Top 12 Best MLB Stadiums

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Every ballpark has features that attract fans to come back and enjoy the game. But which is one of the best MLB stadiums that offer it all?

From perfect seating areas to huge holding capacity, which is the ballpark that can be stated as one of the best MLB stadiums of all time?

Well, worry not, as we have come up with a list of the 12 best MLB stadiums. Fans are a huge part of the game; everyone felt this during the pandemic that affected empty stadiums.

Best MLB Stadiums
Best MLB Stadiums. (Source:

Therefore, a vast amount of emphasis is given to making the stadium as comfortable as possible such that all fans can enjoy the game from any corner of the stadium.

Hence, without further due, let’s jump right into knowing the 12 best MLB stadiums of the current generation.

Top 12 Best MLB Stadiums

The best MLB stadiums mentioned below are assembled based on size, capacity, scenic view, and comfort. Most of these are compiled in reference to,, and

Further, before jumping into the details about the 12 best MLB stadiums, let us quickly view the names present in the list.

Stadium Name City Home Team
12. Busch Stadium St. Louis Missouri St. Louis Cardinals
11. LoanDepot Park Miami, Florida Miami Marlins
10. Citi Field New York City New York Mets
9. Kauffman Stadium Kansas City Kansas City Royals
8. Yankee Stadium Bronx, New York City New York Yankees
7. Petco Park San Diego, California San Diego Padres
6. Oracle Park San Francisco, California San Francisco Giants
5. Oriole Park at Camden Yards Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore Orioles
4. Fenway Park Boston, Massachusetts Boston Red Sox
3. PNC Park Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Pirates
2. Wrigley Field Chicago, Illinois Chicago Cubs
1. Dodger Stadium Los Angeles Los Angeles Dodgers

12. Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium is a new version of the 1966 to 2005 Busch Memorial Stadium. As a result, it is also called “Busch Stadium III” or “New Busch Stadium.”

It is a ballpark with a seating capacity of 45,494 used by the St. Louis Cardinals as their home ground.

It is a rarity to see the stadium filled. However, if the Cardinals ever make the finals, the stadium filled with fans cheering would be something else to see. A glimpse of such a huge crowd was seen during the MLB All-Star Game held on July 14, 2009.

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Forty-six thousand seven hundred sixty fans gathered, which overcrowded the entire stadium. One can imagine how mesmerizing the ballpark had looked with such enormous fans rooting and enjoying the game.

However, this is not even the highest attended in the stadium’s history. On May 12, 2019, a game held between the Cardinals and the Pirates had an attendance of 48,556.

11. LoanDepot Park

LoanDepot Park, also widely known as Marlins Park, is a very well-equipped stadium. Indeed, the stand-out feature of this park has to be the retractable roof.

As of now, there are only six ballparks that offer retractable roofs, including LoanDepot Park. However, it is a minor stadium with a seating capacity of only 37,442.

Regardless of the capacity, the ballpark is one of its kind due to its contemporary look. Every other baseball park offers a retro look which is a cultural movement.

For years the retro look that focuses on the field rather than other things has been on the action. However, the owner Jeffery Loria wanted something out of the box.

best MLB stadiums
LoanDepot Park the home stadium for the Miami Dolphins (Source:

Accordingly, the architects came up with an idea including Miami’s culture and creating a contemporary building. Therefore, the entire building, even the parking garage, is filled with Miami-Deco-influenced walls.

A wall that would be in question if it was placed anywhere else than Miami as it reflects Miami culture.

10. Citi Field

Citi Field, which is home to the New York Mets, is a thing of beauty. It is a minor ballpark with a seating capacity of 41,922.

The most stand-out thing about the stadium is the bridge which is constructed inside the ballpark. It reflects the bridge present in the Mets logo.

Further, New York City in total is connected by 2,027 bridged. As a result, to honor the history of New York, the Mets have a bridge in their logo and stadium. Not to mention, the bridge is named after their previous home stadium, “Shea.”

Further, this ballpark is named after Citibank who pays the Mets $20 million annually for naming their baseball Park Citi Field.

The name might differ from the Mets’ former home stadium, but the culture of Shea Stadium is still passed on to the current one.

Therefore, the traditional home run apple from the Shea stadium has been passed on. As a result, when a Mets player hits a home run, the giant apple lights up.

9. Kauffman Stadium

“The K,” also referred to as the Kauffman Stadium, is one of the sixth-oldest ballparks in MLB history.

Previously known as the Royals Stadium, which was built in 1973 and later renamed Kauffman Stadium after the owner, it is located in Kansas City.

Further, it has a more undersized stand and is relatively flat compared to others with substantial seating areas.

kuffman Stadium
Kauffman Stadium view over a fine sunny day. (Source:

As a result, the ballpark has a capacity of 37,903. Of course, for a stadium over 45 years to have that much capacity is a huge deal in itself.

Regardless of the park being such old, it is known for its modernistic look. Just between 2007 to 2009, the stadium underwent renovations worth $250 million.

Moreover, the stadium stands as one of two stadiums to never have been used for other sports except for baseball. Thus, the ballpark is a forever home for the Kansas City Royals.

8. Yankee Stadium

It is a newer version of the history-packed old Yankee Stadium built-in 1923. It has the third-largest seating area in the history of the league, with a capacity of 46,537.

Not to mention, this stadium is also one of the most expensive stadiums to have ever been built, with the cost of $1.5 billion.

Further, due to its high cost, the ballpark attracted a lot of controversies. As a result, the building process took an extensive amount of period to finish.

However, through multiple efforts of legal battles, the stadium was finally built-in 2009 after starting in 2006.

Regardless, the ballpark is very beautifully designed as it mainly features the same vibes as the 1923 Yankee Stadium.

Likewise, the interior is filled with the Yankee’s history of achievements through photos and statues.

The most notable interior lies between gates 4 and 6, where banners of different Yankees superstars are held.

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7. Petco Park

Home to the team of San Diego Padres, Petco Park is a massive stadium with a capacity of 40,209. Further, it is named after a pet supplies retailer Petco that is based in San Diego.

It is a new version of the Qualcomm Stadium that was the previous home of the Padres. Therefore, the whole stadium is influenced by the same aura as the original ballpark.

Further, the location is quite spectacular as it is surrounded by San Diego Bay, Balboa Park, and San Diego Zoo.

Therefore, fans in the grandstands can directly view these mesmerizing views that also attract tons of tourists.

Due to its fantastic design, whose building cost was $450 million, the San Diego Union-Tribune awarded the stadium an Orchid award.

Overall, it is a splendid ballpark that comes back to life when the stadium goes houseful as it becomes nearly impossible to contain the fans.

Such an incredible atmosphere was created during the 2016 MLB All-star game that had 42,386 fans in attendance.

6. Oracle Park

Over 20 years, this stadium has served its purpose for the San Francisco Giants, and never has it failed to amaze its fans.

Despite its frequently changing from Pacific Bell Park to SBC Park to AT&T Park, the quality has never degraded.

As a result, from fans to even the opponent teams, the ballpark is widely admired. Further, the park limits home runs due to the depth of the outfield being less.

best MLB ballpark
Housefull Oracle Park. (Source:

Hence, it has built a reputation of being one of the league’s most-pitcher-friendly parks. In addition, according to ESPN, Oracle park has the lowest amount of home runs averaged.

The most remarkable quality of the park is the 24 feet long right-field wall. Further, it is built in the memory of the Giants’ jersey number 24, Willie Mays.

5. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

The OGs (originals) will always remain the OGs. Oriole Park at Camden Yards is the first stadium to introduce the retro look. 

Due to the retro look being so much admired throughout the league, it has been a basis for creating any stadiums. Over 20 stadiums have featured the retro look since the opening of the Camden Yards ballpark.

However, none of those over time have been able to honestly portray the exactly retro look featured by Oriole Park.

First, the park was built over a warehouse which was there before the stadiums were even designed. Hence, for other parks to copy that kind of look is a near-impossible thing to do.

Moreover, the baseball park features an asymmetrical seating area that makes the entertainment equal for fans in every corner. Likewise, clear architecture lines also help achieve the same goal.

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4. Fenway Park

Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark active in the league’s history. It has been hosting baseball games for over a decade now and will indeed be hosting it for the next decade.

Further, it has been a home for the Boston Red Sox since the day it opened. Therefore, they are also the oldest franchise in MLB history.

However, the ballpark is the second smallest depending on the total capacity. Also, it is one of eight stadiums that can’t even hold up to 40,000 fans.

Nonetheless, with most of its quirky features, the ballpark is beloved by everyone. One of the most prominent attributes is the “Green Monster,” a 37-foot-2-inch left field.

As a result, it is a frequent target for the right-hand batsman. Likewise, it is also a symbol of cultural influence as it was constructed in 1912, a decade ago.

Further, the green monster is also wildly known as “The Wall” due to its endurance throughout the years.

3. PNC Park

The top three best MLB stadiums are a tier of their own amongst all the stadiums talked about above. Further, all the parks that will be discussed now are near to perfection.

With an electrifying view of the Allegheny River along with the majestic view of the Downtown Pittsburgh skyline, PNC Park is a thing of beauty. Further, such a phenomenal view can hardly be seen from any stadium in the entire world.

best MLB stadiums
PNC Park with a view of Allegheny River and the Downtown Pittsburgh skyline. (Source:

Therefore fans from all sides of the stadium can enjoy the stunning view and the Pittsburgh Pirates games.

One of the marvelous things is the Pirates logo craved on top of the grass that looks beautiful from a higher angle.

Further, it has also introduced the use of limestone during the construction of the building. Also, the out-of-town scoreboard gives the stadium a vintage look.

2. Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field sets apart from others due to its distinctive features such as rooftop seats, ivy-covered outfield walls, hand-turned scoreboard, and many more.

Yes, you read correctly, rooftop seats that are well equipped with comforting ones need. Similarly, ivy-covered walls give the park more natural looks in every season.

In autumn, the leaves turn red, while in spring, the vines are thick and green. Likewise, giving the stadium a vintage look is the hand-turned scoreboard.

The scoreboard was kept by Chicago since 1937 and had been a massive emphasis of their culture.

Besides that, the most peculiar thing about the stadium is the wind direction that is constantly changing.

You might be thinking, what does wind has to do with baseball, but it has vast importance. To elaborate, wind in the opposite direction can return a home run while the wind in the same direction can make a simple hit into a home run.

So in Wrigley Field, the wind has a northeast direction that returns a potential home run ball, whereas, during the summer, the wind takes the southwest direction.

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1. Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles is just different from the rest of the places in the States. The air feels lighter, and even the grass looks greener in LA.

There is just something distinct about LA that makes it one of its kind. Every stadium carries on such influence that LA has to offer.

And talking about the Dodger Stadium, the home for the 2020 World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels is a piece of artwork.

The ballpark Dodger Stadium is the third oldest stadium in MLB history and the largest stadium based on a seating area of 56,000. The highest attendance is recorded to be around 57,099 during the Dodgers Home opener in 2009.

No doubt, this record will be broken as the 2022 MLB All-Star Games will be held here. Further, with a fabulous view of Chavez Ravine and the center field concourse, it is located in the perfect location.

Likewise, with two jumbotrons, every fan from every corner can be connected with the game.


As players, teams, and games are essential in MLB, a stadium is also equally important. Without a stadium, there will be no fans, and without fans, we have seen the drastic effect it weigh on the league.

Therefore, these 12 best MLB stadiums have it all to comfort their fans and players while enjoying the game. As a result, let’s appreciate the individuals who give it all to make that stadium great as we know it to be.

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