Beth Tweddle Parents: Meet Father Jerry And Mother Ann Tweddle

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Beth Tweddle’s parents, Jerry and Ann Tweddle, raised two kids in Cheshire. The renowned British gymnast was raised alongside older brother James Tweddle. 

The elite gymnast Beth Tweddle was honored with an MBE in 2010 and has been said to be one of the inspirations for the new crops of gymnasts in Britain.

Beth Tweddle Poses With Her Medal During Her Heyday
Beth Tweddle Poses With Her Medal During Her Heyday (Source: Twitter)

Tweddle became a household name in 2012 after winning the Bronze medal in the Olympics. In a recent interview, Tweddle talked about how far gymnastics had come in the UK.

She stated that there was a time when winning a medal meant the whole world, but now it had become a gold rush.

Beth Tweddle Parents, Jerry And Ann Tweddle

Beth Tweddle’s parents, Jerry and Ann Tweddle, supported Beth’s gymnastics since she was a kid. Jerry and Ann Tweddle called themselves their daughter’s taxi drivers. 

In an interview, the couple said Beth realized her passion for gymnastics at age seven. The couple would drive their daughter to Crewe and Nantwich Gymnastics Club and said they would emotionally support her through the injuries.

And though Beth always received her parents’ support, her mum and dad said she had always dealt well with adversity. 

Beth Tweddle Pictured With Her Parents, Ann, And Jerry On Her Wedding Day With Husband Andy Allen In 2018
Beth Tweddle Pictured With Her Parents, Ann And Jerry, On Her Wedding Day With Husband Andy Allen In 2018 (Source: Facebook)

During a conversation with the British Gymnastics Foundation, Jerry said seeing his daughter win the Olympic medal was the greatest feeling of relief.

Jerry explained that Beth hadn’t been disappointed after a fourth-place finish in Beijing and was ready to dedicate four years of life.

But if she again finished fourth, it would have been heartbreaking for him to see. Beth didn’t let that happen. 

Ann Tweddle is available on Facebook but isn’t very active. The couple continues to live in Cheshire, where they raised their two kids. 

Beth Tweddle Older Brother, James Tweddle 

Beth Tweddle isn’t the only child of Ann and Jerry. The artistic gymnast has an older brother named James Tweddle, who, unlike Beth, is away from sports and the public limelight. 

Jerry once expressed that there were times when Beth’s and James’ schedules would clash. So, one parent would be with one kid. 

James Pictured With Ann And Jerry On His Wedding Day In 2015
James Pictured With Ann And Jerry On His Wedding Day In 2015 (Source: Facebook)

What Jerry said also leads us to believe James was a competitive gymnast as a kid and probably took a different route later in life. 

James graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2003 with an Environmental Geoscience degree and a year with a Master’s Degree in Business and Marketing. 

He previously played the role of Planning Executive at Reach PLC before joining Haygarth, a creative marketing agency, in 2004. He worked at Haygarth for six years and joined Sky as a National Sales Account Manager in 2011.

At Sky, James quickly rose through the ranks and occupied several positions before becoming Sales & Commercial Director. Last year, he was promoted to the role of Director of Sales. 

Beth Tweddle Husband, Andy Allen

Beth Tweddle’s husband, Andy Allen, has kept himself out of the public limelight. As per various outlets, Andy is a finance director based in the UK.

The two crossed paths for the first time in 2014. They were engaged two years later during the Rio Olympics, where Beth served as a reporter. 

In a conversation with Hello! Magazine in 2019, Beth described her engagement day. She said she was completely taken aback and had no inkling about it. 

Beth Tweddle Pictured With Her Husband Andy Allen After Their Wedding Ceremony In 2018
Beth Tweddle Pictured With Her Husband Andy Allen After Their Wedding Ceremony In 2018 (Source: Facebook)

The couple was engaged at the Belmond Hotel das Castaratas in the Iguaçu National Park. Andy went down on one knee at the restaurant Devil’s Throat. 

Just as Beth was taking in the beautiful surroundings, Andy tapped on her back and asked for her hand in marriage. The couple tied the knot in 2018 in a ceremony held at St Boniface Church in the gymnast’s home of Bunbury.

The couple has two kids, Frey and Finley. Freya was born in May 2019, and they welcomed their second child last year in April. 

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