9 Best Skate Bearing From Bones

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Skate bearings are the round metal piece that fits inside the wheel that allows you to roll smoothly and fast. Installing skate bearings also slightly lifts the height of the skate.

However, you need to ensure the bearing used in the skate is of high quality. Installing good quality skate bearing gives you a clean ride allowing you to perform technical tricks.

Bearings allow you to roll on the street faster and smoother, which lets you change direction without making any problem.

Skate Bearings Are Best For Whom?

When choosing skate bearing, you need to focus more on your skills. It is important to think about your level of experience and riding style before you get skate bearings. Some skate bearings are designed for pro riders, and some are for new riders.

Bearings that are of high quality will last longer and roll faster. These types of bearings are specially made for experienced riders. 

If you are a new rider, you won’t be able to roll or learn better on bearing made for pro riders.

If you have a good experience, you may prefer to ride on a hard and fast bearing, and you may want to get a higher-end bearing.

Buying high-quality bearings are an experience, so there is no doubt about the experience you get while riding it.

Components of Skate bearing

These small round skate bearing are small but are complex in design. Skate bearing seems to be made of one single material. However, they are not. They have many layers. You can open the bearing to know how they are made.

  • C-ring

The role of the C-ring is to hold all the parts of the bearing together. It fits in the groove on the outside of the beating.

  • Bearing Shield

The bearing shield is the part of the skate bearing that prevents dirt from getting inside the bearing.

  • Outer Ring

The outer ring is where all other parts of the bearing are fit.

  • Inner Ring

The inner ring is the metal ring that goes inside the outer ring.

  • Steel Balls

Steel balls are set of 6 to 7 balls that are placed in the ball retainer. They are an important part that allows bearing to spin in it.

  • Ball Retainer

The ball retainer holds the individual ball bearing in place, allowing the case to spin around them.

  • Rubber Seal

The rubber seal is outside the bearing that protects the internal parts from dirt and debris.

You may also need speed cream and lubricant to improve performance.

Bones Skate Bearing

Bones is in the skateboard industry since 1981 and are manufacturing the best skate bearing since then.

If you are a pro rider, you surely have a role on the Bones bearing, and without a doubt, you definitely had a great experience.

If you are new to skating, you surely want to roll on the best skate bearing. And nothing can be the best decision than selecting among the best skate bearings from Bones.

They make skate bearing with the best equipment and use high-quality material. They know what materials are required to make the best skate bearing so that skaters can ride on them faster and smoother.

Bones Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearing 8 Pack

Swiss Ceramic Skate Bearing
Swiss Ceramic Skate Bearing

Kick off the street with this Ceramic Skateboard Bearing. This list couldn’t be started without mentioning one of the best skater bearings from Bones. This skate bearing is listed in the Amazon’s choice and preferred by most of the skaters.

If you want the best bearing, this is what you should be choosing for your skate. Bones has used Cerbec ceramic balls, which are lighter in weight but hard and strong enough to carry your weight, giving you a smooth ride.

They accelerate faster, giving you a speedy ride. With a nylon ball retainer, these bearing can travel faster and further.  Plus, they can resist dirt and moisture better, allowing you to roll on the skate smoothly.

Bones designed this skate bearing to excel your performance. The nylon ball offers you to roll at high speed, which is why pro riders prefer to install them on their skateboard.

If you are a pro skater, you might have already tried them. And if you have not tried them yet, then you might want to click the link to amazon.

If new skaters are reading this page, then let’s clarify the confusion. These skate bearings are best but might not be you. They roll faster and have less friction which increases the chances of injuries.

However, if you already know skating and want to level up your skill, then you may try rolling on a ceramic bearing. In the beginning, you may feel some difficulties, but when you get used to them, you will definitely love them.

And most importantly, these bearings let you ride smoothly without making noise. Get these bearings to roll on the street.

Bones Super SWISS 6 Skateboard bearing

super 6 skare bearing
Super 6 Skare Bearing

This skate bearing from Bones has probably one of the unique designs, which features six large diameter balls instead of the six balls. Each ball measures 8mm in diameter.

Most of the bearing balls are 7mm in diameter, this one from Bones is 8 mm. Being slightly large, they also tend to give you little lift from the ground.

The highlight of these bearing is that they have a removable rubber shield which enables you to clean easily.

As these skate bearings are designed using nylon ball, they deliver high speed and offers less frequency which makes them best for an experienced rider.

Additionally, they are designed with top-quality material making them stronger and durable.

Just like the Ceramic Skateboard Bearing, this skate bearing gives great acceleration allowing you to travel at high speed.

A skater should try on rolling them and also use them to show off your tricks. And you can use them to practice your new tricks.

You can do a simple flip, perform some technical tricks, and they are even best to perform fidget spins. If you are more into performing tricky tricks, then you may undoubtedly try using them.

Like other mentioned skate bearing, these are not Ceramic bearing, which means they have good contact with the road.

They are made with stainless steel, which defines durability and strength.

Bones designed bearing with technology that ensures long life whether bearings are made with ceramic or stainless steel.

Pro rider may not have a good experience while riding on them as these bearing may not meet your speed expectation. However, they are suitable for beginners and learners.

You can use this skate to learn simple tricks to advance tricks. But make sure you have an expert by your side to learn tricks.

Bones Swiss Bearings 16 Pack

swiss ceramic bearing
Swiss Ceramic Bearing

It seems that Bones want to keep quality high. This skate bearing from Bones is another best bearing. Most of the people in Amazon have loved to skate on them. All most all people have rated five stars on this skate bearing.

Bones manufacture top-quality skate bearing, which makes them best. The reason why people prefer skate bearings from Bones is that they are very durable.

They can last longer, and so you can roll on them as much as you want.

They are designed to give you a speedy ride allowing you to perform a stunt. With this bearing, you can easily skate as they deliver a smooth ride.

The speed these skate bearings offer is because they have nylon ball that gives greater strength and speed.

The highlighting feature of this bearing is the weight and the strength. They are lighter but hard enough that can carry heavyweight.

Also, you can roll on to these for years without worrying about the cracks. They are made to last longer. 

Another feature that most people like is that they are waterproof and provide the best performance.

These bearing are designed to give you a superb experience and let your skate in any season. You just have to know how to skate perfectly in any weather.

Tolerances and clearance let the bearing take the combination side and vertical loads imposed by skating better than the normal bearing.

If you want to uplift your skating level and improve your tricks, then you can try on this skate.

However, if you are not a skateboard rider but know someone who is a great skater, then you can gift them without any doubt. They will surely like these bearing.

Bones Reds Bearing 16 Pack

Bones reds bearings
Bones Reds Bearings

This bearing from Bone is another top-class bearing that is ideal for skating, which is available at a very reasonable price.

If you think the bearing mention in the above list is too expensive for you, then this can be the right bearing. They cost you from $34.90-43.95, depending upon the size.

You can get them in 2 sizes on amazon. They are available in 7mm and 8mm. You can select the size of the bearing depending upon your suitability.

Kick off the road with these great bearing under your budget. These skate bearings are a just release. They are the latest bearing in the market.

 Just like other expensive skate bearings from the Bones, these red bearing pre-lubricated save your time.

And this feature also delivers a smooth and fast ride. You can expect these bearing to give you amazing experience until you decide to change.

However, you might feel these bearings may not give you the same feeling compare to those expensive bearing, but that’s not true. You are sure to be wowed by the qualities it offers.

 And you don’t need to worry about the noise issue. These skate bearing won’t make any unpleasant noise while skating.

Some cheap bearing tends to make unpleasant noise when it’s new or when it gets old. But with these bearing, you won’t have such issues.

These bearing are from Bones, and you don’t expect such low-quality bearing.

Even if these bearing are comparatively cheaper than other bearings from Bones, you can expect them to offer similar quality.

Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearing 8 pack

Bones swiss bearings
Bones Swiss Bearings

These are 8mm bearing, which is also affordable. If you are new and want to try something new in your skating, then this is what you need. They come under your budget and help you perform better.

 If you don’t want to invest too much in bearing at your beginning phase, yet want good quality bearing, then you can definitely put your money on these.

Bones claim that these bearing can last from 25 years. The quality and durability of bearing from Bones are never to doubt.

Bones used Nylon ball retainers and Bones Speed Cream lubricant that offers a speedy and sustainable ride.

You will experience a similar ride from that of experience one. You can get a quality and smooth ride when you skate on them.

The one tiny issue you may face with these bearing is that you may have to clean them frequently. When you skate on a rough surface, there is a high chance that bearing may attract dust. So, in such a case, you may have to clean them timely.

However, whether if you skate on a rough surface or not, better to clean it frequently. It wound me much better if you clean them in 2-3 months.

If you feel they are not smooth enough after a certain month of riding, then it’s time to clean them. Once you clean them, get ready for a smooth ride again.

These fast and smooth ride skate bearings support you in all simple and advance tricks.

These skate bearings are fast because they have less frequency, so while doing tricks, you have a little problem, but when you get used to it, you will love these bearing. 

Bones Reds Bearing

Bones bearing
Bones Bearing

These less friction bearing are from Bones are the best-selling skating bearing in the USA and are Amazon’s choice.

And what’s more interesting about these bearing is that they are cheaper than the bearing that has been listed in the article.

You can get these bearing in $12.95 from Amazon. Don’t doubt quality. They are best-selling skate bearing. Moreover, these bearing are made by Bones, doubting on the quality won’t be right.

However, it won’t be right for you to expect the same quality of expensive bearing from these bearing. But for sure they are worth the price. These are the best bearing you get for this price.

Additionally, these bearing come along with spacers and washers. Using washers and spacers, you can properly align bearing and also allow you to perform best. 

And make sure you clean them frequently. In order to clean them, you can use airflow sensor cleaner or clean using a citrus cleaner. After cleaning, ensure to lube the bearing.

You can upgrade with these bearing if you are a starter. If you are a beginner at skating, then these are perfect bearing to replace with your old one. You will surely enjoy more skating on these bearing than your old one.

The rolling quality of the bearing will surely amaze you. The experience that you get at this price will not disappoint you. 

If you are looking for your skater kids, then this bearing is best for them. They will love the smoothness, and speedy these bearings provide. Using these bearing, you will feel your skate will roll better on any surface.

These are highly recommended for beginners. You can learn new tricks with these skate bearing. The way they spin allows you to learn advanced tricks. You can buy them without hesitating if you are a beginner.

Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearing

Super red beraing
Super Red Bearing

This is another skateboard bearing from Bones that is Amazon’s choice. Bones has designed these bearing to be the best quality in the market.

They have constructed these skate-bearings using high-quality steel races, great balls, and superior surface finish.

The high-quality material in these bearing results in a faster and smoother ride than other normal bearings. And additionally, these bearing are quieter and last longer. However, you need to take good care to make them long-lasting.

What makes them different from other ordinary reds bearing is that they used a black shield and laser engraving. This feature is the reason why these bearings roll faster and smoother on the street.

These skate bearing meet the expectation of skateboarders as it delivers high-quality performance and they are surprisingly cost less. You may not find skate bearing with this quality at a low price.

Getting these bearing means you can ride better and perform tricks better. Using great quality material to make bearing has made Bones the top brand to manufacture skate bearing.

Nylon ball retainer has been used to provide great strength and speed. Due to its efficiency, you will get more momentum when you ride on the rough surface. These bearing are worth buying.

These skate bearing don’t get wear easily. However, you need to make sure to maintain regularly. When you maintain regularly, they will last longer than you expect. Lubricant provides the best quality performance and durability possible.

Bone Big Balls Reds Skateboard Bearing

Big ball bearing
Big Ball Bearing

These red skateboard bearings let you roll faster on the street. Bones has designed these skate-bearings that allow you to travel a long distance in few rolls.

If you are searching for speedy bearing, these skate bearing will surely satisfy you.

However, these skate bearing are not too fast as Bones Swiss 6. Bones Swiss 6 has very little frequency, which is why they can travel fast and travel long in less time.

Though these skate bearings also have less frequency and can travel longer and faster, they don’t have that speed like of Swiss 6.

Skaters who want to upgrade their level can get these. However, they might not be perfect for pro skaters. If you have learned few tricks and want to challenge yourself, then you would want to buy these skate bearing.

So, it can be concluded that these are faster and smoother than average bearings but not as fast as Swiss 6. You can make your decision on the basis of your level of performance.

To experience a fast and smooth ride, you can install these bearing on the wheels with few drops of speed cream. After that, you need to ride for a couple of minutes to get a faster and smoother ride.

They have 6 big steel bearing that roll faster and longer with less effort when you install these bearings on your wheel. They do take time to adjust. Once they fit perfectly on the wheel, you can skate longer, smoother and faster.

Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

Ceramic Super Reds Bearings
Ceramic Super Reds Bearings

These bearings are weightless and create less friction that allows you to travel longer and faster. Bones design skate bearings to provide a speedy ride. This is the reason why Bones’s bearings are preferred by many skaters.

If you have already ridden on Bones bearings, you know how fast and smooth they are. Skaters who are using Bones are familiar with their performance and quality, which is why most of the skaters stick with this brand.

The highlight of ceramic skate bearings is that they don’t rust. These ceramic super reds skateboard bearings don’t rust rather extend the life of bearings. So, these bearing support you longer.

A pro skater knows the difference between ordinary bearing and high-quality bearings. If you have ridden on these bearings, you know what quality stander they have.

These are surely not ordinary. These are super high stander that provides speedy ride. 

The smoothness of the bearing is not to be questioned. They are amazingly smooth that give you a ride as smooth as butter without making noise.

The one drawback you get in these bearings is that you have to clean them in a certain time interval. They can give you the same experience once they are clean.

If you are seeking for best bearings, these bearing will surely satisfy you. They are worth the price. They give the absolute best performance.

You may click on the link to check our list of skate decks.

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