Bootie Barker Wife Christy Barker: Is He Still In A Wheelchair?

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Bootie Barker wife, Christy Barker, is a mother to two daughters. The NASCAR crew chief started using a wheelchair at age 17 but has always maintained the notion that he is no different from a normal person. 

Barker was a healthy 17-year-old who got into an unfortunate accident one day and was left paralyzed from the waist down. But Barker didn’t let that one incident ruin his entire life. 

Bootie Barker Meets With Engineering Students At The Old Dominion University
Bootie Barker Meets With Engineering Students At The Old Dominion University (Source: Instagram)

He went on to work for NASCAR and is the crew chief for Bubba Wallace. And now even more NASCAR fans are ready to know about the crew chief after his appearance in the NASCAR’s Full Speed series.

His wife Christy has since been tweeting about her husband’s appearance on the highly anticipated series, which shares similarities with F1’s Drive to Survive.  

Bootie Barker Wife: Meet Christy Barker 

Bootie Barker wife, Christy Barker, has made only a handful of public appearances. Christy is available on X (formerly Twitter), and most of her tweets are related to her husband’s profession. 

Last year, Christy was seen sharing photos from when her husband met Michael Jordan. Jordan is 23XI Racing’s owner and was present during the NASCAR Cup Series. 

Barker is the crew chief for Bubba Wallace, one of the drivers for the 23XI Racing. Christy shared the photo and captioned the post, “Favorite photo the 23XI team captured last year in Nashville.”

Bootie Barker's Wife, Christy Has Shared A Few Photos And Tweets About Their Kids
Bootie Barker’s Wife, Christy, Has Shared A Few Photos And Tweets About Their Kids (Source: Twitter)

Bootie Barker has never talked much about his family life in interviews, but it looks like the NASCAR crew chief shares two daughters with his wife. Christy has put up a photo with her two girls on X as a cover photo. 

She has previously shared a photo of one of her girls meeting Denny Hamlin. Some of her old tweets hint that one of her daughters is now 19, and the other could be around 16. 

Christy is available on Instagram but has kept her handle private. Bootie also used to be active on Instagram but hasn’t shared a single post since the New Year’s Day in 2017. 

Since the series dropped, Bootie has been called a scene-stealer, and everyone seems to love his blunt way of putting things.

Is Bootie Barker Still In A Wheelchair?

The NASCAR crew chief Bootie Barker is still in a wheelchair and has been since he was 17. Barker became paralyzed from the waist down after a high school car accident.

But Bootie has always tried not to talk too much about his accident. In an interview with SouthCoast Today, Barker said he doesn’t like the notion of being a role model for the disabled. 

He said he didn’t feel like he was at all. In 2017, Bootie met with former BMX Champion Sam Willoughby. Willoughby became paralyzed after a routine training drill went wrong, and he suffered an injury in his spine. 

In 2017, one of Willoughby’s friends introduced him to Bootie at a NASCAR race. During the first few minutes of their meeting, Barker casually asked Willoughby how long he had been injured. After Willoughby replied seven months, he then asked what Sam wanted to do now in his career.

Bootie Barker Pictured With Sam Willougbhy During A NASCAR Race
Bootie Barker Pictured With Sam Willoughby During A NASCAR Race (Source: Twitter)

Willoughby featured Bootie in his 2022 ABC Documentary RIDE, and they talked about their first meeting. Sam recalls how Bootie narrated his story to him. 

Barker said when he was paralyzed in a car accident, he “didn’t do no rehab.” He left the hospital three weeks after the accident, the day he could put on his shoes. 

In the documentary’s trailer, Bootie could be heard saying, “I didn’t wanna be a burden on everybody. I wanted to be THE man, and not a man taking from everybody.”

Bootie also showed Willoughby videos of him bench pressing, which he has uploaded on his Instagram page

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