13 Best MLB Records of 2021

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Since the 2021 season ended, new jaw-dropping records have been set by multiple players. Hence, do you want to know the best MLB records of 2021?

Worry not, as this article will be covering the 13 best MLB records for 2021. With 162 games played by all teams, there will be times where milestones are made.

However, in the case of either a new record being set or the previous one broken, enjoying and acknowledging such milestones is very fun.

best mlb records of 2021
Best MLB records of 2021 (Source: Espn.com)

Moreover, great players or teams are separated from the good ones with such records as we all know that legends are not born but created.

Hence, this is how any game receives its legend by creating or setting excellent records. Therefore, without further due, let’s jump right into knowing the best MLB record of 2021.

13 Best MLB Record 2021

The best MLB record mentioned below is assembled based on players or teams that have achieved a spectacular milestone.

Most of them are compiled about Mlb.com, Sportingnews.com, Cbssport.com, and Espn.com.

Further, before jumping into the details about the 13 best MLB records 2021, let us quickly view the names present in the list.

Record Players Name
13. 2,000th Career Hits Joey Votto
12. Most doubles in a single game Kevin Newman
11. All-time hit leader of Venezuelan-born Miguel Cabrera
10. Most home runs in a season by a Japanese-born  Shohei Ohtani
9. First career non-hitter and 20th in franchise history Carlos Rodón
8. Five Home Run Hits During Two-game Period Kyle Schwarber
7. 31st player to hit a home run on the first pitch Akil Baddoo
6. First no-hitter in the Franchise History Joe Musgrove
5. 28 Consecutive Stolen Bases Tim Locastro
4. First three career home runs in the same game Seby Zavala
3. Fourth player to reach 6,000 total bases Albert Pujols
2. Third career hits for the Cycle Trea Turner
1. Five hits in his first career start Yermín Mercedes

13. 2,000th Career Hits

Joey Votto had a phenomenal batting performance amid a comeback season. He became the fifth player in Cincinnati Reds’ History to have 2,000 hits.

Likewise, he became the 291st player in the league to reach this milestone. Further, this happened during a match with the Chicago Cubs on August 16.

Votto already knew he was close to reaching 2,000 hits before this match. As a result, he was trying to achieve this mark in the game before the Cubs.

However, he came up three hits short in the game against Philadelphia. Nonetheless, he made up the three hits in his game against the Cubs.

best mlb records of 2021
Joey Votto in his Cincinnati Reds jersey (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Moreover, everyone in the stadium and his teammates knew today was that day when Joey stepped into newer heights.

Therefore, everyone was on top of their lungs when the veteran came for his batting turn. After hitting two consecutive hits, the entire stadium was chanting his name.

Rucker threw a curveball and Votto swung it towards the center field for the hit no 2,000. After the hit, the batter showed his love towards the fans by raising his helmet in celebration.

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12. Most Doubles in a Single Game

The Pittsburgh Pirates were in an eight-game losing streak heading into the game against the Milwaukee Brewers on August 14.

Seeing the team’s performance, fans were sure the losing streak would not stop any time soon. However, the Pirates’ batter Kevin Newman had other plans.

As a result, he exploded for historical performance of hitting four doubles in four at-bats. Further, he tied the league’s record for the most doubles in a single game.

Coincidently, this milestone was also held by former Pirates batters Adam Frazier and Paul Waner in 2019 and 1932, respectively.

Kevin Newman
Kevin Newman during his time with the Altoona Curve (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Maybe the Pirates players are blessed by some kind of baseball god for setting this particular record.

Anyway, Kevin’s performance earned him a spot for one of the best MLB records of 2021.

In addition, to Newman’s strong batting display, he also led the way for snapping the eight-game losing streak for his team.

11. All-time Hit Leader of Venezuelan-born

The league must be happy to witness such great players having the prime of their career. While this prime might include parish away as their age increase, the milestone is set forever.

Hence, with a game against the Kansas City Royals on May 12, Miguel Cabrera became the all-time hit leader for a Venezuelan-born.

Cabrera is a great batter who has accomplished a lot in batting. As a result, the stack of achievements keeps pilling up for the player each season.

Miguel Cabrera
Miguel Cabrera in his Detroit Tigers jersey (Source: Wikimedia.org)

However, none of that milestones can be as greater as surpassing the great Omar Vizquel. As of now, he has the most career hits by a Venezuelan-born player with 2,878.

Further, he is the player who will set all the records for a Venezuelan-born in MLB before his retirement.

Cabrera already leads all Venezuelan-born Major Leaguers with home runs, RBIs, runs scored, and doubles.

With such achievements, he is bound to have the best records in the MLB each season. However, for now, he has one of the best MLB records of 2021.

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10. Most Home Runs in a Season by a Japanese-born 

The two-way player for the Los Angeles Angles proved his worth on the big stage. Shohei Ohtani made MLB history by hitting the most home runs in a season by a Japanese-born. 

He hit 32 home runs, which of course, compared to the all-time record, is a low number. However, setting this record is impressive for a two-way foreign player.

Also, for the Angles, this is good news as they know their future is very secure with Ohtani. Besides, the record previously was held by Hideki Matsui from the Yankees.

Mitsui hit 31 home runs in the 2004 season. Many Japanese-born players have previously tried to break this record, but all have failed.

Shohei Ohtani
Shohei Ohtani batting for the Los Angeles Angels (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Ohtani was the perfect batter for challenging this record. He previously had 17 plus home run hits in 2018 and 2019.

He has been hitting home runs at an absurd pace. In 2018, he recorded 22 hits, while in 2019, he recorded 18.

The Japanese player had 17 home runs in 31 games he played in the MLB. Not only this, but he has also been playing exceptionally well for the G league team.

9. First Career Non-hitter and 20th in Franchise History

Carlos Rodón got rejected for a contract extension by the White Sox for the start of the season. But, by the end of it, he made sure the team signed him for a long time.

Rodón had been struggling with his pitch. For the 2020 season, he pitched 7 2/3 innings which were his career-low.

However, the veteran quickly turned the narrative in favor of his first career non-hitters. Further, he was just two outs shy from having a perfect game.

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon during his time with the Chicago White Sox (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Robert Perez ruined the pitchers’ perfect game. If he had knocked in the two hitters, then he would have been the fourth player in White Sox history to have a perfect game.

However, with this achievement, he became just the 20th player in the Chicago franchise history to hit non-hitters.

As a result, it was enough for him to have a fabulous celebration party. Overall, Rodón stole the show with his near-perfect pitch that game.

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8. Five Home Run Hits During Two-game Period

Kyle Schwarber is one of the best batsmen of the current generation. He has proved his worth countless times in crunch situations.

Once again, the athlete came scorching hot after recording five home runs over two days. This milestone helped him secure a spot in the all-time records book of the league.

Hence, he tied the record for most home runs hits during the two-game period. Multiple major league players have held this record for years.

best mlb records of 2021
Kyle Schwarber during his time as the batsmen of the Nationals. (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Further, Schwarber has been a great pickup for the Washinton Nationals. He was literally on a tear before he suffered an injury and had to sit out.

Similalry, it was a shame to see him play only one season with the Nationals. In addition, many still believe the trade of Schwarber to the Boston Red Sox was a bad move.

Nevertheless, the batter has opted out of his contract mid was to the season. Following his decision, he signed a big deal with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Therefore, it would be a great scenario to see him get on the top of his game once again.

7. 31st Player to Hit a Home Run on the First Pitch

Confidence is always the key to achieving greater things. Currently, Akil Baddoo is one of the most confident rookies of the year.

He might still lack most of the technical stuff in his game, but he surely will improve and become a big name in the league. 

In his debut with the Detroit Tigers, he hit a home run in the first pitch. This is the toughest to do, especially for a rookie out of college.

Further, the home run was one of the most electrifying hits to witness. Of course, none of the fans expected anything from the first-year rookie.

best mlb records of 2021
The Detroit Tigers’ star batter Akil Baddoo. (Source: Mlive.com)

But he managed to shock just about everyone present in the ballpark. Further, he became just the ninth player in Tigers franchise history to achieve this mark.

Similarly, the rookie became the 31st player overall in the league to hit a home run in the first pitch.

Following his great achievement, he records his first career grand slam in the next game against the Minnesota Twins. No wonder this is one of the best MLB records of 2021.

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6. First No-hitter in the Franchise History

Joe Musgrove became the first player in the Padres’ franchise history to throw a no-hitter. Over 53 seasons, of Padres, no pitcher had ever attempted what Joe did.

He struck out 10 batters throughout his nine pitches while throwing 112 pitches. Similarly, throughout the game against Texas Rangers, he allowed just one base-runner.

Behind Musgrove’s amazing performance, the Padres secured a much-needed victory. Clearly, he was the MVP of the match as he dedicated the flow of the game with his pitch.

Joe Musgrove
Star pitcher of the San Diego Padres, Joe Musgrove (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Further, what’s amazing about this pitch is that within two games with San Diego, he created history for them.

Of course, the team is not a contending team. However, Musgrove has already won a chip in 2017.

Hence, his experience with some adjustable pieces will bring the Padres back in the playoffs. Hopefully, they can make the changes required for making the playoff run.

5. 28 Consecutive Stolen Bases

Tim Locastro is known as “The Fastest Man in the MLB.” He showed off his speed against the Cincinnati Reds, where he broke a big-time record.

His four hits and a stolen base helped him record 28 consecutive steals to start a career. Also, the effort from the player helped the team secure a very crucial victory.

Moreover, this record is one of the toughest records to achieve in the league. However, for Locastro, this might not have been that hard to crack.

Tim Locastro
Tim Locastro during his time with the Arizona Diamondbacks (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Many fans believe he was destined to break this record as he possessed all required skill sets. In addition, the batter was crafty and smart, which gave defenders nightmares.

The baseballer stole second base in the sixth inning, through which he made this achievement. Further, this record was previously held by Tim Raines.

As a result, it is rare to see anyone catch up to his speed. As soon as the ball hits his bat, he runs like a cheetah to steal a base and no one can even come close to him.

Overall, this record is one of its kind amongst the best MLB records of 2021.

4. First Three Career Home Runs in the Same Game

Seby Zavala is showing early signs of becoming a huge name in the MLB one day. Zavala’s recorded three home runs during a game against Cleveland Indians on July 31.

Further, the three home runs were his first career home runs. In addition to that, he also went to have a grand slam in the same game.

As a result, the rookie becomes the first player in MLB history to hit his first three career home runs in a single game.

Seby Zavala
Seby Zavala during his time with the Charlotte Knights (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Despite his full effort, the White Sox lost to the Indians. However, Sox didn’t disappoint too much with their loss as they were in celebratory mode for Zavala’s achievement. 

Moreover, the White Sox are happy to have a young player show his worth on the field.

Seby Zavala will be a huge offensive weapon for the team that can wield him the best in the upcoming years.

3. Fourth Player to Reach 6,000 Total Bases

Albert Pujols is a definite future Hall of Famer. With a record of 6,000 total bases reached throughout his career, he further proved solidified his spot.

The 44-year-old athlete has shown no sign of stopping shortly. However, he has been let go by the Dodgers and is currently a free agent.

Hence, if he decides to wrap up his career now, then news of him being inducted into the Hall of Fame is very prominent.

Besides that, with this benchmark, he becomes just the fourth player in MLB history to achieve this feat. The rest three are Hank Aaron, Stan Musial, and Willie Mays.

Albert Pujols
Albert Pujols during his time with the Los Angeles Angels (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Further, the batter made this history against the Miami Marlins on July 5. Despite the Dodgers’ loss, the fans and Pujols teammates were in celebrating mode. 

The two-time World Series champion has already surpassed Barry Bonds for becoming the fourth all-time leader in the total bases list.

Therefore, if he keeps up this pace, he will surely move up a two. However, the case is, this record will forever be remembered as one of the best MLB records of 2021.

2. Third Career Hits for the Cycle

It is amazing to witness young talent making huge noise for themselves. The 31-year-old batter made even bigger noise by recording his third career hits for the Cycle.

Coincidentally, Trea Turner achieved this milestone on his birthday. What a way to start his birthday by becoming just the fifth player in history to achieve this feat.

Further, three out of the four-player recorded three career hits for the Cycle in the mid-1930s. Hence, to reincarnate the old-fashion record was a huge deal for Turner.

best mlb records of 2022
Trea Turner during his time with the Washington Nationals (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Further, the fans and Nationals’ staff were stunned while watching the young buck shine on the field. Everyone was standing and cheering him up in the ballpark.

They all wanted to go to the field and celebrate the achievement with the batter. However, following protocols, fans made sure they cheered even louder.

No wonder this benchmark is one of the best MLB records of 2021. Nobody would have done it better than the speedy shortstop himself.

1. Five Hits in his First Career Start

Yermín Mercedes is not a household name. In fact, he is known as a journeyman as he detoured all across independent and minor leagues’ baseball before coming to the MLB.

Hence, when he finally got his call, he made sure to make every opportunity count. Mercedes went 5-for-5 in the first career start in the major league history.

This has never been done before Yermín Mercedes. As a result, it is a huge deal for this player as he sought an opportunity for over 10 years.

Yermín Mercedes
Yermín Mercedes batting for a minor league team (Source: Wikimedia.org)

He played in different independent leagues and made his way up to the major league. Therefore, it is a very proud moment for all those hustlers that never lost hope.

Especially for Mercedes, for whom it took a long time to be where he is now. Similarly, it took a lot of hard work and believing in self to make this effort.

Hands down this record is one of the best MLB records of 2021. Further, with the story of Mercedes paired up with his performance makes the achievement even brighter.


Records are created and broken every season. However, a handful of records give chills to the league and will forever be cherished.

These 13 best MLB records of 2021 mentioned above have made the season a memorable one for the game of baseball.

Hence, let’s appreciate these individuals for their achievements alongside their efforts and dedication.

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