Cade Cowell Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Lysaida Munoz?

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It looks like Lysaida Munoz will be Cade Cowell future wife. The two recently celebrated their fourth anniversary, and their romantic posts for each other have even made some fans question whether they are engaged.

Munoz and Cowell are only 20 years old. So, engagement and marriage don’t need to be their top most priority. But there are also youngsters like Cole Kramer committing to their partners at quite a young age.

Cade Cowell Pictured Playing For USMNT Last Year In The Gold Cup
Cade Cowell Pictured Playing For USMNT Last Year In The Gold Cup (Source: Instagram)

Cowell has been quite a sensation in the US soccer scene. Last year, he became the youngest MLS player to make 100 appearances with San Jose Earthquakes. 

But now he is saying goodbye to MLS to join Liga MX. There have been reports that the 20-year-old has signed with the Liga MX Club, Guadalajara. There was interest from Europe for his services, but Cade chose to further his career with the Mexican side. 

Cade Cowell Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Lysaida Munoz?

The latest Chivas signing, Cade Cowell, hasn’t made his girlfriend Lysaida Munoz his wife. In fact, the two youngsters aren’t even engaged. 

Cade and Lysaida haven’t shared any posts on their social media handle that could hint they have walked down the aisle.

They have been open about their relationship with the public. Any news about their wedding or engagement would’ve at least been shared by their relatives. But going through Lysaida’s mother’s Facebook handle, no such news has been shared by her.

Lysaida has also not flaunted her engagement ring in her latest Instagram post. The soccer player and his girlfriend both are 20 years old. Last year, Cade shared an Instagram post celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday. 

Cade And Lysaida Pictured With Their Pet Dog Celebrated Their Fourth Anniversary On December 31
Cade And Lysaida, Pictured With Their Pet Dog, Celebrated Their Fourth Anniversary On December 31 (Source: Instagram)

He shared a few pictures of Lysaida, one with their pet dog. Cowell captioned the post, “Happy 20th birthday to my forever love! I am so grateful for everything you do for me. I love you.”

One of the highlights of their Instagram handle is their anniversary posts for each other. On December 31, Cowell shared a fourth-anniversary post. 

He wrote, “Happy four years Love! I love you more than this world and can’t wait for more memories together.”

Lysaida also shared a sweet post for her soccer boyfriend. She posted a gallery of images from their four-year photoshoot and captioned the post, “Happy four years to the most hard-working and amazing man I know.

Your heart is gold, and I’m forever thankful God put you in my life. You make loving you easy. I love you forever.”

It is understandable why some soccer fans think Cade could be engaged with his longtime girlfriend. Their posts for each other are quite romantic and personal. 

Who Is Cade Cowell Girlfriend, Lysaida Munoz?

Cade Cowell’s girlfriend, Lysaida Munoz, is a graduate of Ceres High. During her time at Ceres, Lysaida was also a basketball player. 

In her three years as a high school basketball player, Lysaida played 48 games and averaged 8.6 points per game. She was also part of the softball team and played 39 games. 

Munoz averaged .221 with an OBP of .361 and RBI of 9. In 2021, Lysaida took her side close to winning the Western Athletic Conference South Division title but lost the game to Los Banos. 

A Former Basketball Player Lysaida Munoz Graduated From Ceres High School In 2021
A Former Basketball Player, Lysaida Munoz, Graduated From Ceres High School In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Lysaida isn’t an avid social media user and has shared only a few posts on her Instagram handle. Most of her posts are with her boyfriend, but previously, she has also talked about her family in one of the posts. 

In 2020, Lysaida shared a lengthy post as a tribute to her mother, Charo Marquez, on Mother’s Day. Lysaida wrote that she looks up to her mother, and she is the one person whom she will forever admire. 

Munoz shared a similar post last year and even tagged her mother in the post. On her Facebook handle, Charo Marquez has shared a few family photos. One of the family posts shows Charo with Lysaida and three other kids. 

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