Brandon Aiyuk Sister Maya Aiyuk- Does He Have A Brother?

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The sporting legacy of the Aiyuk family runs deep, as the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk has a sister who is a college athlete.

The star 49ers receiver, Brandon Aiyuk, is excelling in his craft and will play in the Super Bowl in 2024.

However, he is not the only athlete in his family; his sister plays college sports.

49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk
49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk (Source: ESPN)

Brandon Aiyuk is an American football wide receiver who plays for the San Francisco 49ers.

Selected in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, he is a regular feature in the 49ers team sheet.

Additionally, he played college football for Arizona State and Sierra College before joining the NFL.

Brandon Aiyuk Sister Maya Aiyuk

The 49ers star has a sister, Maya Aiyuk, a track and field athlete at the University of Nevada.

Maya and Brandon are the children of parents Peter and Martha Aiyuk. They also have an additional sibling who is named Angel.

Speaking of Maya, she comes from her hometown of Reno, Nevada. Attending her local McQueen High School, she was a two-sport athlete.

She competed in track and field as well as volleyball during her high school days. Subsequently, she played in the Middle Hitter (MH) position in volleyball and competed in jumping events on track.

A 5’10” stature and an agile physique allowed her to excel in both sports. However, Maya decided to forego volleyball and focus on jumps going into college.

Maya Aiyuk Is A Track And Field Athlete
Maya Aiyuk Is A Track And Field Athlete (Source: Nevada Athletics)

She graduated from McQueen in 2020 and enrolled as a student-athlete at the University of Nevada.

Unfortunately, her athletic endeavors were put on hold in her first year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In her sophomore year, she competed in one indoor meet, finishing in 18th place in a triple jump event.

During her sophomore outdoor season in 2022, she participated in four meets, achieving her best triple jump distance of 11.13 meters at the Bryan Clay Invitational.

Overall, like her brother Brandon, Maya is pursuing an athletic journey. Undoubtedly, having a sporting family goes a long way.

Even though engaged in different sports, Brandon is a source of inspiration for Maya in her athletic pursuits.

Doing Assignments In The NFC Title Game

In a funny incident that took over social media, Maya Aiyuk was spotted doing her homework in the 49ers-Lions NFC Championship game in 2024.

The light-hearted video was posted by Brandon’s girlfriend, Rochelle, on TikTok. Amidst the tension of a championship clash in the biggest game of the season, Maya busied herself with assignments.

Maya Aiyuk Was Doing Her Assignments In The NFC Title Game
Maya Aiyuk Was Doing Her Assignments In The NFC Title Game (Source: TikTok)

Maya is working towards a nursing degree at the University of Nevada. Without taking a break, she managed to do her assignments even in a loud stadium.

However, her presence in the stadium proved to be a good luck charm for Brandon. Subsequently, Brandon made an impressive catch and also scored a touchdown.

This also shows the Aiyuk family’s unity and bonding. Even though she was working hard to pursue her degree, Maya found time to go to the stadium to cheer on her brother.

Maya And Brandon Have Another Sibling

As mentioned, Maya and Brandon have another sibling, Angel Aiyuk. We can report that the 49ers WR doesn’t have a brother.

The familial ties have always been strong, with Brandon’s parents attending most games to motivate their son.

The results of his hard work and family support are there for all to see. He will play a significant role for the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl against the KC Chiefs.

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