Brendon Todd And Wife Rachel Todd Are Raising Three Kids

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Brendon Todd wife, Rachel Todd, has been married to the golfer for 14 years. The couple share three kids, with one on his way to becoming a golfer.

The American golfer, Brendon Todd, has faced many tough times throughout his golfing career. And throughout these periods, Rachel has given him constant support.

From L to R: Oliver, Scarlett, Rachel, And Violet Pictured In 2023 On Occasion Of Mother's Day
From L to R: Oliver, Scarlett, Rachel, And Violet Pictured In 2023 On The Occasion Of Mother’s Day (Source: Instagram)

From having a mental breakdown over quitting the sport to giving it another go, Rachel has been a driving force behind Brendon’s success. And now, the couple will look to make their kids fall in love with the sport.

Out of the couple’s three kids, their son, Oliver, seems to be the most interested in golf and has already started winning golfing tournaments. 

Currently, the 37-year-old is participating in the Charles Schwab Challenge, a tournament filled with stars, including Rickie Fowler and Si Woo Kim.

Brendon Todd Wife Rachel Todd Received The Nickname Penny Pincher 

Brendon Todd and his wife, Rachel Todd, have gone through many hard times. But in those situations, Rachel stood as a rock in their relationship. 

The nickname “Penny Pincher” wasn’t given for no whatsoever reason. There were times Brendon would find no luck on the golf course, and during those situations, Rachel would shrewdly manage their finances. 

The couple tied the knot on March 14, 2009, a year Brendon will never forget for many reasons. Surely it’s memorable because he could finally marry Rachel, but it was also the year that almost made him quit golf. 

Brendon And Rachel Celebrated Their 14th Marriage Anniversary Earlier This Year In March
Brendon And Rachel Celebrated Their 14th Marriage Anniversary Earlier This Year In March (Source: Instagram)

During those dark days, Brendon would break down in front of Rachel. But never did Rachel force Brendon to quit the sport he loved and was passionate about. Instead, she would give him the confidence to return and try again. 

In 2014, the golfing couple was featured by PGA Tour in a YouTube video and gave viewers a quick tour of their favorite places in Atlanta. 

Brendon And Rachel Todd Share Three Kids 

Brendon and Rachel Todd have welcomed three kids into this world two sons and one daughter. 

Their three kids are a regular presence on Brendon’s Instagram handle. A fairly private guy, Brendon has given a glimpse to the fans of his family life. 

Oliver Is Ready To Take On The Golfing Challenges

The couple’s first child, Oliver, was born in 2014. On her Facebook, Rachel shared a couple of photos of her newborn. In one of those pictures, it even looked like Oliver was posing for the cameras. 

The eldest son of Brendon has already shown his interest in golf. The eight-year-old has already been taking swing lessons.

In 2020, Brendon took his son to train with George Gankas in Westlake, California, and it looked like Oliver was already gearing up to make his debut soon. 

Brendon Todd Pictured With His Son Oliver At Lane Creek Golf Club In 2021
Brendon Todd Pictured With His Son Oliver At Lane Creek Golf Club In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Previously, Brendon has shared several posts of his son winning various golfing competitions. During an event in April 2021, Oliver finished first and had a career-low of 39.

A month later, the only son of the American golfer was seen participating in another event where he finished first in putting for the age group 7-9.

His Daughters Are His Biggest Supporters 

Brendon shares two daughters with Rachel, Scarlett, and Violet. His daughter, Violet, has also tried her hands at golf.

But instead of making a shot, Violet ended up earning multiple penalties, and in the end, the future LPGA golfer had to use her hands to relocate the golf ball. The cute video was recorded by Rachel, who kept encouraging her daughter. 

Rachel Todd Pictured With His Two Daughters, Violet(L) And Scarlet
Rachel Todd Pictured With His Two Daughters, Violet(L) And Scarlett (Source: Instagram)

The couple’s oldest daughter Scarlett was born in 2017, and their youngest, Violet, was born in 2019. The two girls, with their parents, enjoy watching baseball as much as golf.

The entire Todd family has been pictured multiple times attending games at Truist Park, with Oliver and Brendon being regular visitors. 

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