8 Best Shuffleboard Pucks Sets For Unlimited Fun

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Shuffleboard is an excellent form of entertainment. It is a great way to spend your leisure time challenging your friends or family members with a game of shuffleboard.

To experience the game to its fullest, you need good shuffleboard pucks. The size and weight of the pucks help in the game’s outcome.

There are matters of preference and the table’s size that need to be considered while buying the shuffleboard pucks. Meanwhile, the weight of the puck also matters.

Shuffleboard pucks
Shuffleboard pucks (Source: Amazon.com)

Whether to enhance your gaming experience or replace the old pucks, we have composed a list of some of the best you can get to improve your gaming experience.

So, without further ado, let us get straight into our list for the best shuffleboard pucks sets for unlimited fun.

8 Best Shuffleboard Pucks Sets For Unlimted Fun 2024

We have formulated the list primarily with the help of online sources, to name Goofyhome. But before diving into the details, let us first look at the summary of the list down below.

Brand Weight
8. Empire USA Premium Shuffleboard Pucks 0.68 kilograms
7. GSE Games & Sports Expert Premium Shuffleboard Pucks 2.2 kilograms
6. Black and Gray Shuffleboard Pucks 2.71 kilograms
5. Premium Shuffleboard Pucks 2.08 kilograms
4. Shuffleboard Pucks Bundle 3.21 kilograms
3. Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks 2.74 kilograms
2. IdealEnjoy Shuffleboard Pucks 2.72 kilograms
1. Torpsports Shuffleboard Pucks 2.56 kilograms


8. Empire USA Premium Shuffleboard Pucks

  • L x W x H: 11 x 6 x 2 inches

The first shuffleboard puck on our list is the Empire USA Premium Shuffleboard Pucks. It is one of the best shuffleboard pucks of excellent quality. It is a regular-sized puck that weighs 9.5 oz each.

The pucks have a beveled edge that provides maximum control. They are perfectly balanced puck that is guaranteed to enhance your playing performance.

Similarly, the puck has an excellent glide. The pucks are made of stainless steel. Therefore, each puck has a solid, durable, and comfortable feel.


The pucks come in a beautiful case and a set of eight. There are four red and four blue pucks. Furthermore, the price of the shuffleboard puck is very reasonable.

Thus, it is one of the best puck sets you can get at a budget-friendly price.

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7. GSE Games & Sports Expert Premium Shuffleboard Pucks

  • L x W x H: 11.18 x 6.46 x 2.05 inches

The next shuffleboard puck set on our list is by GSE Games & Sports Expert. The puck set is one of the best ones that are best for most shuffleboard tables, especially for the homemade table.           

The pucks are made of steel. Thus, it is bound to have long-lasting durability. The top cap is made up of plastic. But the plastic cap does not affect the puck’s sturdy body.


The pucks are bronze-plated; thus, they provide durability and are scratch-free. Furthermore, the set comes with excellent packaging. They come in four red and four blue sets.

If you are looking for an affordable, lightweight shuffleboard puck, then this set is one of the best. Additionally, the quality of the collection is also top-notch.

6. Black and Gray Shuffleboard Pucks

  • L x W x H: 5.28 x 5.2 x 3.35 inches

On our number 6, we have the Black and Grey Shufflepucks by Zdgao. This set of premium shuffleboard pucks is excellent for any shuffleboard table.

The pucks are made of high-end stainless and upgraded plastic. Thus, the pucks are lightweight, and each weight is only 0.6lbs. Moreover, the color of the pucks adds to its feature.

The pucks come in black and grey color with golden weights. Similarly, another notable feature of the puck is its beveled-edged design which enhances better control.


The pucks have a good balance of air friction and speed. With its detachable cap, you can also replace the cap on this set.

This puck comes in a pack of 8. If you are looking for durable shuffleboard pucks and add a bit of aesthetic element to your table, then this set is perfect.

5. Premium Shuffleboard Pucks

  • L x W x H: 5.24 x 5.2 x 3.39 inches

On our number 5, we have Premium Shuffleboard pucks. The premium puck set is best for a professional table and highly recommended for one that is 9 feet.

The puck set is made of stainless steel at the bottom. Therefore, it ensures a smoother feel and easy glide on the shuffleboard table.


Likewise, the red and blue color is attractive to look at. The pucks are made of stainless steel for durability. The bevel design that is linearly aligned helps to minimize the air impact.

This premium set comes in red and blue colors and will be a great addition to your shuffleboard table. It is undoubtedly one of the best sets for unlimited fun and enhancing your gaming experience.

4. Shuffleboard Pucks Bundle

  • L x W x H: ‎11.14 x 7.4 x 4.41 inches

The next set comes with a complete shuffleboard accessories bundle. The set is by the brand name YDDS. The puck set is attractive to look at, but the accessories bundle is also worth your money.

The puck set contains eight pucks, four red and four blue. The accessories consist of shuffleboard (14oz per can) and a compact dustpan and brush suitable for any shuffleboard table.

Shuffleboard Pucks
Shuffleboard Pucks Bundle (Source: Ubuy)

The shuffleboard pucks each measure 2-1/8 inches and are stainless steel. Similarly, the caps are made of high-grade ABS. The pucks are also very well balanced and have easy glide and control.

With this complete set, you are guaranteed to save your money and also get one of the best shuffleboard experiences.

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3. Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks

  • L x W x H: 10.91 x 7.44 x 4.17 inches

On our number 3, we have the set by Hathaway. The set is one of the best for beginners and professional shuffleboard players.

The most notable feature about the puck set is that the set comes in a handsome, sturdy wooden storage case. It comes with eight shuffleboard pucks and four red and four blue coloreds.

The pucks are regular-sized, 2.125 inches in diameter, and weigh 9.5 oz. Thus it is guaranteed to glide smoothly on your table. Furthermore, the dimple on top of the puck gives a comfortable grip to the player.


Another additional feature of the set is its beveled edges. It helps the player get maximum control. The caps of the pucks can also be replaced if broken.

Hathaway never disappoints, and the set with the case is the cherry on top for unlimited fun.

2. IdealEnjoy Shuffleboard Pucks

  • L x W x H: 14 x 7 x 4 inches

On our number 2 best shuffleboard pucks, we have IdealEnjoy’s shuffleboard puck set. The set is one of the most used pucks and the best for beginners.

The premium quality pucks are made of chrome-plated steel and have an ABS topped cap. Additionally, the regular-sized pucks are 53 mm in diameter and scratch-free. Thus, the puck is perfect for a regular-sized shuffleboard table.


The set comes in sets of eight, four blue and four red. It makes for a smooth glide and great bounce. Not only do the pucks have a good feeling, but it is also durable.

The IdealEnjoy shuffleboard will be one of the best sets you can get at an affordable price. The high-quality pucks will make a great addition to enhance your gameplay experience.

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1. Torpsports Shuffleboard Pucks

  • L x W x H: 11.38 x 6.61 x 2.01 inches

If you are looking for the highest quality shuffleboard pucks, this set by Torpsports will be perfect for you. Additionally, the set comes in a unique case that is aesthetically pleasing.

The puck set is one of the top-rated and highly demanded sets. It is made up of chrome-plated, guaranteed to give it long-lasting durability and make it scratch-free.

Torpsports shuffleboard pucks
Torpsports shuffleboard pucks (Source: Amazon.com)

Furthermore, the beveled edge provides maximum control. The pucks have aluminum hard anodized caps. The set comes in eight pucks, four red and four blue.

Made with top-notched material and unmatched quality, the set is one of the best pucks. So why not add this beautiful set to get the best experience of shuffleboard.


One should consider a few things while buying the shuffleboard puck as we mentioned before. The design of the pucks can help to make the game enjoyable.

Likewise, the puck’s size, weight, and pitches at the bottom will help in enhancing the gameplay.

Based on your requirement, you can select the best one suitable for you. We hope our list was able to assist you to some extent. Have a good time shuffle boarding!

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