12 Best NFL Kickers of Current Year

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The NFL season 2024 is still going on. So, the fans are still rooting for their favorite team. But, it’s the kickers who score high points and can help their team win the game. Thus, the best kickers in the NFL are specialists in their duties. 

The best kickers can be ranked by their scores. But, sometimes, they can also play the role of punter.

Harrison Butker (Source: Instagram)
Harrison Butker (Source: Instagram)

The season is still going on, so the rankings may seem odd by the end of the season.

In today’s article, we will be looking at those 12 best NFL kickers of 2024.

12 Best NFL Kickers of 2024

Before we move on to the brief information about those players, let’s quickly go through the list. The list was prepared by looking at their statistics available on the NFL website. 

Player Team
12. Rodrigo Blankenship Indianapolis Colts
11. Greg Zuerlein Dallas Cowboys
10. Daniel Carlson Raiders
9. Young Hoe Koo Falcons
8. Wil Lutz Saints
7. Jason Sanders Dolphins
6. Jason Myers Seahawks
5. Mason Crosby Packers
4. Josh Lambo Jaguars
3. Chris Boswell Steelers
2. Harrison Butker Chiefs
1. Justin Tucker Ravens

12. Rodrigo Blankenship

As of 2024, Rodrigo is just 27 years old. Yet his record in the NFL is just impeccable. He plays for Indianapolis Colts, and he’s in excellent form.

Till May, he has scored 11 field goals. Rodrigo Blankenship‘s field goal percentage is 78.6%. This record is perfect for a player who’s just in his second year and went undrafted last year.

In sports, there is a perception that sport is not for people wearing glasses. Rodrigo wears glasses while kicking the ball because he’s near-sighted. It might have been one of the reasons why he went undrafted in 2020.

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He also won the Lou Groza Award in 2019, which is presented to the best college placekicker.

11. Greg Zuerlein

Compared to Rodrigo, Greg is a more experienced player. He’s been playing the league since 2012. In 2017, Zuerlein was selected for the Pro Bowl as well as First-team-all-pro.

In the current season, till May, Greg Zuerlein has scored 12 field goals on 15 attempts. The field conversion rate is 80%.

In the 2020 season, he managed 41 attempts which are still his highest number of field goals attempted. Currently, he’s playing for the Dallas Cowboys. From 2012 to 2019, he played for the Los Angeles Rams (St. Louis) team.

Till now, he’s attempted 21 extra points but has managed to make only 19 extra points. In a game against Tampa Bay, he did not convert all his field goal attempts into goals and even missed extra points.

10. Daniel Carlson

The current tallest player in the NFL, Daniel Carlson,  measuring 196 cm, is one of the best young placekickers. His first team in the NFL was Minnesota Vikings. However, they did not use him properly.

But Las Vegas Raiders (Oakland Raiders) have used him properly. Since he joined the Raiders, he has been scoring in the 90s.

Daniel Carlson (Source: Instagram)
Daniel Carlson (Source: Instagram)

In this season, he has attempted 14 field goals. Out of those 14, he managed to convert 12 field goals. Apart from that, he has also managed to steal extra 13 points in the game.

Daniel Carlson’s longest field goal is 55 yards long. Unfortunately, despite his stellar record, he’s not selected for Bro Bowl.  Among the field goals, Daniel is very efficient at 30 to 39 yards distance.

9. Younghoe Koo

Currently, Younghoe has managed to convert all his field goal attempts into goals. However, the sample size is also tiny as he has attempted only seven goals.

Yet, the Atlanta Falcons are expecting much from him because of his stellar last season. In the previous season, he converted 37 of his field goals attempts into goals with a conversion rate of 94.9%.

In his second week, he scored 1 fields goals against Tampa Bay even though the team lost by 25-48. His two field goals against New York Jets helped the Falcons secure a win with 27-20. Also, in the same game, he managed to make extra 3 points.

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In the upcoming weeks, it will be difficult for him to continue this stellar record. Yet, it’s impressive that he has managed such a stellar record to week 5. That’s why Younghoe Koo is one of the best NFL kickers of 2024.

8. Wil Lutz

The experienced players in the NFL are as crucial as the upcoming youngsters. Fans and team management also believe in experienced players. One such player is Wil Lutz.

Wil had a great 2019 season. In 2019, he scored 32 field goals with an 88.9% field goal percentage. In the same year, he was also selected for the Pro Bowl. Although he has struggled a bit after that, the dip in performance is not a very steep one.

In 2020, Lutz had an 82.1% field goal percentage as he converted 28 attempts into 23 goals. The same year, he also made 57 extra points.

Currently, he’s suffering from injury. However, he will be returning for the game later on. Maybe it will be difficult for him to return to 2019 form, but Lutz will be a dependable player for the New Orlean Saints.

7. Jason Sanders

Even though Jason Sanders is 28 years old, he’s already one of the best kickers of his time. In 2020, he was selected for the Pro Bowl.

This season he scored 7 field goals with a field goal percentage of 77.8%. Compared to his 2020 season, this is low performance. But the season has just started.

One of the reasons for his low stats can be the overall form of the team. The Miami Dolphins have lost most of their matches this season.

Jason Sanders (Source: Instagram)
Jason Sanders (Source: Instagram)

In the last game against Jacksonville Jaguars, Jason scored 2 field goals out of 3 attempts. On the other hand, he has scored two extra points in all the games he’s played.

Hopefully, both the Dolphins and Jason will find their form as he is one of the best NFL kickers in 2024.

6. Jason Myers

Another Jason on the list of best NFL kickers of 2024 is Jason Myers. Jason had a great 2020 season. In 2020, he scored 24 field goals out of his 24 attempts.

It isn’t easy to match up to that record. Any record will look pale compared to the 100% field goals. This season he’s scored 5 field goals out of 7 attempts. While that’s not a great strategy, he makes up for the extra points made.

Jason has scored 17 points out of the 18 attempts made to score extra points. Even in his short career, Jason has changed a lot of teams. He’s played for four different teams.

5. Mason Crosby

At age 39, Mason is one of the oldest placekickers. However, his sheer experience and records make him one of the best kickers of the NFL, even in 2024.

In 2007 he started playing for the Green Bay Packers, and till now, he is still going strong with the same team. 

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Green Bay won the Super Bowl Championship XLV in 2011. Again, Mason was an essential member of the squad. Crosby was also the scoring leader of the NFL in 2007.

In the last season, he scored 100% field goals. The number of field goals was 16, but he made up in the extra points attempt and scored 59 extra points in 2020.

This season he’s scored 11 field goals with 78.6% accuracy. In case of extra points, he has scored 15 extra points for his team.

4. Josh Lambo

Any player with a career field goal percentage of 87.1% will be one of the best kickers in the NFL. While Josh Lambo was with San Diego Chargers, he had a field goal percentage of 81.3%.

However, his record got better once he got transferred to Jacksonville. In 2020, he scored 5 out of 5 field goals for his team. His 5 years field goal percentage is 91.6%.

Josh has not played many games this season due to his injury. Many players have a hard time returning to the form. But, we hope that Josh gets back to the form as soon as possible.

3. Chris Boswell

Now, we are left with the top three NFL kickers in 2024. The third on our list is Chris Boswell. Chris has played for Pittsburgh Steelers since 2015.

In his career, he has 88.2% of field goal conversion. His best performance in the NFL was in 2017. That year, he converted 92.1% of his attempts into goals.

Chris Boswell (Source: Instagram)
Chris Boswell (Source: Instagram)

In 2021, he has scored 11 field goals out of his 12 attempts. Similarly, he has scored 12 extra points from his 12 attempts. Chris made 3 field goals against Buffalo Bills to secure a 23-16 for his team.

Even though he scored in each game, the team lost 3 successive games. Again he scored 3 out of 3 field goals to secure a win against Seattle Seahawks.

2. Harrison Butker

Butt Kicker or Harrison Butker is one of the best NFL kickers of 2024. This season he has managed to score 6 out of 6 field goals. Similarly, he has managed to score 23 extra points.

Throughout his career, Harrison has managed to keep the field goal conversion rate in the high 80s. However, the lowest field conversion for Harrison was in the 2019 season, where he converted 89.5% of his attempts into field goals.

Other players struggle to achieve that number at least once. This shows the talent of Butker.

He scored 6 extra points to help secure a win against Philadelphia Eagles. So, for his precision season performance and performance this season, he ranks second on the list of best NFL kickers of 2021.

1. Justin Tucker

Currently, there are only two placekickers in the Hall of Fame. However, a case can be made for Justin Tucker.

Justin started his NFL career in 2012 with Baltimore Ravens. In his career, he’s managed to be part of 4 First-team All-pro. He was also selected to Pro Bowl 4 times.

Apart from that, he also made it to the 2010s All-Decade team. He is also the most accurate kicker in NFL history with 90.7%. Over 10 seasons, he has managed to keep the field goal conversion rate in the high 80s and 90s.

Justin Trucker kicking the ball (Source: Wikimedia)

Justin is also great at scoring extra runs. He has managed to convert 98.9% of his attempts into extra points.

Even in the 2021 season, he converted 92.9% of his attempts into goals with 100% extra points.


The season has just begun. These players will be making headlines in the upcoming days. Over a few weeks, the position of these players might also change, and new players might also make a name for themselves.

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