Brusdar Graterol Mom Ysmalia And Brother Raised Him

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Brusdar Graterol is a man who owes everything to his mom. From raising him to nurturing him, she did everything.

When talking about pitchers who are on course to impact the next decade, Brusdar Graterol is one of the names. The Venezuelan has shown unreal determination to get to such a level.

However, fans don’t know the sacrifices that came before it if it was not for his mother raising him. In addition to that, he is very grateful to his brother as well.

Venezuelan Professional Baseball Pitcher Brusdar Graterol
Venezuelan Professional Baseball Pitcher Brusdar Graterol (Source: Instagram)

Brusdar Javier Graterol is a 25 professional baseball player from Venezuela. He is a pitcher and has been in the MLB since 2019.

Before his debut in the MLB, Graterol played in minor league affiliates of the Minnesota Twins. Despite signing as a free agent in 2014, he spent time in the Dominican Republic and other teams within the USA.

After accumulating much-needed experience, the Twins promoted him to the major league in 2019. Then, in 2020, Brusdar transferred to the Los Angeles Dodgers on a player plus cash consideration.

The Venezuelan finally found his groove and became a sure starter. He won the 2020 World Series with the Dodgers, where he pitched two scoreless innings in three games.

The Bazooka is still under contract with the Dodgers and aims to reach newer heights daily.

Brusdar Graterol And His Mom: An Extraordinary Relationship

Going back to his childhood, Brusdar Graterol grew up in Calabozo, Venezuela, with his mother and grandparents. His mother raised him as a single parent.

Ysmalia Castilo is the name of the woman who single-handedly nurtured a future world champion. She took the role of both father and mother while raising her son against all odds.

Brusdar Graterol And His Mom Ysmalia
Brusdar Graterol And His Mom Ysmalia (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, the amount of love Graterol holds for his mother is unimaginable. He shows he is immensely grateful for all her sacrifices and struggles.

Ysmalia was a softball player in her youth, so she knew the commitment required by an athlete. Then she went on to train her son, pushing him daily despite no positive signs.

She was sure he would succeed if he worked hard enough, and Graterol soon reached that point. Graterol believes without his mother, nothing would’ve been possible.

He said, “She fought with me through everything.”

Reunited After 7 Years

Once Brusdar left his home country in 2015, he had not returned. Since he had to focus on his career, he never got the opportunity.

Likewise, because of visa issues, Brusdar’s mom, Ysmalia, could not visit her son from Venezuela.

Brusdar And His Mom Reunited After 7 Years
Brusdar And His Mom Reunited After 7 Years (Source: Instagram)

However, on September 21, 2023, the separation ended when the mother and son finally met after seven years. Ysmalia came to the USA to watch her son play live for the first time.

Furthermore, it was the first time Ysmalia met her daughter-in-law and granddaughter in person.

A video on X shows how emotional the exact moment was. Brusdar and his mother could not control their tears as they embraced after years of separation.

Who Is Brusdar’s Brother?

Brusdar Graterol does not have a biological brother, but he does have some whom he used to call his brother.

In fact, Brusdar was very close with his uncle, whom he later referred to as his brother.

Brusdar's Celebration Honoring His Brother
Brusdar’s Celebration Honoring His Brother (Source: SportsCity)

Unfortunately, he is no longer in this world. He died back in 2015, right after Brusdar left his home. It was one of the toughest moments of his life.

Graterol explained, “That’s the biggest obstacle I’ve ever faced in my life. It’s something that I didn’t think I was ever going to get through.”

To this day, Brusdar celebrates by pointing to the sky, a gesture of honor and remembrance to his brother.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who Is The Mom Of Brusdar Graterol?

Brusdar Graterol was raised by a single parent, i.e., his mum, Ysmalia Castilo.


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