Braxton Berrios Parents: Who Are Rico And Lee Berrios?

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While the Miami Dolphins wide receiver is getting heat due to cheating rumors concerning his former partner, Braxton Berrios parents, Rico and Lee Berrios, have also garnered significant attention.

Braxton Berrios is a talented American football wide receiver known for his exceptional skills on the field.

In this article, we delve into the lives of Braxton Berrios parents, shedding light on their backgrounds and their influence on their son’s journey to NFL stardom.

Braxton Berrios Parents: Who Are Rico And Lee Berrios?
Braxton Berrios Joined Miami Dolphins On March 16, 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Braxton Berrios is an American football wide receiver currently playing for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL.

Berrios hails from Raleigh, North Carolina, where he attended Leesville Road High School. During his high school days, Braxton made a name for himself as a star athlete. 

Similarly, he has played collegiate football for the University of Miami in Miami Hurricanes as a wide receiver.

Eventually, Berrios entered the 2018 NFL Draft following a successful college career. The New England Patriots picked him in the sixth round.

The 2018 Super Bowl Champion with the Patriots joined the New York Jets in 2019. Lastly, Berrios signed with the Miami Dolphins in 2023.

Braxton Berrios Parents Father Rico And Mother Lee Berrios

In professional sports, behind every successful athlete, there is often a story of dedication, support, and sacrifice from their loved ones.

Braxton Berrios is no exception to this rule. His parents, Rico Berrios and Lee Smothers, heavily influenced his early life.

As both of his parents were accomplished athletes in their own right, they played a crucial role in shaping his future as a professional football player. 

Meet Father Rico Berrios

Braxton’s father, Rico Berrios, has an impressive sporting background of his own. Rico not only introduced Braxton to football but also coached him during his formative years.

During his high school years at Miami Southridge, Rico excelled in soccer, showcasing remarkable athletic abilities.

His prowess on the soccer field earned him a scholarship to Campbell University, where he continued to excel in the sport.

Braxton Berrios Parents: Who Are Rico And Lee Berrios?
Braxton’s Father, Rico Remarried Jessica Jackson, And Have Three Sons Together (Source: Facebook)

While Rico’s athletic career eventually came to a close, he transitioned seamlessly into the corporate world.

Today, he has held the position of Vice President of Sales at Massoud Furniture since January 2021. It is a reputable furniture manufacturing company based in Dallas.

Berrios’ parents, Rico and Lee, have been divorced since 2002. However, Rico’s life took another turn in 2009 when he remarried Jessica Jackson.

Together, Rico, Jessica, and their three sons form a tight-knit family.

Meet Mother Lee Smothers

On the other side of the equation is Braxton’s mother, Lee Smothers (formerly Lee Berrios).

Lee’s story is intertwined with her love for sports, ultimately leading her to cross paths with Rico Berrios.

She attended Campbell University, where she not only cheered for the team but also played softball, displaying her athletic prowess.

Braxton Berrios Parents: Who Are Rico And Lee Berrios?
Braxton’s Mother, Lee, Remarried Chad Smothers (Source: Facebook)

It was at Campbell University where she and Rico found common ground in their shared passion for sports. Eventually, their connection culminated in their marriage.

While Rico and Lee divorced when Braxton was young, they maintained a cordial relationship for the sake of their children.

After her marriage to Rico ended, Lee remarried Chad Smothers. Chad became an integral part of Braxton’s life, especially during his high school years.

He not only played the role of a stepfather but also served as Braxton’s football coach throughout high school.


Who Are Braxton Berrios Parents?

Braxton Berrios parents are Rico and Lee Berrios.

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