Buddy Franklin Wife Jesinta Franklin And Kids: Retired Life Of AFL Legend

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Buddy Franklin’s wife, Jesinta Franklin, shared an emotional post after her husband announced his retirement. The AFL couple tied the knot in 2016 and share two kids. 

The former Sydney Swans player, Buddy Franklin, has been a staunch advocate for Indigenous Australians, and his wife Jesinta has been one too.

Buddy And Jesinta Franklin Promote The Campaign "Literacy Is Freedom" In 2022
Buddy And Jesinta Franklin Promote The Campaign “Literacy Is Freedom” In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

In an interview, Jesinta said she had never been judged for her skin color or culture, but her husband and his family had lived through discrimination. And now, after his retirement, Buddy has been hailed as the greatest Indigenous player in AFL’s history.

On Monday, Buddy announced his retirement through his Instagram account after he received a call telling him it would take the player six to eight weeks to recover from his calf injury. 

Buddy played 354 matches, scoring 1066 goals. Franklin chose not to appear in the Swans’ press conference, with chief executive Tom Harley and coach John Longmire leading the tribute. 

Buddy Franklin Wife, Jesinta Franklin

Buddy Franklin’s wife, Jesinta Franklin (née Campbell), is one multifaceted woman. She broke into the limelight in Australia in 2010.

She made headlines Down Under for her beauty and brains as she won the Miss Universe Australia 2010 title. Jesinta went on to represent Australia in the Miss Universe pageant and finished as the 2nd runner-up.

After earning success in beauty pageants, Jesinta moved towards television, participating in shows like Dancing With The Stars and The Celebrity Apprentice.

Jesinta Franklin Poses At The Longiness Event Held In April 2022
Jesinta Franklin Poses At The Longines Event Held In April 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Even after a decade in the modeling industry, Jesinta remains active. Last year, Jesinta was named the global ambassador for the swimwear brand Seafolly. 

In an interview, Jesinta admitted she believed work would slow down for her as she turned 30 in 2021. But the better half of Buddy Franklin continues to shine in an industry notorious for women under 25. 

Last year, Jesinta decided to broaden her horizon and expand into her husband’s territory. No, she didn’t decide to become an athlete but an agent to one. 

In 2022, The Daily Mail reported Jesinta had completed a three-day course and exam administered by AFL Players’ Association required to be an agent. But earlier this year, Jesinta revealed she isn’t rushing into working as an agent. 

In conversation with Herald Sun, the model revealed she will probably use her newly acquired skill when her kids get to school. On Instagram, Jesinta shares snap from her shoots and was recently seen on the red carpet of the Barbie movie premiere. 

Buddy Franklin And Married Life With Wife Jesinta And Kids

Buddy Franklin and his wife, Jesinta Franklin, have been a power couple in Australia for a long time. But at one point, Jesinta almost refused to even go out on a date with the handsome former AFL player.

Buddy And Jesinta Franklin Pictured Promoting Swisse Wellness Australia Earlier This Year In April
Buddy And Jesinta Franklin Pictured Promoting Swisse Wellness Australia Earlier This Year In April (Source: Instagram)

Jesinta and Buddy met in 2012 through mutual friends, and the model first turned down the former AFL player’s advances. Jesinta said to Buddy she wasn’t dating anyone and was only focused on her career. 

But the couple again met at Sydney’s Crown Hotel Bar, and this time around, Buddy successfully wooed Jesinta. If it took some time for Jesinta to warm up to Buddy, the former AFL player said it was love at first sight for him. 

The Couple Tied The Knot In 2016

After two years of dating, Buddy Franklin went down on one knee in 2014. He proposed to Jesinta with a custom-designed 4.5-carat diamond ring. 

The model shared the exciting news on her Instagram with a picture of her looking into the eyes of Buddy while holding a wine glass. She captioned the post, “I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. There are no words to describe how happy we are.”

Buddy And Jesinta Tied The Knot In 2016 In An Intimate Ceremony In Blue Mountains
Buddy And Jesinta Tied The Knot In 2016 In An Intimate Ceremony In The Blue Mountains (Source: Instagram)

Two years after their engagement, the couple tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in the Blue Mountains. Vogue Australia covered the couple’s wedding day, from Jesinta getting ready in her Vera Wang dress to walking down the aisle with her man. 

The couple traveled to Nelson Bay for their honeymoon, canceling their international trip, and decided to keep it low-key. 

Jesinta And Buddy Are Parents To Two Kids 

In 2019, the AFL couple announced they were expecting their first child. But the journey to parenthood for the couple wasn’t easy.

Jesinta revealed to the Daily Telegraph she and Buddy had struggled to conceive a child for nearly four years. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter whom they named Tallulah, in February 2020.

In March 2021, the couple welcomed their second child, Rocky Franklin. In 2021, Jesinta also did a cover shoot with Marie Claire featuring her two kids. 

Tallulah And Rocky Wear Sydney Swan Jersey As They Root For Their Dad
Tallulah And Rocky Wear Sydney Swan Jersey As They Root For Their Dad (Source: Instagram)

The couple rarely show their kids on Instagram, and when they do, have never displayed their faces. Previously, Jesinta shared she didn’t want her children to grow up thinking a lavish lifestyle is the norm. 

Recently, the couple featured their kids in a photo shared by Jesinta after Buddy announced his retirement.

Sharing a picture of them sitting in the locker room with their kids’ backs turned towards the camera Jesinta said she was extremely grateful to be part of the AFL family and was proud of her husband and his achievements. 

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