Brandon Reed Obituary: Skateboarder Passed Away After Cancer Battle

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Brandon Reed Obituary: People are mourning the untimely passing of the young life, expressing sorrow, and offering prayers for him to rest in peace.

Brandon inspired everyone who knew him with his courageous and unwavering journey.

The little fighter leaves behind his mother, Devon Reed, and sister, Ella Reed.

The American Skateboarder Brandon Reed
The American Skateboarder Brandon Reed (Source: Instagram)

Brandon Reed was born in 2008 in Florida to Devinashlee Reed.

As a young skater, he participated in various skateboarding competitions, showcasing exceptional skills and achieving great success.

He held the 1111th position in the overall All-Time Global Skateboarding ranking.

Likewise, he secured the 747th and 1915th spots in the Street and Park Global ranking, respectively.

Furthermore, he rode for Surfcity and Oxynfree shops, expressing a deep love for their skating products.

Regrettably, the skater Brandon succumbed to a prolonged battle with cancer on January 16, 2024.

Brandon Reed Obituary

Reed’s obituary is a poignant monument to life that deeply touched the hearts of many people in this close-knit town. Many people were touched by his life.

Moreover, his mother and a sister named Ella Reed survive him, with no available information about their father.

When something unexpected occurred, the skater excelled and lived his life, hoping to play for a long time.

In November 2022, Brandon observed a bump on his left forearm, eventually reaching the size of an egg.

Brandon Reed With Mother And Sister
Brandon Reed With Mother And Sister (Source: Instagram)

Later, Devon Reed, his mom, reported that a visit to a local walk-in clinic led to a biopsy at a Miami hospital, revealing the diagnosis of cancer.

Just after Thanksgiving, Brandon initiated treatment, maintaining optimism about his prognosis.

Likewise, he posted expressing his hope to recover within two and a half years after receiving treatment and return to the board again.

Brandon Loved Fishing: Make A Wish

Apart from skateboarding, Brandon had a profound passion for fishing.

Brandon and a few friends actively explored local waterways, fishing for snook and tarpon from his 15-foot skiff when not skateboarding.

Following his cancer diagnosis, plans for skateboarding and fishing had been put on hold for a few months. However, he gradually resumed his normal activities.

Likewise, later, someone directed Brandon to Make-A-Wish, a national nonprofit that fulfills wishes for children facing a range of serious illnesses.

The organization fulfills approximately 300 wishes weekly, and 87% of the recipients affirm that it marked a turning point in their recovery process.

Make-A-Wish Foundation approached the Reed family to assist them in realizing Brandon’s dream.

Brandon Reed Fishing
Brandon Reed Fishing (Source: Instagram)

Initially, his mother politely declined the offer, instructing the organization to extend their services to another child, as Brandon already had everything he needed.

In May, the Wish team approached Brandon again and asked him if he would like to take a trip to Alaska for halibut fishing.

Additionally, as an alternative, they asked him if he would engage in tuna fishing off San Diego.

However, a salesperson at Fort Pierce Bait said his top three choices were unmistakable: “White’s Tackle, White’s Tackle, White’s Tackle.”

On June 16, 2023, when Brandon went on a $4,000 Make-A-Wish spree, he was accompanied by his sister, mother, and a dozen friends.

Transported by Cisco Limo of West Palm Beach, Brandon spent hours selecting fishing reels, a cast net, lures, and bait buckets—reflecting his deep love for fishing.

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