Bode Miller Religion: Is He Mormon Or Jewish? Family Ethnicity

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Bode Miller has never made religion a focal point in his life. However, he is not Mormon or Jewish but a follower of Christianity.

It is not an exaggeration to call Bode Miller the most successful alpine ski racer of all time. Miller has won everything and established as a legend of the sport.

Moreover, regarding his personal beliefs, he is a religiously Christian and comes from a white ethnic background.

Former Ski Racer Bode Miller
Former Ski Racer Bode Miller (Source: Instagram)

Samuel Bode Miller is a 46-year-old former alpine ski racer from Easton, New Hampshire. He had an active career of 17 years, starting from 1998 up to 2017.

Miller started skiing at the young age of 11 but truly burst onto the scene at 18. When he was 21, he represented the USA in the 1998 Nagano Olympics. 

Furthermore, he won two silver medals at the 2002 Winter Olympics and solidified his status as the best in the country.

Eventually, he would go on to win gold medals in 2 disciplines at the 2003 World Championships.

Miller, the world champion known for daring racing, made history by winning all 5 World Cup disciplines with 33 victories.

What Is The Religion of Bode Miller?

Although it has not been a topic of discussion to date, Bode Miller is a follower of Christianity. However, he does not promote his religious beliefs in any form.

So regarding the question as to whether he is a Mormon or Jewish, the answer is no. The ski racer is not into either of those religious systems.

Furthermore, Miller is a free-spirited guy with adventure in his genes. So, it is safe to say he might not be strictly religious.

The Miller Family: What is Their Ethnicity?

Discussing the ethnicity of Bode Miller and his family, they are of white Caucasian heritage.

Bode With His Father
Bode With His Father (Source: Instagram)

Bode was born and raised in a small community situated in the heart of the White Mountains called Franconia.

His parents, Jo Kenney and Woody Miller, raised him alongside his older sister Kayla and younger brother Chelone.

Bode’s parents lived the life of hippies, and he grew up in a house with no electricity and running water. In addition to that, he was a vegetarian during his childhood.

Initially, Bode was homeschooled until 4th grade but later joined a public school after his parent’s divorce.

Moreover, Miller’s family identifies as a white family but follows the lifestyle of hippies.

Bode Learned Skiing In The Cannon Mountain

A keen kid with immense potential, Bode got into skiing at the mere age of 11. 

He used to go to the Cannon Mountain Ski Area, where his mother worked, and spent his time in the care of ski school staff.

Young Bode Miller
Young Bode Miller (Source: Instagram)

This further pushed young Bode into skiing, and he learned it all too quickly. Since he was a natural, his skills earned him the Carrabassett Valley Academy.

Besides skiing, Bode also played tennis and soccer, but nothing could distract from his main focus.

This wild and athletic nature shaped his skiing style as well. Bode confessed he never focused on medals but rather on going as fast as the natural universe would allow.

Bode Miller: Also A Businessman

Apart from his athletic life, Miller is also a business-minded man. He is the founder, investor, and advisor of multiple brands.

The world champion has a huge hand in the app called SKEO, which is a ski-tracking app. The launch of this app led to a more safe approach to skiing in the snowy mountains.


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