Brent Venables Wife Julie Venables: Married Life And Kids

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The Oklahoma head coach, Brent Venables’s wife, is Julie Venables. The two have been married for a long time and recently celebrated a marriage milestone, a silver anniversary.

Julie and Brent are proud parents to four kids- two sons (Jake & Tyler) and two daughters (Laney & Addie). 

Brent Venebales The Head Football Coach Of University Of Oklahoma
Brent Venables, The Head Football Coach Of the University Of Oklahoma (Source: Sports Illustrated

Brent Venable is an American football coach serving as the head coach at the University of Oklahoma since the 2022 season. 

From 1989 to 1992, he tried his luck as a Linebacker for Garden City CC & Kansas State. But eventually, he decided to give it a go at coaching.

Venables began his coaching career 1993 at Kansas State as a graduate assistant & was promoted to linebackers coach in 1996.

The 53-year-old served as a co-defensive coordinator & linebackers coach at Oklahoma from 1999-2003 and an associate head coach, defensive coordinator, and linebackers coach from 2004-11.

Since 2000, 57 players under his guidance have been selected in the NFL Draft.

As a mark of his dedication to the Sooners, he was named the 23rd head coach on December 5, 2021, on a lucrative six-year, $43.5 million contract, earning an average salary of $7.25 million annually.

Brent Venables Wife Julie Venables: Married Life And Kids

Julie Fisher Venables is the wife of the head coach of the Sooners.

Julie Fisher grew up in Kansas. Her father, Carl Fisher, was a Vietnam-era Green Beret who owned a trucking company; her mother, Vicki Fisher, was a bank’s vice president.

Brent Venables With His Daughter
Brent Venables With His Daughter (Source: Clemson Insider)

Similarly, Julie also went to Kansas State University, where she met her then-future-husband, Brent, in 1991 & began dating in 1993.

Eventually, the two got serious in 1995 and tied the knot two years later in 1997.

Julie is a nurse by profession. She received her nursing degree from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.

Together, Brent and Julie have four children. They have two sons, Jake and Tyler, and two daughters, Laney and Addie.

Their sons Jake and Tyler played football at Clemson.

Jake And Tyler Venables

The eldest, Jake, was born on January 18, 2000. He played collegiate football for Clemson as a linebacker. Before Clemson, he went to Daniel High School, where he played basketball as a junior.

Today, the three-time ACC Honor Roll Inductee (2019-21), Jake follows in his father’s footsteps.

Jake With His Brother Tyler (Blue Suit) In A Party
Jake With His Brother Tyler (Blue Suit) In A Party (Source: Instagram)

After completing his master’s degree in athletic leadership in May 2023, he is now a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Tyler Venables isn’t any less than his brother. Born on February 22, 2002, he played for Jeff Fruster at Daniel High School. Brent Venables, Tyler’s father, and Mickey Conn recruited him to Clemson.

Additionally, Tyler is currently majoring in political science. He also completed a micro internship with LyonJay in Greenville in Spring 2022.

Tyler also has an online-supplement brand known as Thorne.

Julie Venables: A Cancer Patient

The Venables family was reduced to tears after discovering that Julie, a wife and a loving mother to the Venables, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The news broke out to the public after head coach Brent wasn’t in attendance during the annual event of Citizen’s Advisory Board Coaches.

Toby Rowland, the event’s emcee, announced with a heavy heart that the “second-year head coach will be in New Orleans over the weekend.

A little over five weeks ago, Brent’s wife, Julie, was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

He added, “We wished they could be here, but we certainly understand why they’re not,” Rowland said to the crowd at Life Church.

And I know you’ll join us in casting some extra prayers tonight and tomorrow morning, especially for Julie and the Venables family.”

The surgery took place on 28, July 2023, Friday in New Orleans. Despite this, no new reporting of Julie’s health condition has been reported.

However, remaining optimistic during these challenging times, the football world anticipates good news. The thoughts and prayers go out to the Venables family.

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