our today’s ranking. This ranking is based on the result shown by the Wikipedia Ranking. The numbers at which the fans attended for their favored team is unbelievable. 

Rank Name of the team Stadium
12 Cleveland Indians Jacobs Field
11 Seattle Mariners Safeco Field
10 St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium
9 Arizona Diamondbacks Bank One Ballpark
8 Philadelphia Phillies Veterans Stadium
7 Baltimore Orioles Memorial Stadium
6 Atlanta Braves Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium
5 Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
4 New York Mets Shea Stadium
3 Toronto Blue Jays Exhibition Stadium
2 New York Yankees Yankee Stadium 
1 Colorado Rookies Coors Field


12. Cleveland Indians

Home attendance: 3,468,456

Ranked 12th, Cleveland Indians is a professional American baseball team in the MLB. Based in Cleveland, the team was founded in 1901 and has played in multiple progressive fields.  

Besides, since its founding, the team has won 10 Central division titles, six American League pennants, and two World Series Championships.

Cleaveland Guardians Logo
Cleaveland Guardians Logo (Source: Wiki)

Also, let’s not forget among all 30 current Major League teams, Cleveland Indians’ World Series championship drought is the longest active (since 1948). 

Moreover, the team became the 12th team with the best attendance in MLB in the Jacobs Field stadium in the 1999 season.

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11. Seattle Mariners

Home attendance: 3,542,938

Becoming one of the best attendance in MLB, the 2002 season match of the Seattle Mariners in the Safeco Field stadium surely took headlines. 

Based in Seattle, the American professional baseball team plays in the MLB as a member club of the American League West division. Playing their home games in the Kingdome stadium, the Mariners joined the American League as an expansion team in 1977.

Seattle Mariners Logo
Seattle Mariners Logo (Source: Wiki)

Likewise, the team’s name “Mariners” originated from the reputation of the marine culture that resides in the city of Seattle. Plus, the team is also called the M’s. Finally, the team’s mascot is the Mariner Moose.

10. St. Louis Cardinals

Home attendance: 3,552,180

Currently managed by Mike Shildt and Mike Girsch, St. Louis Cardinals has been an integral part of the National League since its founding (1892). Before moving on to the new Stadium, the Cardinals played in their old Busch Stadium from 1966 to 2005. 

However, besides being old, the Cardinals used their Busch Stadium as their home ground for the 2007 MLB season. Moreover, this famous team is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

St. Louis Cardinals Logo
St. Louis Cardinals Logo (Source: Wiki)

Likewise, St. Louis Cardinals stadium became the 10th stadium for best attendance in MLB when 3,552,180 fans attended their home matches in the 2007 baseball season. This was at Busch Stadium.

In other words, the team received an average home-match attendance of 43,854 fans per game during this season.

9. Arizona Diamondbacks

Home attendance: 3,610,290

Currently managed by Torey Lovullo, Arizona Diamondbacks is the professional baseball team in the MLB that won the 2001’s World Series title.

The team uses Chase Field (Former Bank One Ballpark) as their home stadium based in Phoenix, Arizona.

However, in the 1998’s season match at Bank One Ballpark, the stadium hit records when 3,610,290 fans of the Arizona Diamondbacks team attended their home matches. As a result, it became the top 9th baseball team with the highest home attendance.

Arizona Diamondbacks Logo
Arizona Diamondbacks Logo (Source: Wiki)

To clarify, the team received an average home-match attendance of 44,571 fans per game in that match.

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8. Philadelphia Phillies

Home attendance: 3,680,718

As an integral part of the national league since 1883, Philadelphia Phillies is one of the most influential teams in the MLB. Moreover, this incredible team is managed by Gabe Kapler, a well-known figure in the American baseball scenario. 

Apart from this, the Phillies are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, using the Citizens Bank Park stadium as their home ground. 

Philadelphia Phillies logo
Philadelphia Phillies logo (Source: Wiki)

In this stadium, during the 2011 baseball season, 3,680,718 fans of the Philadelphia Phillies team had attended their home matches and went on to break the record for having the most attendance in the stadium’s history.

As a result, it is ranked 8th in our best attendance in MLB listing, with an average attendance of 45,440 fans per game.

7. Baltimore Orioles

Home attendance: 3,711,132

Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Baltimore Orioles is one of the most prominent teams in the MLB. Managed by Brandon Hyde, this legendary team has been an integral part of the National League since 1901.

Moreover, the team’s home stadium is the Oriole Park stadium located at Camden Yards.

Baltimore Orioles Logo.
Baltimore Orioles Logo. (Source: Wiki)

Hence, securing the 7th position in the best attendance in MLB ranking. 

However, the stadium hit records during the 1997 baseball season when 3,711,132 fans of the Baltimore Orioles team attended their home matches. The average attendance during each match of this season reached 45,816 fans per game.

6. Atlanta Braves

Home attendance: 3,884,720

Holding 5th place in the best attendance in MLB ranking, Atlanta Braves is one of the veteran members in the National League (member since 1876).

Likewise, this prestigious team is managed by Brian Snitker and is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Braves’ home stadium is Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. This is where they play and host games. 

Atlanta Braves Logo.
Atlanta Braves Logo. (Source: Wiki)

Furthermore, the team stadium made history in the 1993’s baseball season when 3,884,720 fans of the Atlanta Braves team attended their home matches. The team reached an average home-match attendance of 47,960 fans per game. 

This was the most the stadium had ever hosted. 

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5. Los Angeles Dodgers

Home attendance: 3,974,309

Based in Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles Dodgers is an American baseball team that has been an integral part of the National League since 1890. 

Moreover, this team is managed by Dave Roberts and is based in Los Angeles, California. Similarly, the Dodgers use Dodger Stadium as their home ground.

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo.
Los Angeles Dodgers Logo. (Source: Wiki)

However, in the 2007’s baseball season, 3,857,036 fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers team attended their home matches. Hence, earning sixth place in our list of best attendance in MLB. During this match, an average of 47,618 fans per game were recorded. 

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4. New York Mets

Home attendance: 4,042,045

Joining the National League in 1962, the New York Mets is comparatively a new member but a strong one.

Likewise, the Mets are managed by Mickey Callaway and are based in the borough of Queens, New York. Similarly, the Baseball team uses Shea Stadium as their home ground.

New York Mets Logo.
New York Mets Logo. (Source: Wiki)

Moreover, the team stadium made headlines in the 2008 baseball season when their season matches reached 4,042,045 fans. It is the highest number the Shea Stadium has ever handled.

On average, the team received around 49,902 fans per game. Therefore, ranking 4th in today’s ranking. 

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3. Toronto Blue Jays

Home attendance: 4,057,947

Based in Toronto, Ontario, the Toronto Blue Jays is among the newer members of the league who joined the National League in 1977. 

Besides, the Jays use SkyDome Stadium as their home ground and is managed by Charlie Montoyo, a famous figure in the MLB. 

That is to say, the team stadium made history when 4,057,947 fans of the Toronto Blue Jays team attended their home matches in the 1993 baseball season. The SkyDome stadium had never received this many fans. 

Toronto Blue Jays Logo.
Toronto Blue Jays Logo. (Source: Wiki)

To clarify, the stadium received an average home-match attendance of 50,098 fans per game. Therefore, ranking 3rd as one of the best attendance in MLB. 

2. New York Yankees

Home attendance: 4,298,655

Managed by Aaron Boone, the New York Yankees is a legendary team and an integral part of the National League (since 1903).

Headquartered in the Bronx borough of New York City, the Yankees use the new Yankee Stadium as their home ground. 

New York Yankees Logo.
New York Yankees Logo. (Source: Wiki)

Besides, let’s not forget the team’s 2008 MLB season when 4,298,655 fans of the New York Yankees team attended their home matches at the Yankee Stadium. Here, the stadium received an average home-match attendance of 53,070 fans per game.  

As a result, the team holds the 2nd best attendance in MLB. 

1. Colorado Rookies

Home attendance: 4,483,350

Popularly known as ‘The Rox,’ the Colorado Rookies is the newest member of the National League (joined in 1993) in today’s ranking.

Moreover, the Rookies are located in Denver, Colorado, with their home ground as Mile High Stadium. 

However, despite being a newer team, it received the highest number of fans in the season games. To clarify, the Rookies received 4,483,350 fans in their home matches in the 1993 baseball season at Mile High Stadium.

Colorado Rockies Logo.
Colorado Rockies Logo. (Source: Wiki)

Therefore, it is the number one team with the best attendance in MLB. The record-breaking team achieved an average home-match attendance of 55,350 fans per game this season. 


When it comes to league matches, the fans support and watch their favored team playing, especially when it’s being played on the home ground. 

It is a beautiful role played between the fans and the players. This is the best thing about sports. Also, when matches are hosted on the home grounds, the team expects their fans to be present in the highest number.

This makes them feel much more enthusiastic with boosted morale and high spirit. 

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