Boxer Abraham Nova Religion: Is He Muslim? Ethnicity And Origin

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Although Puerto Rican boxer Abraham Nova is a great believer in god, his faith and religion are unclear.

Additionally, the fighter is stern about protecting his beard, pointing towards his faith and belief in not cutting it.

Puerto Rican Boxer Abraham Nova
Puerto Rican Boxer Abraham Nova (Source: Instagram)

Born on January 14, 1994, Abraham Nova is a Puerto Rican boxer who has been the WBA-NABA super featherweight champion since 2018.

He began his professional boxing career on April 29, 2016, achieving a first-round technical knockout win against Weusi Johnson at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Since then, Nova has gone leaps and bounds in his boxing career. He is one of the most prominent fighters in the world.

Boasting a professional record of 23 wins in 25 fights, he has earned significant fame and fortune.

Boxer Abraham Nova Religion

There has been a lot of conjecture on the internet regarding the religious beliefs of boxer Abraham Nova. Amidst speculation he might be Muslim, the fighter has not made his faith clear in public.

Speculation surrounding the religious beliefs of sporting figures is common, fueled by the public’s natural curiosity about the personal lives of prominent individuals.

In sports, where athletes often serve as role models, fans and the media may attempt to decipher or speculate on their spiritual affiliations, seeking insight into their values and motivations.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that an athlete’s religious beliefs are personal, and their decision to keep such matters private should be respected.

While Nova may not explicitly disclose his specific religious affiliation, his belief in God is evident through expressions of gratitude in Instagram posts and interviews.

Abraham Nova Is A Great Believer In God
Abraham Nova Is A Great Believer In God (Source: Instagram)

By publicly thanking the Almighty for the positive aspects of his life, he provides insight into his spiritual convictions.

One such occasion where he talked about his faith was when he was asked why he kept his unique beard. When pressed about the matter, he pointed to his faith as to why he has the beard.

“It’s against my faith. I can’t do it. It’s something that’s in me. You know, Abraham had a long beard, Jesus had a long beard, Moses had a long beard. All the greats had a long beard. I’ve fought here before with this beard.”

Subsequently, this response led to fans believing he may be a Christian. However, we cannot conclude anything without a statement from the boxer himself regarding this subject.

He Was Born To Dominican Parents

Regarding his ethnicity, Abraham Nova was born to Dominican parents. This implies the boxer is of Dominican heritage.

However, he fights under the Puerto Rican flag and represents the nation with great pride. To add, he was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Abraham Nova Is Of Puerto Rican Nationality
Abraham Nova Is Of Puerto Rican Nationality (Source: Instagram)

He relocated to the United States with his parents and nine siblings at an early age. The family, consisting of twelve members, resided in a two-bedroom apartment in Albany, New York.

Undoubtedly, Abraham comes from humble beginnings, making his fighting success an inspirational story.

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