Brandon Perna Wife Jessica Filipas: Mr And Mrs ThatsGoodSports

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Brandon Perna and his wife, Jessica Filipas, have celebrated over seven beautiful years of marriage, creating a loving foundation for their family.

Their union has been graced with the presence of their cherished daughter, Carmie Perna, adding joy and warmth to their lives.

Brandon Perna And His Wife Jessica Filipas
Brandon Perna And His Wife Jessica Filipas (Source: X)

Brandon Perna, the visionary behind ThatsGoodSports on YouTube, embarked on this creative journey in August 2013.

His impactful presence continues to shape the channel’s success today—marking an impressive tenure of 10 years and 6 months.

His professional trajectory includes a Freelance Video Producer/editor role at Kroenke Sports Enterprises – Media Ventures (Altitude Sports & Entertainment) from March 2016 to June 2018.

In addition to his contributions at Altitude Sports & Entertainment, Brandon served as the Executive Producer at from June 2016 to June 2017.

His journey in video content creation further unfolded as he held the position of Director of Video Content at from September 2014 to June 2016.

Brandon Perna Married Life With Jessica Filipas

While Brandon Perna and Jessica Filipas maintain privacy regarding their personal lives, glimpses into their happiness occasionally surface through Brandon’s social media.

According to his shares, the couple exchanged vows on August 27, 2016, marking over seven years of marital bliss.

The specifics of when they first met and how their love story unfolded remain undisclosed, yet what stands out is the evident joy they share in their life together.

The couple often provides glimpses into their world on their respective social media platforms, showcasing their love and appreciation for each other.

Brandon Perna With His Wife Jessica Filipas And Daughter Carmie Perna
Brandon Perna With His Wife Jessica Filipas And Daughter Carmie Perna (Source: X)

A significant chapter in their shared journey is the arrival of their daughter, Carmie Perna.

This addition has brought immeasurable joy and warmth to their lives, as evident in the snapshots of family moments they choose to share with their followers.

Despite their public presence, Brandon and Jessica prioritize the sanctity of their private life, a testament to their commitment to each other and their family’s well-being.

Wife Jessica Filipas: Navigating Creative Frontiers 

Jessica Filipas, hailing from Aurora, Colorado, is a distinguished Creative Consultant & Maker, showcasing an impressive career in media and production.

With a background as a Senior Director, Jessica has successfully led large creative teams, demonstrating her proficiency in navigating complex and cutting-edge media environments.

Moreover, her skill set spans across Digital and Film Production, Social Media & Marketing, Staff Management, Television, Promotional, and Video.

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Digital Media from The American University of Rome.

Her professional journey includes a stint as an Account Manager at Unbridled, where she contributed her expertise as a full-timer from January 2020 to September 2021.

Wife Jessica Filipas And Brandon Perna
Wife Jessica Filipas And Brandon Perna (Source: X)

Before that, she was an Executive Accounts Manager at Table Rock Management from February 2019 to December 2020.

Most of her career unfolded at NBCUniversal, where she wore multiple hats for over four years.

As a post-production manager, Jessica progressed to roles as a director and producer, ultimately achieving the position of senior director.

She also added a valuable chapter to her career at The Walt Disney Company, serving as a Director of Production Operations.

Her diverse experience extends to a two-year tenure at Makers Studio Inc., where she excelled as a post-production manager and lead editor.

Jessica also contributed as the Director of Post Production at The Four Horsemen of UJC Inc./Four Horsemen Films.

Further enriching her portfolio, Jessica served as an editor at The United Nations World Food Programme, bringing her creative expertise to a global stage.

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