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Brian Foster is a professional BMX racer from the United States of America. He competed in the professional scene from 1992-2000.

Brian is one half of the famous racing sibling duo with Alan Foster. Both of them are respected at large in the BMX community.

He began his career as a BMX racer. Eventually, he shocked the BMX pro ranks, winning races worldwide.

Brian Foster
Brian Foster

Then he turned his attention to BMX Dirt events and won many X Games medals in BMX Dirt in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

He has four X Games Dirt medals, including gold in 1998 and silver in 2001 in Downhill Racing.

Throughout, his racing experience has given him outstanding bike control and a passion for speed.

In this article, you will learn more information regarding the player. So, let’s dig deeper into Brian Foster’s early life, career, height, weight, and other information.

Also, here are some quick facts about the player before we head any further into the details.

Quick Facts

Name Brian Foster
Birthname Brian Keith Foster
Nickname “Dirt,” “The Blue Falcon,” “BF”
Date of Birth June 29, 1972
Place of Birth Wilmington, Delaware, United States of America
Age 51 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Rat
Nationality American
Body Type Athletic
Hair Color Dark Brown
Skin Fair
Height 6 ft. and 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight 165 lb. (74.8 kg)
Education Majors in Physical Therapy
Profession BMX Racer
Discipline Bicycle Motocross
Specialization Racing
Rider Type Off-Road
Amateur Teams JF&S Plumbing, Wheel Power, S&M Bicycles, TNT/Goodtimes
Professional Teams Cyclecraft, Hyper, Airwalk, and Schwinn
Current Team Retired
Parents Dave Foster (father)
Relationship Status Married
Wife Jennifer Foster
Social Media Instagram
Gender Male
Net Worth $8-10 Million 
Merch of BMX  Mongoose Bicycle, Gel Padded Skeleton Gloves
Last Update June, 2024

Brian Foster | Early Life and Background

On June 29, 1972, Brian Foster was born in Wilmington, Delaware, in the United States of America.

Brian was born to Dave Foster (father) and Linda Foster (mother). His motivation and enthusiasm for cycling can be traced back to his father.

However, the Foster family later opted to relocate to Joppa, Maryland. There Brian grew up with his parents and two elder brothers.

His father was a motorcycle enthusiast who pushed his sons to pursue their passion. Moreover, he took part with them and even rode with them on their bikes.

Brian Foster childhood
Brian Foster in his early childhood days

Per an interview, Brian’s mother would always warn him not to get hurt while playing in the dirt.

Furthermore, his brother, Alan Foster, was a professional dirt jumper and BMX rider. His brother’s accomplishments piqued Brian’s curiosity. Consequently, he quickly followed in his footsteps, slowly outperforming him.

He used to practice on his neighbor’s driveway because his family had a gravel driveway in 1976. Eventually, he attempted to bike back to his house through the grass.\

Brian Foster | Professional Career

Setting Foot

Brian started racing for the first time in 1981 and was barely ten years old. His big brother had spoken about how much fun racing was, and Brian agreed to accompany him the following week.

But, his race wasn’t how he meant it to be, as the officials marked him DNF (Didn’t Finish). Per the Ride BMX Magazine December 2007, his chain broke off his bike.

Then, Brian stood in the middle of the course crying because he didn’t know how to put it back on. However, this race would be of vital importance as he never looked back after this race.

Eventually, he started competing in various local tournaments while finishing on the podium a couple of times.

By 1982, he had his first sponsor in the form of JF&S Plumbing. Brian was motivated more than ever as he started putting in more hours into cycling.

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Slow but Steady Climb

A lot hasn’t been documented on his path to being professional. But, there have been few notable events between the time he was an amateur.

After getting his first sponsor, he could meet Eric Rupe at a race at the local track in 1982. This meeting would turn out to be one of the most inspiring moments for him as a BMS aspirant.

Further, it taught him to be remarkable among youngsters afterward. He believed that you leave a lasting impact even if you only meet them for a few seconds.

1983 turned out to be a memorable year for him as he got his hands on the first-ever good BMX bike, Powerlite 1 with 3/8″ wheels, Dura-Ace cranks, Race Inc. bars, and [Shimano] DX pedals.

His rise wasn’t fast but relatively steady and consistent. Per an interview, he recalls executing a no-footed can-can off of a flyout at the local cement park.

He was twelve and could already perform pop-a-wheelies, turn bars, and one-handers. It seemed he was not far off from turning full-time professional.

Turning Professional

Consequently, he turned professional when he was 19 years old. It was around September 1991 after the National Bicycle League (NBL) Grand Nationals.

His first race professionally turned out better than imagined. He finished third in “A” pro at the American Bicycle Association (ABA) Fall Nationals.

In the same year, he traveled to Spain and France to compete in an event. He ranked second in Spain but did terribly in France.

Brian Foster
Brian Foster competing with his brother

However, he didn’t have to wait long for his first professional win. He won his first race in “A” Pro at the NBL Christmas Classic in Columbus, Ohio.

Thus, he wanted to take the same momentum in 1992, which he did. As a result, he won the National Bike League that year. Hence, he was crowned the Superclass/”B”-Pro Grand National Champion.

The same year he clicked his first-ever turndown. He had been struggling for nearly five years. Then, someone informed him to kick out the opposite way at “the dip” in Tennessee.

He got it on the next try and considered it a glorious day. Brian was slowly adapting to BMX racing as he transitioned into the profession head-on.

Take Off

By 1994, the Foster brothers were sponsored by Fox. On the other hand, Brian had signed a deal to ride for Schwinn.

He became the Summer Spectacular Series Champion in the same year. Similarly, he ranked sixth in National Bicycle League and fourth in American Bicycle Association.

In 1995, he was sponsored by Airwalk for the first time. Then, he went on to win the 1995 ABA “Pros in Paradise” Champion.

1996 was a memorable year for Brian as he placed third in the 1996 X-Games held at Newport, Rhode Island. Likewise, he has crowned the ABA King of Dirt (KOD) Champion in the same year.

Brian had a string of victories throughout his career, especially after turning professional. Naturally, therefore, Brian was awarded his line of BMX apparel by the name Blue Falcon. It was a unique and signature bike from Schwinn.

The following season he placed first in MTV Sports and Music Festival and Dirt Circuit Round 3.

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Brian won the X-Games dirt gold medal in 1998. As a result, he was ranked one of the top 25 riders of the 1990s by Ride BMX US in June 1999.

In 2001, he announced his retirement from racing at a “La Revolucion” freestyle tournament.

According to a 2007 interview with, he quit racing to focus full-time on dirt jumping since racing had lost its appeal.

Brian Foster | Injuries and Setbacks

Being a BMX Rider comes with immense risks of injuries and accidents. Thus, he has been part of several significant injuries throughout his career.

In 1985, when he was thirteen years old, he broke his collarbone in a race in New Jersey. He accounts it to be one of his most painful memories to date.

Similarly, he became a victim of another injury when he tore his left knee’s anterior cruciate ligament and cartilage. This accident happened at an event in Sheep Hills on March 1, 1997.

He got injured when he attempted a mid-air “360” and incorrectly landed on his left foot. As a result, he could not compete in the ABA Winternationals and the Cactus Cup.

Likewise, he broke his hand racing in the NBL Christmas Classic in Columbus, Ohio (Day 1).

Furthermore, he would end up in a pile-up collision just before a jump in the second straight. This clash causes him to injure his shoulder and miss the rest of the Pro Open Main at the NBL Easter Classic National out.

His most significant injury would be when he collapsed during Dew Tour practice years ago and shattered his skull. Considering the seriousness of a skull fracture, he was pretty fortunate.

Brian made a full recovery, opting to ride with a helmet for most of his riding after the incident.

Is Brian Foster Married? | Know About His Marital Status

According to reliable sources, the BMX champion has had remarkable love success. Hence, he has been married to Jennifer Foster for more than 21 years.

On Memorial Day weekend in 1989, the now-married couple began hanging out at the Woodward Camp. Jennifer fell in love with the BMX rider at first sight.

However, Brian had his eyes set on his BMX career. 1989 was just two years before he turned professional. Hence, it wouldn’t be surprising for Brian to move between a place searching for a local competitive experience.

Brian Foster with his wife, Jennifer Foster

Jennifer was also pursuing her career during that time. Nonetheless, they didn’t allow this barrier to come between their love. Thus, they communicated on a healthy basis, writing letters to each other.

While they have been married for more than a decade, their story dates back to being 32 years old. Even though their relationship has had many ups and downs, the charming pair has never given up on one other.

Additionally, she has also always been a devoted and supportive wife. Jennifer looks to be a sports fan, and the duo is often seen posting each other on their Instagram.

Brian Foster | Age, Height, and Personality

Brian Foster is a professional BMX athlete, and he has an agile body to prove it. However, it is a sport that requires shifting body weight while pedaling to gain speed.

Therefore, during his peak career, he was fit and had remarkable strength in his arms. However, currently, he has already retired due to aging and injuries.

Currently, Brian is 51 years of age. Moreover, the athlete weighs around 165 lb. (74.8 kg) and stands at an astonishing height of 6 ft. 1 in (1.85 m).

Despite retiring, it seems he has decided to continue his daily routine as he still looks fit. Brian Foster has created a legendary route in BMX at 42.

Likewise, his down-to-earth and dedicated personality is another remarkable character. Ever since high school, all he has cared about is racing.

He is hesitant to tell many people about his career since it appears extended. He even revealed in an interview that he often doubts his ability to complete.

This proves that he realizes there is a long way to glory. Therefore, he is an inspirational icon in the BMX Racing community.

Brian Foster | Net Worth & Earnings

Brian Foster accounts for much of his net worth as a professional BMX player. Similarly, he has several endorsements and apparel to his name.

Ever since his professional debut in 1991, he went on to win several honors and accolades. This list includes the prestigious National Bicycle League and American Bicycle Association.

The prize pool of the tournaments is thousand of dollars. Similarly, after achieving success, it is no surprise that cycle manufacturing companies provided Brian with his BMX product lines.

One of the most famous ones would be the 2004 Fit Brian Foster Signature Model Bicycle. In addition, the 2000 Schwinn Brian Foster Signature Series complete bicycle is also known in the BMX community.

Hence, he had several active and passive income sources throughout his career. His net worth is around $8-$10 million. However, his exact salary and expenditures have never been documented.

Brian Foster | Social Media

Brian Foster might have retired before social media and platforms were a thing. But, throughout, he has adapted to the changing times and loves interacting with his fans worldwide.

Brian is primarily active on Instagram as of now. His Instagram bio comprises a hyperlink to a YouTube video titled “BMX – Brian Foster – Live the Dream.”

Similarly, he has also used the bio section to endorse companies that sponsor him. You can find him on Instagram through the handle @brianfoster.

Brian uses Instagram to post candid photos during his stunts, vintage photos when he was still a professional, and so on.

However, Foster doesn’t seem to be active on other social media platforms. Nonetheless, we hope that he uses his Instagram to continually inspire newcomers and give us a glimpse of his life outside of racing.

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Did Brian Foster become a therapist after he retired?

Yes, while this does sound like a big shift for a BMX rider, he received his physical therapy degree in May 2019 and has practiced ever since.

Did Brian suck at math?

Yes, in fact, in his university, he didn’t get credit for the “D” grades he had in Biology and Algebra II in high school over 20 years ago. Therefore, he had to retake those subjects.

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