Brandon Walker Sister Caitlyn Walker: Age Gap & Family Tree

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Brandon Walker sister, Caitlyn Walker, went viral after he shared a photo of her with Connor Griffin. Caitlyn has been working with Barstool since 2021. 

Her brother joined the company in 2019 and quickly rose to the top. And in 2021, Caitlyn joined as an intern thanks to her brother.

The Photo Of Caitlyn And Connor That Went Viral Over On Twitter
The Photo Of Caitlyn And Connor That Went Viral Over On Twitter (Source: Twitter)

The little sister of Brandon Walker is a 2013 graduate of Oak Hill Academy. She books travel for the Barstool team.

She is well-known among the Barstool fans, and as soon as her photo with Connor went viral, fans couldn’t stop joking about how they are the new Barstool couple. 

Brandon Walker Sister, Caitlyn Walker

Brandon Walker sister, Caitlyn Walker, began to work for Barstool Sports in 2021. She joined the Barstool team as an intern and began working full-time in January 2022. 

She books the travel for the Barstool team. In 2022, a short clip of Dave Portnoy reacting to Brandon’s sister working for Barstool went viral. Portnoy wasn’t aware Caitlyn worked at Barstool, so during his interview with Brandon, he asked who Caitlyn was and when she joined the team. 

Caitlyn is available on Instagram with the username @cait_walker and mostly shares pictures of her hanging out with her close friends and traveling the world. Previously, in 2022, Brandon had shared a story of how his sister stood up for herself against Hannah Cook and Alex Bennett.

Caitlyn Began Working For Barstool Sports In 2021 As An Intern And Joined The Company Full-time In 2022
Caitlyn Began Working For Barstool Sports In 2021 As An Intern And Joined The Company Full-time In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Recently, Brandon shared a picture of his sister and Barstool’s Social Media Specialist, Connor Griffin. Caitlyn and Connor had clicked a selfie while at the Flyers and Blackhawks game.

This became a topic of interest and was discussed thoroughly during the latest Barstool Yak video. The hosts joked that Caitlyn and Connor might be an item, but after a while, Connor came in and cleared the air, saying nothing fishy had happened between them.

On Twitter, Caitlyn quoted Brandon’s tweet of their photo and wrote, “@ me next time.” 

Brandon Walker Career At A Glance

The Mississippi native, Brandon Walker, had previously talked about his journey to Barstool in an interview. The sportswriter caught the eye of Barstool’s founder, Dave Portnoy when Portnoy was feuding with MyBookie.

At the time, Brandon was working for MyBookie and had gone live, not knowing that Dave and his company were feuding. During the live chat, the Barstool fans kept attacking Brandon, but he handled it like a champ.

The 14-minute clip of Brandon handling the attacks from Barstool fans went viral, and later, Dave wrote he wanted to hire the MyBookie guy and that Brandon matched the personality of Barstool. 

Brandon Began Working As A Journalist In 2004 And Finally Got His Big Break In 2019
Brandon Began Working As A Journalist In 2004 And Finally Got His Big Break In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

And so it happened. A week later after that incident, in 2019, Dave hired Brandon, and he quickly became a fan favorite. Before working with Barstool, Brandon had been working in the journalism field for the past 20 years. 

A 2004 graduate of Mississippi State, Brandon’s first job was as a sports editor of a tiny newspaper in his hometown. He then began traveling around the country for his job. 

In his interview, Brandon recalled when he was only making $30k a year in 2014 and was raising three kids with his wife. Brandon believed his big break had arrived when he began working for COX Media Group covering SEC football in 2016. 

But the company got shut down, and Brandon resorted to doing podcast videos and working for the offshore betting site MyBookie. During his conversation, Brandon also talked about how important his wife’s support was for his career.

When he asked her if she would move the family to New Jersey from Mississippi, she only asked him one question, “How big can you be?”

And when Bradon replied, “Pretty big,” she packed the bags, and the family was ready to move to New Jersey. Brandon said if his wife had said No, he wouldn’t have moved to New Jersey, and his life probably would’ve remained the same. 

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