Bill Bidwill Jr Age And Wikipedia: Family And Net Worth

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Bill Bidwill Jr., the son of the late Bill Bidwill Sr., a prominent American businessman, was recently involved in a distressing incident in June.

Recently, the bodycam footage has become viral, making headlines all over the TV networks and the internet.

The footage showed Bill all covered in blood after he was allegedly hit multiple times by his wife, Nicole.

Bill Bidwill's Wife Getting Arrested After The Incident
Bill Bidwill’s Wife Arrested After The Incident (Source: TMZ Sports)

The argument started when Bill’s wife became unhappy as he was not home to install the carpet. As found in the bodycam recording, Bidwill tried to avoid making the situation worse because of his wife’s temper.

Allegedly, Bidwill’s wife picked up a glass of beer and struck him on the head. Additionally, he stated that she had used another object to attack him in the head area, though he was uncertain about the nature of that object.

Bill contacted 911, and police arrived at the scene and found Bidwill Jr. covered in blood.

Bill said, “I’m sitting on the couch, and she’s screaming at me,” in the bodycam footage. “And I was trying not to escalate because she has a very bad temper.

“And then she started hitting me, and I just started defending myself.”

After questioning both parties, they arrested Nicole on June 10th for assault. As noted in the police report, Bidwill Jr. did not want to press charges against his wife. However, Nicole was reportedly booked on one count of assault.

Bill Bidwill Jr. Age And Wikipedia

Bill Bidwill is a former executive of the Arizona Cardinals and the son of an American businessman who owned the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL).

Though his exact age is still unknown, he is likely to be around in his 50s.

Bill Bidwill Jr Age Is Likely To Be Around In 50's
Bill Bidwill Jr Age Is Likely To Be Around In 50’s (Source: TMZ Sports)

During his father’s tenure, Bidwill Jr. served as the vice president of the NFL team. However, he appears to have left the Cardinals’ front office after his father, Bill Sr., passed away in 2019.

While he briefly assisted with ownership responsibilities, his brother Michael took over ownership of the team, and Bill Jr. is no longer involved.

Family And Net Worth

The Bidwill family has a long history in professional football. They first became involved in 1932 when Charles Bidwill acquired the team. 

Following this, Bill Sr. played a significant role in the team’s ownership. He initially served as a co-owner, along with his brother Charles Jr., for a decade.

Later, he became the sole owner in 1972 and was linked with the team until his passing in 2019.

Bill Bidwill Jr's Father Bill Bidwill Sr.
Bill Bidwill Jr’s Father, Bill Bidwill Sr. (Source: The New York Times)

Bill Jr. served as its vice president but later stepped away following his father’s death.

At present, his brother oversees the family’s rich football legacy and holds the position of president for the Arizona Cardinals in the National Football League.

With an estimated family net worth of approximately $1.4 billion, the Bidwills rank 26th among the wealthiest NFL owners per Pro Football Net Worth.

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