Bianca Bustamante Parents: Father Raymund And Mother Janice

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Bianca Bustamante, the talented female racing driver, was born on January 19, 2005, to parents Raymund and Janice Bustamante.

Through their sacrifices, her parents now revel in pride as they witness her succeed at the sport’s highest level.

Filipina Racing Driver Bianca Bustamante
Filipina Racing Driver Bianca Bustamante (Source: Instagram)

Bianca Bustamante, a notable Filipina racing driver, has showcased her talent in prestigious competitions.

In early 2022, from January 31 to February 4, Bustamante participated in a W Series test held in Arizona, United States.

On October 18, 2023, McLaren made a groundbreaking announcement, revealing that Bustamante had joined their Driver Development Programme.

Furthermore, she will represent McLaren for the 2024 season under the banner of the ART Grand Prix.

This signing is particularly historic, as Bustamante became the first female driver to sign for the McLaren Driver Development Programme.

Bianca Bustamante Parents: Father Raymund And Mother Janice

The promising female racing driver, Bianca Bustamante, was born in the Philippines on January 19, 2005, to parents Raymund and Janice Bustamante.

Growing up in the Philippines, Bianca was deeply influenced by her family’s passion for motorsports.

Her early introduction to the racing world began when her father, Raymund, purchased her first racing suit at the age of one.

By age three, she was already maneuvering a baby racekart, a passion she undoubtedly inherited from her father.

Raymund Bustamante, a fervent karting enthusiast and driver in the Philippines, played a pivotal role in shaping Bianca’s racing journey.

She fondly recalls cherished moments spent on the track alongside her father, emphasizing how those experiences solidified her passion for motorsports.

Young Bianca Bustamanate With Her Father Raymund
Young Bianca Bustamante With Her Father Raymund (Source: The US Sun)

However, the path to realizing her racing dreams was not without challenges. Bianca’s family, particularly her parents, sacrificed significantly to support her burgeoning career.

Financial constraints occasionally loomed large, compelling Raymund to seek employment opportunities overseas.

Despite the geographical distance, Raymund worked tirelessly, juggling three jobs abroad to ensure his family’s financial stability and facilitate Bianca’s racing endeavors.

Reflecting on those challenging times, Bianca acknowledges the immense sacrifices made by her parents, especially her mother, Janice.

She admiringly speaks of Janice’s resilience, single-handedly managing the responsibilities of both mother and father while ensuring a nurturing environment for Bianca and her brother.

Apologizes For Liking Stroll-Related Tweet

Bianca Bustamante, a rising talent associated with the McLaren F1 team, recently faced criticism on social media due to her interaction with controversial content.

Bustamante’s online presence has grown substantially following her affiliation with the McLaren F1 team, leading to heightened scrutiny.

A particular incident arose when she liked a tweet about Lance Stroll of Aston Martin, suggesting he had autism and implying his success was solely due to financial backing rather than genuine talent.

Apology Tweet Of Bianca Bustamanate
Apology Tweet Of Bianca Bustamante (Source: X)

The tweet read: “how can you say she’s overrated when you have people who buy their way into the sport like autism Stroll who have talent but if they didn’t have daddy’s money would be replaced instantly, like don’t say overrated till she gets her shot.”

Her decision to like the post sparked a significant backlash, with many expressing their disappointment and outrage over the perceived insensitivity towards both Stroll and individuals with autism.

Bustamante issued a public apology for her actions. She clarified that she did not intend to demean Stroll or offend individuals with autism, emphasizing that her brother also grapples with the same disorder.

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